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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Published in Romantic Homes Magazine Again!

A great big thank you
to Jacqueline deMontravel
Meryl Schoenbaum,
and everyone at 
Romantic Homes Magazine
for featuring my work once again.

It's a privilege and an honor every time,
and I especially appreciate Jacqueline
for being open to my pitch for them to
feature my brilliant friends
Carol and Tim Bolton and their shop
in their
Shopkeeping feature.

I've been genuinely blessed to be the Bolton's
website photographer for the past year,
so it's a thrill to see their shop 
get the National recognition 
it so richly deserves.

And some of my original, high-res
photos featured in the issue....

You can find the new
May, 2013 Issue of 
Romantic Homes Magazine
on the newsstands right now...

And you can find the incomparable

301 South Lincoln Street
Fredericksburg, TX  78624

(830) 997-5551

Have a lovely week!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Dreamy Bedding! The Sweet Pea Collection

 Happy Antique Week!

Now happening in the wide open cow pastures
of Warrenton, Round Top TX 
and all points in-between
is the twice yearly event known as 

That's a misnomer, as it actually
takes place over a series of several weeks,
with many of the top antique dealers and vendors
in the world setting up their wares
and selling the best of the best.

One of my absolute favorite stops
when attending the shows is
Gloria Kerzee of

I've photographed her divine tent 
several times in years past, so I was
beyond thrilled when Gloria contacted
me about wanting to do a photo shoot
for her website.

Of course I said yes!

Here are some peeks from our shoot
last Sunday, which actually took place
during bone-chilling 25mph winds with tarps 
and bedding blowing everywhere.

Enjoy, and see what the 
Queen of Custom Bedding
has to offer...

In Warrenton, you can find Gloria 
behind the Old Gin Mill not far from Zapp Hall.
She's in the big white tent with wood floors.

The rest of the year,
catch up with her 
at her shop in Athens, Texas,

The Sweet Pea Collection
119 E Tyler
Athens, Texas 75751

And swing by and give her Facebook page a "like" too...

Thank you for this opportunity, Gloria!

Happy Holy Week to one and all.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My House, Coming to a Newsstand Near You....

 It's a done deal.

I've shot all the photos,
the magazine has sent me an extensive list
of interview questions, which I have answered
and returned.

Now we wait.
It's coming...but I can't say who or when,
just yet.

What I can  do is share some photos
with you that won't be in the issue,
which will be the biggest peek I've given y'all
of our home to date.

{ double click photos to super-size }

It's been a long time coming,
and I've intentionally held off on sharing
too many photos of our 1910 farmhouse.

I knew there was interest in having it published,
I just wanted to make sure I waited for the right
combination of publication, project and editor.

And I have to say that I'm thrilled
with how it's all worked out!

Until the day ( very, very soon! )
that the issue hits the stands,
here are some sneaks with some
random tidbits about what you're
looking at in each photo.

Our living room.
My almost sacred Carol Hicks Bolton sofa.
Had you told me when I purchased this in 1997
that I would one day be Carol's website photographer,
I would have deemed you insane.
How the world turns.

And the wall of mirrors.
I've added a few more since this photo was taken.

The perspective from the sofa.
How many times I threatened to just toss
that 1990s era Broyhill armoire!
Or paint it at least.
But with a change of knobs, I find that I sorta
like the Shaker simplicity amidst all
the swirly, girly lines in the room.

The other side of the living room.
The settee, aka "Winnie's settee."
The cat claimed the mini-sofa as her own
from the moment it entered the house.

You see the photos on the wall
behind the standing birdcage?
Some of my photo gallery of my
published work. This particular month I was
featuring my work at Laboratoire de Design.

The nifty woven burlap curtain panels?
Scored at Rose Hicks' garage sale last year!

The hallway,
which is large enough to actually qualify
as a room.

My dental cabinet houses religious art,
as well as assorted other pretties.

I've mixed this area up quite a bit
since this photo was taken, but the feel
is still very much the same.
Open, light, airy.
And welcoming. 

I strive to create a
welcoming atmosphere within these walls.

Farther down the hallway,
headed towards the front door.

Fabulous vintage cabinet scored for $50
on a local Facebook garage sale page.

Outtake from the dining room shoot.
Winnie, the ultimate photobomber.

I can't share much more of the dining area,
as this will be extensively featured
in the magazine.

Our Master bedroom.
Wonderful footboard bench with iron handles
on either side.

Antique lace coverlet on the bed,
a mere peek at blue Bella Notte 
pillowcases and shams at the head of the bed.

From the moment I saw this awning,
I knew it had to be mounted over our bed.

Ruffle shams from Urban Outfitters ( cheap! ),
 headboard scarves from various 
local clothing boutiques.

Smocked sheer drapes behind the bed,
with a delicate and fragile, tea-stained,
vintage lace evening gown hung
in front to provide a warm contrast.

To the left of the bed,
framed child's dress as art.

It is graced with an 
exquisite handmade bracelet
at the neckline, created by 
Janet Hicks Proch...
daughter of Rose, sister of Carol, and a wonderfully
gifted designer in her own right.

My bathroom wall.
Only a very, very small portion of my
ever-expanding collection of 
Magnolia Pearl clothing.

I'd guesstimate that I've added upwards
of 30 pieces since I shot these photos,
and my collection was fairly good sized then.
It's so addictive!

 And hanging directly above the throne,
the potty, the toilet...
one of my many birdcages, just one of about
100 different things I collect...

old cameras,
seltzer bottles,
framed rose prints,
wasp nests,
old chairs,
ticking pillows....

Is it a sickness?
If so, I'm quite happy with the diagnosis,
and not the least bit interested
in seeking treatment!

I sense I'm preaching to the choir here, though.


More news as to who, where and when
you can grab the magazine featuring
the rest of our home, coming soon!

Next up,
heading to the fields of Warrenton tomorrow,
to do a photo shoot for a client who
creates the most delectable bedding
I've ever laid eyes upon.

Happy Weekend!

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