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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Playing House

Happy Thursday, Y'all!

I made a run over to Fredericksburg today
to get our utilities set up at our new home,
so I also took the opportunity to run a few small pieces of furniture over, too.

Not much really, just our sweet little farmhouse table...

 my well loved French park chairs

and a few pretties just to give it more the look of home.

I used the existing nails/holes to hang my fabulous chalkboard
I acquired this past Summer.
Once we get settled, I'll re-hang it a little lower.
I'm OCD about stuff like that.

That's all.
Just playing.

I'll be making many, many more such runs over
to the new homestead in the days ahead, so check back often for my updates!

And a quick reminder, don't forget to visit my darling friend Debra at
Common Ground
for her new weekly get-together,
Vintage Inspiration Friday

Since I'm completely inspired by our new home,
I'm linking this post with Debra.

It's a party you don't want to miss!

And be sure to visit Cindy at My Romantic Home for
Show and Tell Friday, too!

Have a wonderful evening!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


It happened.

It actually happened!

You see those?

Yep, they are the keys to this...

All the papers were signed, and this baby is now officially

Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me
through all the stops and starts,
the false alarms, the delays and my wicked bad moods
as this thing just dragged
on and on and ON.

And for all those of you who have let me know
that you can't wait to see how I doll this place up...

well, you're gonna have to wait.
At least a little while longer.

But this was always the plan,
I just didn't have the heart to break it to ya yet.

We actually won't start moving in for probably at least a month,
while our contractor begins work on the fencing and the out-buildings.
Our pups have to be safe and secure,
so we won't be relocating until our yard is safe and secure for them.

Until then, might I suggest that you regularly check in on my
Fabulous Farmhouse Sista, 
Dawn from The Feathered Nest?
She just landed herself a cute little farmhouse too,
and she seems to be getting moved in at record speed. 
So that oughta hold ya over until we start moving in, too.

So, what's up with the title of this post...symmetry?

On the drive back from the closing,
I was struck with the striking similarities between this and our last house closing.
We were living in the Rio Grande Valley at the time, and had to drive up to the
Texas Hill Country to sign all the papers ( a 6 hour trip )
and then turn right back around and drive back...
Hurricane Dolly was due to hit land the following morning,
and we had to get back to our animals.

Today, I made the 30 minute drive to sign all the papers in the midst of this...

Thanks to Tropical Storm Hermine, today we have flood warnings,
squall warnings, severe thunderstorm warnings and just generally yucky weather.
Just like the last time we bought a house!

Heck, we're Texans.
We're tough.
A little wind and rain ain't gonna keep this gal from this...

Full circle.
 All in God's timing.

Have a wonderful {dry} evening!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look What We Have...

picked up at the bank Saturday morning...

to be redeemed for one Victorian Farmhouse...

late Tuesday afternoon.


Can we all let out a collective squeal together now?

Can we???


Ready ?


 ~ click { here } if you haven't taken the tour yet ~

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vintage Inspiration Friday...Sweet T

Happy {Almost} Friday!
I am so pleased to be joining my very best blogger buddy
Debra at Common Ground
for her first blog party this evening!

She's calling it
and here, in her own words, is what this little soiree is all about:

"I thought it might be fun to have one day of the week
that lets us share our inspiration...a way to not only share our creative ideas,
but also give credit to the source. 
Is it a magazine article or photo, designer, place, shop, book,
word, color, another blog or blogger? 
The possibilities are endless. 
We have so many sources of "inspiration"
 let's celebrate ideas and inspired creativity. 
And if it's your own idea, that's still wonderful, f
eel free to share. We'd love to see it!"

For my contribution to the party, I am re-posting
my homage to my wonderfully talented friend
Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage.
She, more than anyone else, has inspired me to think
outside the box when it comes to design and decor.
Her ability to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind vignette
is nothing short of genius, in my opinion.

So enjoy, and please head over to Common Ground
to share your own vintage inspiration!


Behold, the genius... 

 {all photos by me}

....that is Theresa Cano 

With all due respect to all my uber talented friends s
howing at Warrenton and Round Top each Spring and Fall,
I think we can all agree that there are few out there
as talented and as genuinely kind as the wonderful Theresa.

(just before the magic happens!)

She is a tireless workhorse during the week,
playing vendor, party planner, hostess, design and display genius, a
nd just all-around good friend to anyone who is fortunate enough
to step inside her tent at Zapp Hall and make her acquaintance.
It matters not how busy she might be, Ms. Cano always makes you feel
like you're the only one there at the moment.
And it's 100% genuine, there's not a lick of artifice about this gracious lady.

I told her last week that I was going to title this post "St. Theresa of Zapp",
and although it sounds a bit tongue-in-cheek,
I'm not exaggerating in the slightest when I express just how dear this woman is to me.
She has served as a cheerleader, a motivator, an inspiration, and my fairy blogmother. 
And I know many of you feel the same.

{me and Theresa}

Behold the genius, of my friend Sweet T....

Bravo, and well done, my friend!

I hope you were inspired!

Vintage Inspiration Friday

See you there!

House Closing Update

Firstly, I want to thank every one of you so much,
for your 
kind comments, 
your prayers,
the supportive e-mails many of you have sent me...
they have touched my heart and shown me 
once again
just how special this blogging community truly is.


We have been jerked around horribly
by the bank the last few days
{I'll spare you the gory details}
but we now have a definite tentative closing date
of Tuesday, September 7th.

Did you catch the "tentative" there?
I don't trust those crooks as far as I can throw them.

But yeah, there's the update for ya.

I'll be back later this evening to participate in my friend  
new blog party,

See you then!
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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