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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spooky Fun

Greetings Weekenders!

Inspired by the spooky Halloween season upon us,
I decided to have a bit of Photoshop fun
with an already  spooky cabinet card
I have in my possession...
{hehehe...get it? possession ? }

[original image]

Now if ya ask me, she's already pretty creepy looking!

But let's see....

It's all PS...honest.

So remember...

and don't forget...

to always sleep...

with the lights ON!

Have a SPOOKtacular Sunday!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fairy Blogmothers Revisited....

They don't have magic wands...

They don't sprinkle fairy dust...

And they usually don't run around saying things like
bibbity, bobbity boo
{unless they've had one too many, if ya get my drift}

But they are always there in a pinch

to offer a kind word

and support

to encourage

and to inspire.

Say hello to Fairy Blogmother #1, Dawn Edmonson of The Feathered Nest

Dawn came to my rescue recently to help with a top-secret project
that I'm just bursting to share with you
{but can't for a little while longer}.

She's been there since day one, and if not for her,
my lowly little blog might have never found an audience.

Same thing with Fairy Blogmother #2, Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage

Back when I started my blog,
I didn't know any better than to have
unbridled chutzpah, so I mailed Theresa to say
"Hey, take a look at my blog and see what you think!"

Had I known then what a big whoop she really is, I would have been
far too intimidated to ever make such a request!

But over the past year and a half,
I've come to know that she's every bit as generous and kind
as she is talented. After all, there's a reason she's called Sweet T!

And this coming week, I'm headed to the
in Driftwood, Texas to photograph Theresa
and the other amazing dealers set up at the big show.

Come join us!

Fairy Blogmothers.

Both of mine have always been there to leave a kind comment,
or promote my latest giveaway, or introduce me to a wider audience.

I'll bet you have one or two, if you stop and think about it.
Those folks who have gone above and beyond in helping you along the way
as you enter the big, scary world of blogdom.

Who are your  Fairy Blogmothers?
Think about it, and give them a great big old cyber hug today!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Local Loveliness

Hello Friends!

How is your week going? 
Mine is going great, and it's going quickly.
Hurry up, weekend!

And speaking of weekends, I spent this last one doing all sorts of fun stuff,
including attending the 24th Annual
in the beautiful Hill Country hamlet of Comfort, Texas.

As usual, I was the annoying chick getting in everyone's way
snapping pics, so let's have a look,
shall we?

 Fabulous Fall touches were evident everywhere.

 And what made this photo shoot extra special?

 Finally getting to meet this beautiful lady in person!
Ann Williams of Hill Country House.

We've been blog and e-mail buddies for awhile now, and since she resides in
my new hometown of Fredericksburg, Texas, I think we're going to be
getting into lots of trouble together!
Here are a few images of her space...

 I just love Ann's wares, she paints with beautiful,
broad brush strokes of color in her vignettes.

 And then I rounded the corner and saw this...

 A vendor selling nothing but grain sacks and vintage clocks!

Oh my goodness, need you ask if I bought anything???

So there you have it!
An absolutely perfect Texas Hill Country day.

Enjoy your Thursday,
and be sure to head on over to visit Debra at Common Ground

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