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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Recreating the Magic...Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites, Part One

You see that beautiful lady
in the photo below?

That is my dear friend and none other than
Carol Hicks Bolton herself, 
world famous designer, stylist,
creator of beauty extraordinaire,
and formerly the co-owner of the legendary Homestead stores
here in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Carol and her husband Tim are embarking on a new
and thrilling adventure, the opening of their brand new shop,  
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
Laboratoire De Design.

Things at the new's a massive, converted warehouse
actually...are still in the organizational stage, but the flashes of
Hicks-Bolton magic are already apparent at each and every turn.

I've been personally asked by Carol 
to head back to the shop frequently
and document the progress as this beautiful new creation
comes into full bloom, and I am only more than happy to do just that!
And to share with all of you, of course!

So let's get started!
When I paid my friends a visit this past week, 
I was taken aback when
I saw the sheer size and scope 
of this great, majestic old building... 
{ click all photos twice to super-size }

 There's Tim Bolton himself,
international treasure hunter,
and just a really nice guy to boot!

It's all in the details with the Bolton's...

I'm crazy about this peculiar little horse!
I do think he needs to make the trip home with me, no?

Allow me to escort you into
vintage dress form nirvana now, my friends.

Inside these ominous looking crates?

Treasures brought back from Tim's travels to Belgium.
Don't tell him, but I plan on stowing away on his next trip, shhhhhh.....

You want taxidermy?
They've got it! Most every creature under the sun, in fact!

And these bed, oh my.
They are custom made by Carol herself.

 Just get an eyeful of the long, tattered tassels on the pillow shams.
Are they not just sublimely divine?

And with a matching bedskirt, too. I am positively in love!

 This is SUCH a thrill to be in on the ground floor
of the birth of this latest Hicks-Bolton adventure!
And what an honor to be asked to 
document it every step of the way. 

I promise you, if you are even a little bit impressed
with what I've shared thus far,
you will be blown away when you
see the ongoing transformation. 
Nobody creates that particular brand 
of unexpected magic like Carol and Tim,
so check back weekly for my photo updates.

And if you are in the area,
please, head on down!
They are open for business and can be found right here
in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
301 South Lincoln Street on Warehouse Row
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

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Happy Weekend!

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