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Friday, August 10, 2012

Beautiful Blends

I've had the pleasure of getting to know
so many wonderful dealers at
Fredericksburg Trade Days
over the past few years.

I consider most of these fines folks to be
good friends now,
and two of the finest are
Diane Schwartz and Roger Gallamore
BLENDS in Georgetown, Texas.

I paid a visit to their dreamy shop recently,
and although I knew it would be stunning,
 it truly blew me away.

The lovely Diane, ever the gracious hostess!

 And Roger...what a character!
He knew full well I was snapping his photo,
and carried right on with lunch. Attaboy!

In addition to visiting my good friends Diane and Roger,
I was so happy to get to meet one of their customers Dana,
who is also a follower of my blog.
She brought along her sweet grandbaby, Ryan!

 Ryan posed handsomely for me
after we became buds.
Those eyes!

The great thing about Blends is that not only
do Diane and Roger have a marvelous collection
of vintage wares, but they also carry an absolutely
fabulous array of romantic clothing.

One of their most popular items are 
what Diane refers to as "dance pants"...

 { photo courtesy debra oliver } on Elizabeth Maxson's front porch!

 Here I am in the photos above and below
sporting my dance pants / bloomers in white
from Blends.

 { photo courtesy elizabeth maxson }...with cute little Debra Oliver!

They come in many different colors,
and are truly flattering on every body type.
And so affordable, too!

But back to the shop itself...

You can visit Blends in their brick and mortar store
4230 Williams Drive, Georgetown, TX
Open Wednesday-Saturday 10-5 

or at
third weekend of every month
next up... August 17th-19th.

 I'll be there next go-round...
see you there?


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My FOLK Magazine Features

A lot of you already know,
but for those who do not, I was 
a contributor on the current issue of

Not only was I the author and photographer
of a piece titled "Old House Love",
but I was also the subject of a feature story
by celebrated stylist, writer, photographer, designer and artist
 I encourage you to visit Debi's new blog,

She has been featured in Where Women Create, Somerset Life,
Porch, Retreat, and a whole host of other publications.

Debi's story on me is called
"A Life in Focus"...

Yes, I see the irony that much of the above photo
is OUT of focus. I blurred it intentionally.
Can't have y'all reading the whole article
and not rushing out and buying a copy, can we?

 Debi was thoughtful enough to want to include
a good deal of content on my precious mama,
who passed away this past September. 
Thank you Deb, that meant a lot.

But I was also able to contribute
a little story of my own in this same issue....

 It's titled "Old House Love", and is the first in what
I envision to be a series on what it's like for life-long
city dwellers to embrace the joys and simplicities
of life in a century old Victorian farmhouse.

Right now, it's available at
right here in Fredericksburg, Texas...

 And you can also grab a copy
via the FOLK website

Thank you for all your kind words of support
and encouragement in this new endeavour,
I'm having a blast!

 some photos courtesy 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sister's Treasues, Saturday's Treasures

Today's post is once again brought to you
by my new go-to camera of choice,
my iPhone 4S.
I'm kinda sorta in love with it,
and also not having to lug around my
heavyweight, big-girl camera everywhere.

I wanted to share some recent pics I snapped
at Betsy and Elaine's space at

Betsy and Elaine are a pair of extremely talented
sisters who do business as
and it's been my privilege to get to know these gals
the past year or so.
Getting to shop their always primo space 
has been an extra special added bonus!

 I hesitated and missed out on this fabulous decoupaged
suitcase made by Betsy.
She assures me more are on the way!

Great stuff, right?
And I was especially fortunate to score these 
most excellent gym lockers below from the
sweet Sister's...

 Be sure to visit Sister's Treasures
 at the next Fbg Trade Days, August 17th-19th.
Be sure to give the gals a hug from me!

On to yesterday's haul!

I seriously considered hitting snooze and sleeping in
yesterday morning, but I knew that my junker's cred
would seriously be in question if I missed yet another
Saturday morning of garage sale-ing.

Thank goodness I hit the garage sale trail!
Behold the loot and swag...

 Dress forms, tiny enamelware,
vintage silver ice bucket, old Mason and Ball jars....

The new gal in our bedroom.

 shiny, shiny, shiny!

Cool old signage, floral tole tray,
utterly fabulous enamelware measuring pitcher.

 Not one, but TWO vintage German dictionaries!
A must have in Fredericksburg, Texas.

And this nifty find....
a combination diary, address book,
and...well, commentary on 1930s life
in one small corner of the world!

Poor Clarence Hocker, apparently dead.
A good reason to always write your contacts
in pencil rather than pen.

And this darling, chippy typewriter table.
Looks right at home in the entry hallway
at the farmhouse.

Have a super duper week.
That's what I plan on doing!

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