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Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Absolutely "Splendid" Photo Shoot!

 Every photographer has their "thing" 
That one particular subject that they really love 
shooting just a little bit more than any other. 

And although I've photographed everything 
from flea markets to shops to dental offices 
to bridal photos, my absolute fave thing to shoot 
are B&Bs, or Guest Houses.
And living in the B&B mecca of the known world, 
aka Fredericksburg, TX, has afforded me the opportunities 
to do just that on many an occasion. 

I've collaborated with Melissa Mabery on 4 other shoots 
of her lovely properties, and this latest shoot 
was I think the best ( and most fun ) yet!

 Splendid Inn, as it has been dubbed, 
is splendid, indeed. It is an 1850s stone house, 
and all of the historic charm has remained intact. 
Have a little look-see..... 

As I mentioned earlier, it has been 
my privilege to photograph all of Melissa's 
so if you'd like to book a stay at any of the above or
at Splendid Inn, be sure to contact Melissa here:

Exciting news coming about two 
upcoming magazine features...soon! 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Now Hiring....Clones!

Photo editing clones, to be exact. 

You laugh, but I'm almost serious. 
Although I would never turn over that part 
of the artistic process to someone else, 
I find myself of late 
playing a frantic game of catch-up withe regards 
to both my editorial and commercial shoots. 

Still, a little hard work never killed anyone, 
and I figgered that I could at least give you 
a wee glimpse of some of what I've been working on. 

The first three photos are from the yet-to-be-named 
new B&B from my friend 
It's a gorgeous 1850s stone house right on W Main 
here in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
The decor here makes me weak in the knees!

The photo below is part of a project 
I just completed for HGTV Design Star Bex Hale

I photographed her stunning guest houses 
at Wolf Creek Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, 
and this rustic beauty is really something to behold!

Back to editing now.... 
And preparing to hunker down for icepocalypse, 
part two, heading to my 'burg tomorrow! 

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Busy. Busy, Busy....and Redid!

You know how sometimes you don't 
know whether you're coming or going? 
Welcome to my world. 

In the grand scheme of things, 
it's usually this lil' blog that gets shuffled aside. 
But every so often, I like to pop back in and 
give a little synopsis of what's been happening 
in my universe.

I haven't been screaming it from the rooftops, 
but I just completed my second photo shoot 
for the Where Women Create family of magazines. 
I'm pretty jazzed about that! 

I've been doing my usual B&B and shop photo shoots,  
as well as taking some projects on spec  
for future publication.  

One of these shoots took place at our  
fantastic local flea, Fredericksburg Trade Days.  
It was there that I met up with the gorgeous sisters  
Adrienne and Megan of Redid.  

Ummm.....can you say GORGEOUS? 

These gals are going places, 
mark my words. Their talent is indisputable. 

I photographed a whole bunch of 
my other fave dealers at Trade Days, 
and they should be headed for publication 
sometime later this year. 

In the meantime, 
visit Redid on Facebook  

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Junk Salvation....Revisited!

Hey Y'all...
While I'm waist deep in editing
a few magazine photo shoots, I'm drawing
from some of my past blog posts 
to fill in my blogging gaps.

This one is from the AMAZING Junk Salvation show
in Manor, Texas a few years back.
Enjoy revisiting this fun, fun show!


Salvation comes in many forms, it is said.
And truth be told, 
I've experienced more than a few.

But prior to last Spring,
I had yet to relish firsthand the
"hallelujah, lordy
will ya look at all that heavenly JUNK !!!" 
form of redemption brought to junkers
far and wide by the beauteous and beneficent 
otherwise known as real-life sisters
Dixie Kazmark DeRocher and Linda Kazmark Albers.

All Photos © Anne Lorys Photography

These dynamite bundles of sibling junkin' energy
are responsible for Junk Salvation Vintage Flea Market
shows that the sisters tirelessly put on across this great land of ours,
rounding up the cream of the crop to join them.

Although they are based in Puyallup, Washington,
that hardly stops them from venturing to parts near, far
and in between to share the Junk Salvation love. 
Hooray and another Hallelujah for that!

Last Spring, I caught up with the gals at their Texas show,
held at the J.Lorraine Ghost Town in Manor, Texas,
near Austin.

And whaddaya know?
Fifi O'Neill caught a gander of the photos
I snapped there, and has featured them and my photos
in the Spring 2013 Romantic Country Magazine
in their "Best of the Fleas" !

The sisters....sweetness, beauty,
talent and junking goddesses!
And coming back to Texas this year!

Here's the best of the rest.

The ghost town setting was the perfect backdrop
for a day full of spirited junking. { groan, I know... }

Magic Mike's got NOTHIN' on this guy.

I finally had the pleasure of meeting 
this talented and gracious lady,
Jana Holland of Collected Treasures and Nettie Jane Designs.

And then I bumped into sweet Maggie Lopez of The Veranda,
and she graciously allowed me to snap the photo below,
full of her wowza stamped spoon jewelry....

Which in turn caught the eye of one
Sue of Vintage Rescue Squad,
which led to this.....

Thank you, Maggie and Sue!
You too can have a copy of the
2013 Dreaming of Junking Calendar
simply by clicking HERE.

And another favorite...there is NOTHING that Brandy does
that I do not love! Her creative mind works in magically
twisted ways, and her creations never fail to astound and inspire.

Visit her Etsy Shop, but make sure you have your
credit card number handy, you're gonna need it.
Her creations are wonderfully, quirkily addictive!

But my favorite photo of the day
had to be THIS one below....

That pretty much says it all.
The beer was cold and wonderful, but the drins?
I wouldn't know.

Here is a complete vendor list courtesy of the sisters...

Shabby Junque Couture / Crystal Wiatrek
All in White Shabby Chic & Beach House Designs / Billie Nixon
Pocket Full of Heirlooms / Brandy Evans
Happy.Home.Austin / Dena Traweck
Revival Vintage / Sonia Rife
Flown the Coop / Tiffany Eckhardt
Junk Palace /Maggie Lopez and Lillie Bussey
Junk 4 Joy / Connie Sanders
Tin with a Twist / Grace Walker
Vintage Soul / Julie Crawford
Friends / Lisa Newell
Rust Austin / Erin Hurley
Hen House / Lori Sears
Le French Laundry / Beckie Warner
The White Lion / Alex & Carlos 
Nettie Jane / Jana Holland
Simply Home Design / Tricia Huntley 
The Funky Junk Sisters / Dixie & Linda

Hope you'll grab a copy of the Spring 2013
Romantic Country to see more.

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