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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Published in Where Women Create Business

One week ago, I shared a little 
sneak peek from my photo shoot 
at Timeless Menagerie / The Shopkeeper's Inn 
for the current issue of 
Where Women Create Business

The subject of the feature is 
my wonderfully talented and beautiful friend, 
Lori Smithers. And Bitsy. Mustn't forget Bitsy... 

First I'll share the photos from the 
gorgeous upstairs B&B ( The Shopkeeper's Inn ), 
followed by some shop photos ( Timeless Menagerie ). 

Many thanks to Jo Packham, Brandy Shay, 
and Lori herself for making this project 
a joy from start to finish! 

Right on West Main, here in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
Shop downstairs, lodging upstairs.
You can find Lori's shop HERE.

One of the gorgeous bedrooms.
Lori decorated The Shopkeeper's Inn with 
a mixture of antiques and new pieces and linens 
from Rachel Ashwell's collections. 

Who doesn't love a transom window?

Each room has a distinct character all its own.

Many of the antique pieces have been 
refinished and painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paints, 
which Lori stocks in the shop downstairs.

Above, a fab example of a grand old piece 
given new life via Annie Sloan paint. 
Lori and the gals at Timeless Menagerie 
teach Annie Sloan workshops on a regular basis. 

The living room and common area 
at the B&B.

Above, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture napkins. 
Nothing but the best! 

You know you're in Texas.....

And then some photos of Lori in her office 
downstairs inside the shop.

CEO of all things magical and wonderous, Bitsy. 

 A typically "wow" shop vignette.

So much beauty!

And speaking of beauty....

Lori's precious Frenchie, Bitsy. 
And nobody but nobody ever made a Rachel Ashwell 
sofa look this darn good. 

Your one-stop Annie Sloan HQ!

 So thank you for taking a peek 
at the latest issue of 
Where Women Create Business! 

I've completed two more shoots for Stampington, 
another for Where Women Create Business, 
one for Where Women Create, and an upcoming one 
for Where Women Cook. These are all exceptionally 
high quality publications, produced with love by a group 
of folks who genuinely love 
seeing women succeed and shine.

Back soon with news about another magazine feature, 
this one in Flea Market Decor!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015


So I had originally intended to share more
of the current issue of
that I was privileged to shoot,
( featuring Lori Smithers and Timeless Menagerie! )
and which is currently on newsstands.
And I will, pinky swear.
But being smack-dab in the middle
of editing another WWC project,
I need to complete that first.
But in the meantime.....
Every photo shoot is a blast for me,
and every image is like a child,
a little part of me sent out there into the world,
for better or worse.
Most of my photography pursuits
are paid jobs. But every once in a very rare while,
I do something just for me.
A passion project.
There are many more images in this series,
but today I am sharing only one.
If I were able, I'd spend every single day
exploring and photographing abandoned homes
and factories. Discarded and forgotten churches
and amusement parks. This type of photography
is called "urbex", short for urban exploration.
It can be messy and dangerous
and even ( shhhh, don't tell )
even illegal when trespassing is involved.
But aren't the best things in life a little risky?
The reward is worth only the amount of risk taken.
Or so said my fortune cookie.
More from "joyride" and from
the new Where Women Create Business
magazine feature coming soon!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where Women Create Project...Sneak Peek!

Late last year, I was overjoyed to be able 
to photograph the shop and B&B of my good friend, 
Lori Smithers, right here in Fredericksburg, Texas. 

The shop: Timeless Menagerie
The B&B ( above the shop! ): The Shopkeeper's Inn
The Magazine: Where Women Create Business

I've loved working with a lot of publications the past 5 years, 
but Jo Packham and Brandy Shay 
of Where Women Create are simply marvelous. 

My passion has always been sharing the beautiful, talented 
women right here in my hometown. 
And teaming up with the Where Women Create family, 
who are ALL ABOUT promoting beautifully talented women, 
has been a dream. 

Here are a few photos of the feature, 
lots more to come next week.... 

The Shopkeeper's Inn, above.

The current issue above!

Lori and Bitsy hard at work. 
Mostly Bitsy. ;-) 

A taste of what you can find downstairs 
at Timeless Menagerie. 

The grand shop and B&B.

And my pinch myself moment, 
found in the "Traveling Companions" 
section in the back of the magazine 
where the contributors are listed....

This is the Spring 2015 Issue 
of Where Women Create Business.
I've completed another shoot for WWCB 
which will be in the Summer issue, 
and have a shoot planned this Saturday for the flagship mag, 
Where Women Create. 

I'm staying busy, and although it's sometimes 
an "aarrgghh, what have I gotten myself INTO" 
sorta busy, it's still pretty darn rewarding 
at the end of the day. 


See you all soon with more from this 

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Another Absolutely "Splendid" Photo Shoot!

 Every photographer has their "thing" 
That one particular subject that they really love 
shooting just a little bit more than any other. 

And although I've photographed everything 
from flea markets to shops to dental offices 
to bridal photos, my absolute fave thing to shoot 
are B&Bs, or Guest Houses.
And living in the B&B mecca of the known world, 
aka Fredericksburg, TX, has afforded me the opportunities 
to do just that on many an occasion. 

I've collaborated with Melissa Mabery on 4 other shoots 
of her lovely properties, and this latest shoot 
was I think the best ( and most fun ) yet!

 Splendid Inn, as it has been dubbed, 
is splendid, indeed. It is an 1850s stone house, 
and all of the historic charm has remained intact. 
Have a little look-see..... 

As I mentioned earlier, it has been 
my privilege to photograph all of Melissa's 
so if you'd like to book a stay at any of the above or
at Splendid Inn, be sure to contact Melissa here:

Exciting news coming about two 
upcoming magazine features...soon! 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Now Hiring....Clones!

Photo editing clones, to be exact. 

You laugh, but I'm almost serious. 
Although I would never turn over that part 
of the artistic process to someone else, 
I find myself of late 
playing a frantic game of catch-up withe regards 
to both my editorial and commercial shoots. 

Still, a little hard work never killed anyone, 
and I figgered that I could at least give you 
a wee glimpse of some of what I've been working on. 

The first three photos are from the yet-to-be-named 
new B&B from my friend 
It's a gorgeous 1850s stone house right on W Main 
here in Fredericksburg, Texas. 
The decor here makes me weak in the knees!

The photo below is part of a project 
I just completed for HGTV Design Star Bex Hale

I photographed her stunning guest houses 
at Wolf Creek Ranch in Wimberley, Texas, 
and this rustic beauty is really something to behold!

Back to editing now.... 
And preparing to hunker down for icepocalypse, 
part two, heading to my 'burg tomorrow! 

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