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Thursday, August 20, 2009

You oughta' be in pictures, kid....

Uh, yeah.....
That's the idea here, but I am severely stymied, hampered,
vexed (oooooh, that's a fab Jane Austen word!) by the lack
of a decent camera these days. Now, one might ask, how can
a newly minted blogger hope to sustain a readership,
cultivate a business, make friends, build a fanbase (as if, LOL!)
without pretty pictures of shabby treasures?
And shabby treasures I do have, some so lovely
that only a picture will do them justice.

Just imagine if no one had been around to snap images such as this....

Or this......

What fanciful stories these photographs share with us!
And what stories I wish to share with all of you,
the way you have shared your lives and loves and treasures with me, 
inspiring me to leap head first into the wonderful world of being a shop owner.

But first, a camera. Tips? Recommendations?
After all, a picture speaks volumes, and I have a lot to say......

photos c/o creative commons

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