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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Sandman Awaits....

Yes, I swore that Fiona & Twig, both the blog and the shop,
would never ever feature any cutesy cat tchotchkes
or cat-themed anything (even though my biz/blog is named after two cats).
I have a dangerously low threshold for cutesy.

But I've been sitting on these photos for nigh on a month now,
determined that someway, somehow, I was going to post pics
of my four-legged daughter Winnie in her little antique kitty bed.
And of course, in so doing, not jeopardizing my blog cred
as a cynical, sardonic voice railing against the cutesy.

Blame it on the paint fumes, or all the recent late nights cleaning and pricing
and plotting and planning my booth opening next weekend....
when fatigue sets in, my brain shuts down.
Less synapses firing = less verbosity. So win-win!
You don't have to muddle through another rambling excursion into my pysche,
PLUS you get to ooooh and awwww over precocious kitty pics.

Off to bed now. Say goodnight, Winnie.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

mon petit chat

This is my diva-esque cat, Winnie.
She's soaking up a bit of sun in a chair
by the dining room window, looking every bit the still life subject.

My fledgling shop, fiona and twig, is named after two other cats,
both female, both calicos, both long since gone.
My friends have asked me "Why the name fiona and twig?
Will you be selling items FOR cats?
Cat knick knacks for grannies with fanny packs?"

No to both, she answered ruefully.

I have just always found myself fascinated by the fierce,
independent spirit so nobly embodied by felines.
My husband, a dog person to the core,
is perplexed by the feline nature,
never having lived with a cat prior to marrying me two years ago.

And he thought he was only getting ONE
opinionated female when he swore filial loyalty to me.
Guess we fooled him.

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