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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chicken feeder redux....

I posted this easy breezy project on Junk Market Style, but
wanted to share it here, too...follow me on a tour of mi casa,
birds-eye view.  ;-)

I discovered a super cheap stash of these
rusty old chicken feeders at my nifty neighborhood flea market.
How apropos that the flea market is held guessed old chicken barn!

There it is on the bottom row, 
hard at work on my china hutch, Big Orange Betty.

Hmmmm, where else could I put one of these? A-ha, I've got it!

A gal needs a place to stash all her toiletries
and fancy-schmancy girl creams
that keep her, ahem, "naturally beautiful", right?

Last stop, the kitchen....

Eat your heart out, William Sonoma!

Enjoy your week, one and all!


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