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Thursday, October 8, 2009

You better believe I made it without my hubby!

I seem to have become a handywoman of sorts
since opening my first antique mall booth recently.
I dunno, something about necessity becoming a mom or something....

The gals at Shanty2Chic are throwing an
party (or as I like to call it, Extreme Makeover, Ugly Dresser Edition) over on their blog, so here's my contribution to the festivities!

To my dismay, I have no true "before" pics,
but I purchsed this woeful little dresser at a local flea market
for a pittance. It was dressed in a thick coat of black paint and had no drawer pulls.
I thought I'd be thrifty and decided to tackle the paint job
with a super cheap gallon of white from the Habitat for Humanity store.

Exhibit A:

Oh, one other small detail...I'd never painted furniture before. 
Hard to believe, eh? ;-)

I pretty much took nastiness to a whole new level with this project.

Realizing that skimping and shortcuts just weren't gonna cut it, 
I did my research and headed off to the Depot to get the tools of the trade.

Afrer sanding, priming, painting with Behr Creamy White Paint, 
doing a Ralph Lauren Tea Glaze and putting on Antique Glass Knobs 
( all without my better half ), here's the final result:

All dressed up and ready for her new home at my booth!

Be sure to head on over to see all the other industrious wives at

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Man Behind Fiona and Twig

Meet my Handsome Husband...

I felt a bit guilty that I had no photos of my own from Warrenton which featured HH, but Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage came to the rescue! She was gracious enough to snap this pic of HH and myself in her beautiful space, and doubly gracious to allow me to use it here on my blog.

Now let me preface this bio on HH with this disclaimer: He is not really in any way shape or form into the whole antique-vintage-flea markety-junking-Warrenton thing.
Not a bit.
But boy oh boy, is he ever the go-to guy when you need someone to either push your Wonder Wheeler all stinkin' day long, cart heavy furniture to and fro, repair a wonky drawer so's I can sell it in my booth,  listen patiently while I prattle on endlessly about all my bloggy get the picture.
Heck, he was an avowed lifelong cat hater who has grudgingly come around to loving my girl, Winnie (although he'd be loathe to admit it *grin*).

So yeah, in many, many significant ways, he truly is the man behind Fiona and Twig.
But he is an astonishingly accomplished gent in his own right.

He was a Nationally ranked swimmer in college, and made it to the Olympic trials twice. At one point, he was ranked 8th in the world.

He is an accomplished thespian, having performed community theatre for years (and with the awards to prove it).

He has tirelessly taught High School Chemistry and Physics for many years, as well as coached swimming. In fact, 2 years ago he was named Coach of the Year for his region.

But his greatest achievement? It might just be putting up with me.

Love ya, HH!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Orange Betty Revisited

I'm re-posting one of my very first blog entries today, as I'd like input from y'all. I had every intention of selling Betty once I became a dealer and had my own booth, but now...well, now I'm sorta attached to the old gal. What would you do?

It's going to be tough to part with her once I get a booth or shop off the ground and running.

Oh, my apologies, I haven't introduced you to my newest family member yet.....this is Big Orange Betty.....

She's a little self conscious about her height, being 7 feet and all.
A chunky hearty farm gal from the plains of Minnesota, donchaknow.
How she made it to a flea market in the Texas Hill Country is likely a tale to rival the very best of Lewis and Clark!
And don't ya dare even think about calling her Ugly Betty...why she'd just as soon whomp you upside the head with a rolling pin as put up with that sort of sass.

One of the local antique store Proprietoresses (is that a word?) had her eye on Betty for a few weeks prior. I know this because said Shop Owner is a friendly acquaintance, and we've shared tales of our latest finds and acquisitions.

On the morning I picked Betty up from the market, my trusty friend Junker Earl informed me that Shop Owner owner had come by bright and early before I had arrived to make doubly sure that I still wanted Betty and was planning on picking her up. I know for a fact that Betty wouldn't have left with her anyway....even though I got her for a steal at $85, Shop Owner has a glorious shop full of beautiful but pricey treasures. Betty, being a simple gal, instinctively felt more at home with me.

So, me and dutiful husband and dutiful friend loaded her up and off we went. Got her home and began to play dress-up....

A little strip of burlap to temporarily cover the stains....

Enough lollygagging Betty, time to get to work!
Out with the unpacked wedding china, into your watchful bosom, old girl.

She's going to be tough to say goodbye to on that fateful day, but say goodbye I will. My shop will need a good-hearted, big-boned sentry like Betty to keep an eye on things.....donchaknow?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Can't a girl just get some love?

Meet Helga, my Booth Hussy.

As usual, ignore the fugly pegboard.
I brought some new stuff into my booth today 
(eeeks, I can't believe I just typed that last sentence! My booth!
and I decided Helga needed some spicing up a bit. 
She already had the lampshade hat and brooch, 
but she wasn't quite saucy enough for my liking.
Enter the flashcards.

All I added was the question mark after "sailor", 
and I think she now has just the right amount 
of sass and cheekiness now. Dont ya think? ;-)

Reminder: Deadline for entering my big lollapalooza 
Anthropologie Giveaway is midnight CST tonight. 
Winner will be drawn from a cloche hat (how fitting!) this coming Sunday, October 11.
All you have to do is become a follower and leave a comment. Easy!

Anthropologie Giveaway Extended!

'Morning All!
Well, I had a such a positive response to my
that I'm extending it for one more day.

See the beautiful Anthropologie Cloche above?
In celebration of my very first Antique Mall Booth Opening,
I'm offering one lucky winner this nifty cloche and a $25 gift card from

Just like yesterday,  
all you have to do is become a follower and leave a comment 
 and voila! You will be instantly entered to win.
The drawing will be this coming Sunday, October 11th.

I want to give a big thanks to those sweet bloggers
who have linked back to my giveaway on their own blogs.
The generosity and selflessness is amazing, although not unexpected..

In the meantime, back to my booth sometime today to foof it up a bit (thanks, Sue!).

Have a great day!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My booth opened and Anthropologie giveaway!

 Look, y'all! IT'S MY BOOTH!!!
I'm so excited! The big day arrived with a minimum of drama and angst....
My booth opened today at the Antique Mall!

It was less than 2 months ago that I began blogging about my dream
of opening up my very first booth, and here I am!
I have to say, I really am quite thrilled with how it all turned out.
It's not perfect, but I'm proud and grateful for all the help and support
I've received from my family and friends.....that's YOU!

In celebration of this momentous event, I'm having my first giveaway!
I'm offering one lucky individual a $25 gift card from my favorite store and yours,
Awesome blossom, right?
There's more to this giveaway, 
but first some more pics of my booth!



And finally my two Jethro's, my Handsome Husband (left) 
and Dapper Best Friend hoisting my sign in it's future space!

Whew, that makes me tired (and giddy!) 
just looking at all these pics again!
The owners of the mall seemed to be super happy 
with my booth, and even suggested that the local newspaper 
could do a feature on my booth to drum up some publicity.

 But back to the Celebratory keeping with the 
Anthropologie theme, the winner will also receive 
this gorgeous  Anthropologie Cloche!

Beautifully hand painted and distressed in a rich taupe/tan finish, the dome is a strong wire and has an iron knob at the top. The dome is removable and separates from the base which has feet at the bottom to raise it slightly. It measures 10" by 9 1/2".

The patina is just perfect for any style decor, 
but especially for those of you partial to the Jeanne d'Arc Living style. 
And if you're wondering who the super cute instant ancestor is in the photo, 
it's my very own mother! This beauty retailed for over $100 
when I purchased it awhile back, and it's proudly graced my living room 
for the last year or so. Now, in celebration of my booth opening, I want it to be yours.
 To have your name tossed into the proverbial hat, here's what ya do...

If you are a follower or become a follower, you get 3 chances.
If you leave a comment on this post, you automatically get another chance.

That's all there is to it! Easy, right?!
I'll be drawing the name of the lucky winner one week from tomorrow on Sunday, October 11th.

In closing, thank you all so, so much 
for being a part of this amazing ride with me.
Here's hoping all your dreams come true, too.

~ Anne


Friday, October 2, 2009

More Warrenton goodies, and the kitchen sink...

Well, not literally the kitchen sink.
But I'm sorta using this post as a catch-all
for several things buzzing through my mind tonight.

It's my dutiful and longsuffering husband fixing up 
my newly refinished dresser...that I painted and tea-stained all by myself! 
Supervision provided by the cat as per usual.

 I'm going with using the cat picture as my lead photo, since:
1. Whenever I post a cat pic, y'all go nuts over 'em.
2. Vintage Sue, Version 2.0, my new Junkin BFF, loves cats.

Firstly, lookie loo at the most expensive thing I bought in Warrenton last Saturday!

Pictures hardly do this justice.
It's vintage French lace, and I'm going to be using it as a backdrop to cover up fugly pegboard.

All together now....ooooh, ahhhh

Look at my pups in the background acting like they're not at all impressed....

Okay, stay with me here, people. On to the next topic.

Here's my new business card holder for my booth....

It's a porcelain soap dish!


Cute, right?

Moving right along.

I debated about this last thing for a good long while.
I hate to offend, and I hate to seem ungrateful or unappreciative or just plain rude.
But I've decided to go with an award-free, tag-free blog.

There have been a handful of generous, thoughtful folks
who have given me these undeserved awards,
and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
But I really, genuinely feel that I'm no better or smarter
or more talented than anyone else...that, and I'm afraid that given how
frantically busy I'm becoming, I still haven't given proper due
to the last couple of people who bestowed these on me.
And I'd hate to appear to just be flat out ignoring someone. That's all. Let's hug it out, k?

And now back to work.
Must start packing up my breakables
for the booth move Saturday morning.
Holy cannoli, that's tomorrow!!!!

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