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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loot, swag, booty....fabulous junk!

It turns out that the big 50% off sale at the local antique store
was quite the event. I arrived 15 minutes before opening,
and there was already a line snaking around the building!
You woulda thunk Hannah Montana tickets were on sale. ;-)

I was about the twentieth person in line,
but hey, I'm still relatively young and fast and I knew what I wanted,
so I just shoved a few blue hairs out of the way
and made a bee-line for what I had scouted out yesterday.

Yep, I did score the precious little pink stool and the Windsor Chair...

I just finished touching him up
with a little dark walnut stain, and he looks incredible!

There was a wonderful selection of vintage suitcases....
my personal faves were the second and fourth from the top.

Been looking for a vintage kitchen scale,
and the one in the center fits the bill nicely.

In conclusion, I also unearthed a treasure so remarkable,
so unspeakably lovely, that I simply must save it for tomorrow's entry.
It will be worth checking back to get a peek....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BIG sale tomorrow, decisions, decisions...

There's going to be a huge blowout sale
at one of my favorite shops tomorrow....
they're celebrating their 2nd anniversary, and EVERYTHING
is going to be 50% off. I snapped a few pics today,
and thought I'd solicit a little input as to what you think I should adopt and bring home.

This beauty is $90, tomorrow will be $45...

I fell in love with this sweet little pink metal stool. It will be $17.50....

This little gem has potential, don't you think?
$40 if I get there early enough.

This Windsor chair needs a little TLC, yes? $18 and it's mine...

Darling pair of metal chairs....$12 for the pair.

If you were accompanying me, what would you fight me for?
That's the junkers litmus test, right? Awaiting your starts at 9am sharp!

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