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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonderfully White Wednesday!

'Tis my privilege to add my contribution to our celebration
of all things white. Many thanks to the lovely Kathleen
of Faded Charm , our gracious hostess.

I find myself in a domestically white frame of mind this week....

My sugar server perched atop a vintage table...

On a whim I turned this finger vase on its side~
doesn't it now resemble a row of hungry fish?!

Milk glass all packed up and headed to its new home....

I finally found the perfect chippy white kitchen scale I'd long been seeking!

So much beauty to be found within, in the ordinary and utilitarian.

But let's never forget the beauty which lies just beyond the kitchen door....

Happy White Wednesday!

~ Anne

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Loot, swag, booty....fabulous junk!

It turns out that the big 50% off sale at the local antique store
was quite the event. I arrived 15 minutes before opening,
and there was already a line snaking around the building!
You woulda thunk Hannah Montana tickets were on sale. ;-)

I was about the twentieth person in line,
but hey, I'm still relatively young and fast and I knew what I wanted,
so I just shoved a few blue hairs out of the way
and made a bee-line for what I had scouted out yesterday.

Yep, I did score the precious little pink stool and the Windsor Chair...

I just finished touching him up
with a little dark walnut stain, and he looks incredible!

There was a wonderful selection of vintage suitcases....
my personal faves were the second and fourth from the top.

Been looking for a vintage kitchen scale,
and the one in the center fits the bill nicely.

In conclusion, I also unearthed a treasure so remarkable,
so unspeakably lovely, that I simply must save it for tomorrow's entry.
It will be worth checking back to get a peek....

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