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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

W is for Wonderful (Warrenton update part 2)

...and it is also for Warrenton.
But for this post, it's for a little slice of the Promised Land known as Bar W Field.

For the uninitiated (that was me just last week),
let me give y'all the skinny on just what the fuss is all about:
Bar W is just one of many fields, halls, barns and venues
located in the very heart of Fayette County, Texas.
Twice a year, Spring and Fall, these sleepy little
(and I do mean LITTLE!) farming communities
become home to what is known as Antique Weekend.

This is an event of truly biblical is a huge gathering
of antique and collectible vendors from across the USA
and even abroad. Tens upon tens of thousands of folks
descend upon about a half-dozen tiny Texas towns
at a point roughly halfway betwixt Austin and Houston.
Most of the shows are to be found along Hwy 237 in the towns
of Round Top, Warrenton and Carmine,
but there's much to be seen in the surrounding areas as well.

Meet my friend Effie.

She will thusly be referred to as 
The Queen of Bar W Field.

I met Effie only a couple of weekends ago 
at our teensy local version of Antiques Week, Fredericksburg Trade Days
She was the dumpster diva who sold me 
these awesome theatre seats, remember?

I told Effie that as soon as Handsome Husband and I hit Warrenton, 
I was going to call her and track her down. 
Well, seeing as how we arived at Bar W Field before 8am, 
we got there before poor Effie had even had a chance 
to get set up for the day! Somehow though, in this crazy amazing mass of humanity 
I managed to pinpoint her, and from there it was on like Donkey Kong, baby!

Effie and a few other insiders had tipped me off early 
to be sure and buy where the dealers buy...Bar W Field.
So buy I did!

I got this assortment of small chalkboards for only a buck each. Score!

The tiered cookie plate as well as the dynamite silver mirror 
in the bottom photo were procured from Effie as well.

I didn't buy these, as they were way too heavy, 
but look what else she brought to the big show....

Bad@ss old turnstiles! And they even register a click each time you walk through!
How cool would one of these be in your shop, eh?

But I believe that Effie's ace in the hole,
what seperates her from the rest of the pack at this gathering,
is some of her ephemera. She recently purchased the entire contents of an old pharmacy!
Can you believe that? She has scads of documents and prescription pads
from said pharmacy with actual copies
of old prescriptions written in the 1930s!!!!

Lookie what I got for $1 each...

And my personal fave...

For a suppository... "insert one each night one hour after enema is expelled."
Poor Old Man Alvey, sure hope he got regular eventually.

Awesome, no?

The Texas Junqueslinger!


Today might be a two-fer, I have loads more pics to post, 
but first things first. There is still much work to be done 
in anticipation of the booth opening this Saturday. 
Cleaning, painting and pricing await. Be patient with me, 
I promise I will satiate your need for all things Warrenton related in due time.

So to my peeps in Bar W Field, Zapp Hall and all points in between,
I wish you fair weather, brisk sales, cold beer and much love! See you again soon!


Friday, August 28, 2009

All I want for Christmas.... this~

Discovered this in the back room
of a favorite vintage shop yesterday afternoon.

Papeterie, French for "a box used to hold stationery and other writing materials".

It's all there....the ink wells, the stamp pad, the pen.
There are writing papers just behind the stamp pad, too.

Have you seen anything more glorious than this lately?
I myself have not.


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