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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warrenton Regrets..

"Regrets, I've had a few:
But then again, too few to mention...."

Oops sorry, just channeling a little Frank Sinatra there!

All in all, my trip to the Junkin' Shangri-la
known as Antique Weekend in Warrenton was a huge success,
both personally and God willing, professionally.
I scored some truly amazing one-of-a-kind finds for my shop,
met and made some incredible new friends,
and took home enough warm and fuzzy memories to last me until,
oh, I dunno, at least
April 2010.  ;-)
But if forced to enumerate some things
I'd like a "do-over" for, here's my list:

  1. Wear more comfortable shoes. Yes, my cowboy boots were way cool and kick-azz,  but I came home with a blister on my right heel the size of a lemon. Cow-patties be damned, next time I'm wearing my Birks!

  2. Bring more cash. Seems like a no-brainer, but cash rules.
  3. No actually no 4. Blogger is jacking with me today.

  4. Plan on spending more than just one day. I mistakenly thought that our inability to secure lodging in the immediate vicinity would be a deal-breaker. This native Texan shoulda just whipped out an atlas and did the math...lots and lots of affordable rooms to be had in Austin, and it's not that far away.

  5. Actually refer to the map/guide inside the Show Daily Guide Book before the drive back home. Another Captain Obvious mistake. It has a handy dandy cross reference guide in the back to help you locate just where to find which vendor sells what.

  6. Quit rationalizing about all the reasons why you can't go back....already spent too much money, gotta get the booth stuff ready for Saturday, blah, blah, blah, baby fishcakes.....just DO IT!!!! It's like Disneyland only better, it's like Canton on steroids (I totally stole that last bit), it's the most fun you can have smack dab in the middle of nowhere in a cow pasture!!!
One thing I don't regret?
This schweeet little purchase right here...

Have you ever seen anything like it?
If you have, you're a better man than I am, Gunga Din.
Cute little Asian inspired crusty child's toy chest, 
or as my husband is wont to call it, the "ugly baby thing".
It needs a little love, but once I give it a good spit shine and some polyurethane, 
it'll be ready to head to its happy new home.

Come see me at Water St. Antiques in Kerrville, Texas, 
for the ugly baby thing and lots, lots more!

Warrenton White Wednesday

I curse you, Kodak disposable camera!
Your pictures stink.
But 'twas I that left the dig cam batteries at home,
so the crummy quality is the fault of yours truly.
Still, I wanted to share some of the Warrenton related
white images I captured this past Saturday...

One of the ethereal, glorious Christmas displays in the
Country Garden Antiques tent. There so much pretty here
that it almost hurt my eyes. Swoon worthy, indeed.
Not White, but here's another one from their tent...

I can only dream of making my stuff look this good.

Love the white frame.
The blinding white flash from my el-cheapo camera, not so much.
And because White Wednesdays should be more about
the images than the words, I'm gonna shut up now
and share a few more white Warrenton snaps.

Christie Connelly's tent is not to be missed.

And a little something I picked up from my BFF Effie in Bar W Field. ..
which will be on sale at 10am sharp in my new booth 
at Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville, Texas!

Be sure to visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to see more wonderful white images!

~ Anne

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

W is for Wonderful (Warrenton update part 2)

...and it is also for Warrenton.
But for this post, it's for a little slice of the Promised Land known as Bar W Field.

For the uninitiated (that was me just last week),
let me give y'all the skinny on just what the fuss is all about:
Bar W is just one of many fields, halls, barns and venues
located in the very heart of Fayette County, Texas.
Twice a year, Spring and Fall, these sleepy little
(and I do mean LITTLE!) farming communities
become home to what is known as Antique Weekend.

This is an event of truly biblical is a huge gathering
of antique and collectible vendors from across the USA
and even abroad. Tens upon tens of thousands of folks
descend upon about a half-dozen tiny Texas towns
at a point roughly halfway betwixt Austin and Houston.
Most of the shows are to be found along Hwy 237 in the towns
of Round Top, Warrenton and Carmine,
but there's much to be seen in the surrounding areas as well.

Meet my friend Effie.

She will thusly be referred to as 
The Queen of Bar W Field.

I met Effie only a couple of weekends ago 
at our teensy local version of Antiques Week, Fredericksburg Trade Days
She was the dumpster diva who sold me 
these awesome theatre seats, remember?

I told Effie that as soon as Handsome Husband and I hit Warrenton, 
I was going to call her and track her down. 
Well, seeing as how we arived at Bar W Field before 8am, 
we got there before poor Effie had even had a chance 
to get set up for the day! Somehow though, in this crazy amazing mass of humanity 
I managed to pinpoint her, and from there it was on like Donkey Kong, baby!

Effie and a few other insiders had tipped me off early 
to be sure and buy where the dealers buy...Bar W Field.
So buy I did!

I got this assortment of small chalkboards for only a buck each. Score!

The tiered cookie plate as well as the dynamite silver mirror 
in the bottom photo were procured from Effie as well.

I didn't buy these, as they were way too heavy, 
but look what else she brought to the big show....

Bad@ss old turnstiles! And they even register a click each time you walk through!
How cool would one of these be in your shop, eh?

But I believe that Effie's ace in the hole,
what seperates her from the rest of the pack at this gathering,
is some of her ephemera. She recently purchased the entire contents of an old pharmacy!
Can you believe that? She has scads of documents and prescription pads
from said pharmacy with actual copies
of old prescriptions written in the 1930s!!!!

Lookie what I got for $1 each...

And my personal fave...

For a suppository... "insert one each night one hour after enema is expelled."
Poor Old Man Alvey, sure hope he got regular eventually.

Awesome, no?

The Texas Junqueslinger!


Today might be a two-fer, I have loads more pics to post, 
but first things first. There is still much work to be done 
in anticipation of the booth opening this Saturday. 
Cleaning, painting and pricing await. Be patient with me, 
I promise I will satiate your need for all things Warrenton related in due time.

So to my peeps in Bar W Field, Zapp Hall and all points in between,
I wish you fair weather, brisk sales, cold beer and much love! See you again soon!


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warrenton in Review, Part 1....

Dumb blonde confession right up front:
About 60 miles down the road, I realize that yes,
I've brought my fancy schmancy digital camera, but that no,
I've left the rechargeable batteries at home. Just great.
So we picked up a couple of disposable cameras at H.E.B.
(to you non-Texans, that'd be the greatest grocery store chain on God's green earth),
and I vowed to just make do.

Here's the skinny if you're new to all this talk of Warrenton... here and here.

My booth space opens up in just 6 days, and this was only a one day trip.
The mission at hand was to cover as much acreage as possible
and score some really good deals to stock my booth.
Mission accomplished on both counts!

My wonderful workhorse of a huband gallantly pushed my
Wonder Wheeler all day long, made numerous trips to the car
to unload treasures, all the while remaining good natured and tireless.
Methinks he's a keeper. Oh, and it's his birthday today! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

There's so much to share, so let's just get to it.
Oh, and if I post a pic and don't credit you or your shop,
please, please forgive me! I can match most of the pics with the right dealer,
but hey, I'm the idjit that forgot the batteries, remember?

First up, here's a pic of me and the oh-so-fab Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage.

She's set up right outside Zapp Hall, and for my money, 
she has some of the very best merchandise I saw all day. 
She is an absolute master with display and setting up vignettes. 
I'm only sorry that my accursed $5 camera didn't capture all the shots 
I snapped. I did manage to get a nifty shot of one of her girls, though....

Theresa was there with her husband Cruz, 
and I was instantly met with warm hugs of recognition. Good people.

I was fortunate enough to get to meet several other blogging buddies, 
each one just as nice and genuine as I'd imagined.
Between Royer's Cafe and Zapp Hall, 
Mindy from Primitiques 'n Poetry is set up.

Isn't she just the cutest little thing?

She's another master artiste from my must-go-see destination shop,
Winnie and Tulula's. This is her first trip to the big show,
but you'd never know it from a quick tour of her tent. Wow....

Girl's got mad skills.
I purchased this sweet little silver vase and platter from Miss Mindy...

She and her boyfriend David, who endeared himself to me 
always and forever when he gave me a furniture painting tutorial, are a great team. 
He's a pro-photog, so check her blog for more pics. 
He was snapping away, and it's a safe bet that his shots look better than mine.

Just to the left of Zapp Hall and within shouting distance of Theresa's tent 
is the awesomely awesome Troy from Junk Exchange.

 I think I remember him telling me this was his first trip to Warrenton, 
but I'm sure it won't be his last. His tent was always packed, 
and he and his partner Rod make you feel at home the moment you meet them.  
Look at the pretties I acquired from Mr. Rash...

Look at that darling nightstand! And ya know what else? 
He has some of the best prices I came across.

Ironstone I scored from Troy. My momentary nemesis Theresa 
was scoping out the Ironstone while I was there. 
I put her in a headlock and walked away with the spoils. 
(kidding, of course. Theresa is a doll).

Random Warrenton Awesomeness...

Right about now, I need to head outside and start cleaning some junk.
Booth opens up in T-minus 6 days,
and I bought a ridiculous amount of stuff.
I have way more pictures to share than I have time,
so please pop in all this next week for LOTS more pics
from my all-too-short day at Warrenton, and for the scoop on Debbie, Cat Daddy, and lots more!

One more thing, if you like my apron, please visit my friend Bunnie at
Apron Unlimited. She made mine, and it got raves in Warrenton.
She'll be more than happy to make you one, too.
~ Anne

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lock and load, baby....

I'm thisssss close to being ready to stock my booth.
Today was like junking nirvana. Seriously.
The capricious junking gods, with whom I have a decidely love/hate relationship,
were smiling down upon me today.

I've been stressing about not having enough big pieces to stock my booth,
but today's finds put those fears to rest.
I have at least a weeks worth of posts AND pictures
just about todays extraordinary purchases alone,
but due to the fact that I'm pretty much toast right now,
I'm only gonna give you a quick peek and rundown.

We hit Trade Days in Fredericksburg,
which is sort of the local mini-version of First Mondays in Canton.
I met a terrific gal named Effie, who will be set up in Bar W Field at Warrenton.
We chatted for quite some time,
and I was totally jazzed to pick up
these two joined theatre seats from her for $20.

Aren't these just ridiculously cool?

Safe at home!

She has loads more, and not only that,
but she recently purchased the entire contents
of an old small town pharmacy building! How cool is that?
I think I'm staying friends with this chica! We exchanged info,
and she's going to show me the best spots to get rock-bottom deals
while in Warrenton next week.
Wow, did I just say next week???
Should we all just let out a big collective squeal?!

I picked up a gorgeous white dresser w/mirror
which will go over huge with the shabby chic crowd.
I also pretty much stole a vintage 1910 white wicker babies crib
which had been marked down to a ridiculously low price.
Pictures to follow when I go back and pick it up on Tuesday.
Add to that a few roadside finds (including a killer desk)
and about a dozen more Trade Days acquisitions,
and this Texas gal is ready to pack it in and call it a day.
Lots and lots of pictures to follow next week once I refuel and recharge.

Hope your weekend was blessed beyond belief!
Until next time,

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Warrenton a newbie out!

I'm going to be making my very first trip up to Warrenton next month, and to say that I am psyched would be a gross understatement.

Sooooo....I am in serious need of advice, tips, any info you can spare on how to make my first trip to this Junk Mecca a memorable one!

I seriously want to meet as many of you there as possible,
but sort of feeling like I'll be crashing a private club
to which I'm not yet a member.

Yeah, I know. Note to self below...

Those of you who have been so wonderfully kind to me,
who have inspired me with your talents and motivated me
with your encouragement, drop me a line!
Let me know how to reach you/where to find you at Warrenton.
There's a great big Texas hug waiting for ya if ya do!


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