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Thursday, February 16, 2012

What Really Matters

 { From one year ago...
This home we almost lost last January, 
our old house,
is now under contract,
as we have finally sold it 
and should close on it soon. This post serves as a
potent reminder of all that is precious and important
in my life. }

It had been done a hundred times before.
This time it turned out different.

My husband took some trash out to burn in our fire pit.
Just some cardboard and some magazines.

I even had him check this morning
to make sure the burn ban was not in effect.

And a short time later I heard him yell from outside for help...

The flames had jumped the pit and were out of control.

The medical person in me reacted in a triage fashion:

Call 911...

 Make sure the animals are okay....

Move the cars so the fire trucks could get inside the gate...

Rush back outside to help him put out the flames.

 We are still in our "old" house way out in the country.
It took the volunteer fire trucks almost 20 minutes to arrive.
Twenty long minutes, and I thought for sure
our home would be engulfed in flames before they got there.

But arrive they did.
All four of them.

 Our siding on the back side of our home was burned,
and the flames came right up to the house.
We both inhaled a fair amount of smoke,
and I have some burns on my feet.


 we are safe.

 Winnie is safe inside.

Havok and Belle are safe
around to the side of the house.

And we still have a home.
And our lives.

I am shaken beyond belief, but so grateful, 
as I know that we came very. very close to losing everything today.
Everything materially, that is.

I'll be away for a bit as I process what happened today.
{ this was last year, remember...time off was taken }

Giving thanks to God above....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Rock

Indeedy y'all do!

Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

This Saturday.....

This coming Saturday,
February 18th, 6pm...

I was lucky enough to spend several hours yesterday afternoon
helping Binky and Ron  and Robin and John 
get the new Carol Hicks Bolton shop
all decked out for the creative event of the year,
Mr. Twig even showed up to lend a helping hand!

The shop is looking gorgeous,
the clothing is transcendentally divine,
and the creative minds behind this endeavor
are not only the best and brightest,
but the most generous and kind-hearted in the business.

I hope you will be able to attend this
one-of-a-kind, not to be missed event.
I feel so blessed to be able to
participate in { a very small way }
and see some of the behind the scenes goings-on
involved in a project like this...just being around creative
geniuses like these folks is reward enough,
especially if only a smidge of their genius rubs off!

See you there? I hope so!

Magnolia Pearl's Fashion Imaginarium
Saturday, February 18th, 6pm
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
Laboratoire de Design
301 S Lincoln
Fredericksburg, TX

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Please join me in wishing my
beautiful, talented, loving,
inspirational friend
Rosa Mae Hicks 
a very Happy Birthday.
She is 91 years old TODAY!

Please add your birthday wishes
in the comments below, and I will
pass them on to sweet Rose.

You are very dear to me, my friend...

Friday, February 10, 2012


Wishing you the happiest of Friday's!

I thought it was about time 
that I shared a few more photos 
from my Romantic Living Magazine feature
on Rose Hicks and her beautiful home.

And most especially since this weekend
we will be celebrating sweet Rose's
91st Birthday!!!

Please enjoy these photos,
and join me in wishing Rose a very blessed
and Happy Birthday...and many more!

 a lovely and lived-in
bedside vignette

a charmingly cozy 
sitting area

Rose's unshakeable faith 
is evident everywhere.

sumptuous linens designed
by daughter Cathy of Me and My House.

aaaahhhhhh......ironstone heaven.

'Tis lovely!

I have many more photos
from this shoot to share in the days ahead,
so please be sure to check back.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,
and don't forget to also follow me using my new
Linky Follower Widget on my sidebar!


linking with

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A New Way to Follow Fiona and Twig!

Many thanks to my beautiful friends Heather and Vanessa
from At The Picket Fence  for allowing me to re-post
this great post with just a few tweaks!

{ my hallway vignette }

As you’ve probably heard, 
the popular Google Friend Connect (“GFC”) is going away March 1st 
for non-Google blog platforms like Wordpress and Typepad,
and the scuttlebutt is that it will be eventually phased out completely 
to be replaced by  Google+.  (now don't panic yet!!) 

GFC was never really so much an “I follow this blog” tool 
as it was an attempt at the whole Facebook “friend, like” concept. 
Now we are being asked to join Google+ but have found 
like many of you it can be difficult to navigate.  

Bloggers know a good “follower” tool is really needed
and we’d like to have one that is not tied to a million other services
(seems like Facebook, Twitter and Google are linked to everything else on the Internet).
 One that we can use JUST to keep track of our favorite blogs! 

  Those who use Linky Tools and know the owner/creator (Brent Riggs),
realized he would be perfect for developing some kind of
really easy to use “follower” system.
So Heather and Vanessa contacted him, and he loved the idea.

The gals over At The Picket Fence along with a few other bloggers
were involved with the "Beta Testing" of this fabulous new tool!!
And boy did they give it a run for it's money...
and Brent graciously listened to every suggestion,
question and concern they had!
So without further ado I want to introduce you to:

Brent has created a FREE (and we all love FREE) service 
that a group of bloggers have tested and helped develop. 
He has just recently launched this, and you’re among 
the first to be invited to try it out!

Don’t let a bug or an “oops” hurt your first impression. 
You’re being invited to be some of the first users 
of this great new tool, and your feedback will help him 
iron out any problems very quickly.  
Just contact Brent (… he is great about fixing things fast.

But, there are already so many amazing options!  
You can group blogs by Favorites, Everyday and General and even Custom Groups.  
You can create a Blogroll that includes Blogs 
that DO NOT have Linky Followers but that you like to keep tabs on, 
and you can highlight a Featured Follower!! 

One last thing, the inevitable question:
Can my GFC followers be automatically moved over? NO.
Google won’t allow access to those accounts but more importantly,
YOU really shouldn’t sign up someone to a new service.

They should voluntarily sign up themselves.
You’ll need to ask your GFC folks (and all your blog readers)
to follow you using Linky Followers but its easy, quick and did I mention, free?  
They’ll love the tool. It’s  a cool way to organize and follow the blogs you love.

You can get started by FOLLOWING ME from my Linky Followers widget on this page… 

or you can locate it on my sidebar 
right below the Google Friend Connect widget!
I want to invite MY friends here at Fiona and Twig to give it a test try.  
Just start by clicking on the “Follow Me” option and it will walk you through this easy process! 

So please sign up to follow me by clicking my Linky Tools widget
right where it says "Follow Me Via Linky".
I have SO many great things planned for 2012, 
I'd hate for you to miss out!
And don't forget, you can still follow me
the old way, too...for now.

To learn more about this great new tool,
visit THIS post from Heather and Vanessa.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 6, 2012

talk. to. me.

 tell me that i 
inspire you

{ click photos twice to super-size }

tell me that i
 spark your imagination

tell me that i
create a sense of 
calm and serenity

tell me that i
challenge and intrigue you

tell me that i
positively, absolutely enchant you

tell me that i
delight and engage 
your senses

tell me that i
illuminate and enlighten

tell me that
you're headed this  way...

headed to a place of wonder, enchantment and 
possibilities....glorious, endless possibilities.
 courtesy of the beautiful lady below...

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
301 S Lincoln
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

now open for business.

the "me" talking in this post is the store. not ME me.
just wanted to clarify! :-)

so happy to get a shout out HERE.
they contacted me last week about using
my photos!

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