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Saturday, April 24, 2010


...if I bring home one more creepy inanimate figure!

I rescued this little orphan girl
from a local estate sale this afternoon.
She had belonged to the lady running the sale,
said that her name was "Becca".

The ladies husband, Mr. Estate Sale Lady, looked pleased to see her go.
He threw my husband a sympathetic glance as if to say
"Good luck buddy, devil dolly is your problem now!"

Sheesh, sometimes I think people watch entirely too much TV!
I mean, just because she has an unfortunate bit of red paint there
on the corner of her lip that sorta resembles blood...

Hey, how'd that pic get in here???

Anyway, here's Becca just hanging 'round the homestead this afternoon...

Living way out in the country = no nosy neighbors
thinking you're nuts for having a naked child mannequin in your front yard.

I'm taking Becca down to the booth next week,
just as soon as I find her some suitable attire.
I'm thinkin' a vintage girl scout uniform would be sorta cool,
what do you think?

If she sells right away, great, if not, I'll change out her attire
to fit the seasons or holidays.
Mr. Twig will just be relieved that she's leaving the house, no doubt.

Oh, and Mr. Twig didn't really threaten to leave me,
that was just the "grab" to get you in here.
He's far more tolerant and understanding of my weirdness than I probably deserve!

I scored lots more wonderful goodies at the sale,
including a treasure trove of 1937 ledgers. 
Photos coming next week!

So, what did you find on the garage/estate sale trail this fine Saturday?


Sarah said...

Sad to say no thrift shops or tag sales for me of late. Work, work, work, in the garden is my motto most days. :-) Eager to see what else came home in your bag.

Nancy said...

LOL, loved you called her "devil dolly". She is a bit spooky, so good thing you're taking her to the booth. Can't wait to see more photos!


Annesphamily said...

I love this post! I think she will look lovely getting all dolled up! No pun intended! I love my dolls and my family hates them! They think they will get them in the middle of the night! LOL! I love my dolls! They can't stop me.

Good luck selling at your booth! I love this post! Best wishes Anne From Anne!

DustyLu said...

Fun post! Your funny! That does look a little scary. Although there neat, I haven't gotten into the figures yet. But, I love the way you added this one! ~lulu

Linda said...

LOL! I can't wait to see how you dress her!

Lisa said...

You know I think I would have to agree with him.;)
Sorry they are just too odd for me. I really don't mind a dress form as odd as it is to have no head. Must be the eyes! But I do understand loving things so I hope you enjoy her!
Hugs, Lisa

LuLu Kellogg said...

Eeeeeeeeek! I love her but you know I would! She's wicked cool. I love the idea of an old girl scout uni on her. If I had her, I would put some stripey tights on her, a white pinafore, paint her face all pretty, make her a crown and have her peering out my turret window on the second floor with my gal in the tutu and witchy hat! *giggle*

TheSmithHotel said...

LOL~ I grew up with mannequins at my house! My mom is a collector of vintage clothes and uses them to display. We even have names for them. It's so funny because when I was growing up nobody else I knew had mannequins. Now I see them all over the place! Oh and yes my mom still has her "girls", "boys", "men" etc..... Right now she has one that is naked in her dining room with the dress she is supposed to wear draped on her arm.

I have a couple now myself~even a head that I call Mrs. Creepy!

She will be fun to dress up at your booth! I am sure she will sell fast.

I've told you way too much about my personal life~I probably scare you! LOL


Kare@Trublue2 said...

Fun post!! And I can totally relate. My husband and boys are completely creeped out over my original Mrs. Beasley doll of all things. They make me keep her in the closet because she "watches" them. Silly boys...what are we going to do with them??

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

For a number of years I had three mannequins in my living room wearing vintage clothes. A woman and two children. My hubby thought it was odd too as did a number of my friends. They are long gone now but I do have my antique dress form in a sitting room and enjoy her very much. There are three more in my shoppe,dressed up just for looks and not for sale. how much are you going to sell the ledgers for? I can't find them anywhere around here!

Shelly said...

Hi Anne!

Hey, pop over to Joyworks blog site a couple of posts back and check out the paper darling "dress" the girls made for one of our "Mannies",,,,could be cute on your little find!! (Joyworks is listed on my sidebar)

I had to laugh about your comments, TOO FUNNY! My black Lab Shadow HATES the mannequine heads I have in my studio,,,,,she crouches down low and barks and growls at them if there near eye level to her! She even high tailed it out of the studio one day when I tried to show here it wasn't real! (She too, thinks they're possessed!!!

Did you enter my Giveaway yet? Sorry,,,if you did. I just got home from work and was trying to catch up a bit, If you did, good luck, otherwise stop on over!

Six in One Hand said...

I love her!!!!

You know that Mr. M did actually threaten divorce if I brought home anything else that "stared into my soul". HA!!!

I can't wait to see Becca all decked out!!!
Great find!!!

Debby said...

You are way to funny! I can hardly wait to see Becca in her new duds, she is pretty cool. The ledger paper sounds wonderful. Glad to hear Mr. Twig is going to be hanging around a bit longer..LOL...

Julie said...

How fun! Love your new mannequin--I think vintage Girl Scout is the way to go!

I remember that "Twilight Zone" episode....totally freaked me out!!!
Thanks(?!) for the memories!

Hope you're having so much fun this weekend--looks like you are!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

............"So, what did you find on the garage/estate sale trail this fine Saturday?....."

gosh, so much I can't possibly list it all.

Debra@Common Ground said...

do do do do do do...dah duuuoooo! That's the theme to the twighlight zone! Did you recognize it? te he...(that's me laughing)

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

I think she is absolutely divine....and do you realize these go for pretty big bucks...check out might even find her some arms :)
I LOVE Becca...

Pamela said...

That was so funny! But seriously I could never bring something like that home my poor son would just freak out! I have a beautiful collection of old Nancy Lynn Story Book dolls but sadly I cannot bring them out. My son is so afraid of dolls lol !!

bunny said...

My grandmother had several "Playful Patties" surrounding the Christmas tree every your little naked girl scout don't scare me...except for the trace of blood on her lips...Hubby


bunny said...

oppsie...I forgot to tell you to check out my blog for all my yard sale treasures...nuthin' fancy like vampire mannequins...but cool


Linda said...

I like her! I like the idea of a Girl Scout uniform and then changes as the seasons change, well that is if no one adopts her first!

Fun With This and That said...

I like it . Hope you can find some arms. My friend has mannequins all over his house . I have a couple dress form, have vintage cloths on them .And dolls all over the place. Laura Q

stefanie said...

my husband just threatened to leave me at the nursery if I bought one more rose...well!!!! I didn't I just went back the next I don't know, she is soooooooooooo scary, don't let her out of your sight!!! at least she doesn't have arms...ok, I have watched tooooo many scary movies

Sherry said...

She does look a little scary but I am sure you will have fun with her.

Dixie said...

I think you should keep her "display only" for a few months and dress her for some holidays... then sell her at Christmas time... all dressed in red! Great finds as always girl!

hugs. Dixie

trash talk said...

While I love dress forms...I gotta admit...the manis creep me out. Now on the other hand...Cat Daddy loves 'em. Think he's looking for a replacement?


Poor little girl..she isn't a devil dolly!!! Your post had me laughing! I think she needs a sweet little dress and bonnet!
Come visit me and see what I found yesterday.
Deb :)

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

This cracked me up! My sister has a hair salon & attached to it is my husband's surveying business. For April Fools day the girls stuck mannequin heads all over his office - cracked me up because it took days for them to find them all and scared them silly each time :)

Blue Creek Home said...

What a hoot!!! I hope she doesn't turn Chucky on you!!! EEEEEK!
She will be cute when she gets her duds on!

Prior said...

EeeeK! I remember talky tina! and this is one trend, I'm not trending on! I'm with talking trash, love the mannequins, but these are creepy, especially, when reading in the dark, after a night of tornadoes, Lezlee

The Feathered Nest said...

Anne!! I'm so in LOVE with Becca! She is absolutely wonderful!!! Does she have arms? Oh.... who cares, she's cool with NO arms! You crack me up Anne....hugs and love, Dawn

Dreamy Whites said...

Anne You are the best!
I hope you are having a great weekend.
This was a fun post! : )))
Hopefully I get to meet you someday!
Take Care,

A Cottage Muse said...

I think my camping neighbors have her parents! LOL...I will get a photo of them over the next few weeks and show you!

Theresa said...

Oh my Anne, I laughed out loud and read it again and laughed again:) How funny and yes, a little spooky! Enjoy your day and I can't wait to see how you dress the doll! HUGS!

Diane said...

Oh my, she does look as if she's frowning! Maybe some sunglasses will cover that up! I think she's perfect for display! Think of the possibilities! A crown, of course! And an apron and many, many jewels! :-)

Brynwood Needleworks said...

When we lived up North, there was a woman in town who had mannequins all over her back yard. They were dressed up in colorful, diaphanous dresses and hats. All her neighbors referred to her as "eccentric". It kept the birds out of her yard, too.
A method to her madness, perhaps?
Have a great day, Anne.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

I am prone to like mannequins without heads. I would feel that the eyes would be following me around the room. But on the other side, you could say that headless mannequins are scary too. Were their heads chopped off??? LOL!!

David said...

I would hate for you to wake up in the middle of the night, glance over and see devil dolly standing next to your bed staring at you! Not trying to give Mr. Twig any ideas, I'm just sayin'! ;-)

vintagesusie & wings said...

I so saw that Twilight Zone & always thought it was really creepy, Telle Savalis was the crazy Dad...yucky! But your adopted daughter is nothing like Talking Tina, at least as long as she keeps her mouth shut & doesn't start threatening anyone! lol How fun she will look in your booth in a little vintage Brownie unform on! Just keep your eye on her & make sure she doesn't change poses while your not there, that could be scarey!!!

Piney Rose said...

So funny! I recently have brought in 2 creepy doll heads - my family is starting to wonder about me...... LOL

winnibriggs said...

Oo, I have to side a little bit with your man here. Dressed she may appeal more. I'm more a french mannequin kind of girl! Cant wait to see what else you found though. PS she will look great in your store.

Beth A. said...

First the mannequin, then the witchy lady with the long fingers... I'm seeing a pattern here! Can't wait to see what's next!

debsea said...

man, this has got to be the find of the year. you are one lucky gal.

Found Around said...

I found a few pieces of little girl vintage clothing. One brown lace dress - really sweet. I haven't laundered it yet. I'm afraid it may fall apart. I'm finding tons of great things in my loot, just haven't had time to take photos on specific items. Too much there! Soon....Susan

SouthernHeart said...

My husband would totally understand. I create "reborn" baby dolls that look like real babies so he's used to things like this! I would soooo love to paint this mannequin to look like a real little girl...and would like her better if she had arms.


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