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Friday, April 30, 2010

Booth Love ...And A Little Giveaway love, Too!

Just felt like showing my booth a little love today,
so I dropped off a few recent finds.
Let's have a look!

Super amazing antique leaded window.
One of a pair, one's in the booth, the other's at home...for now.
It can be in your home if you pop on in and do a little shoppin'
at Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville, Texas!

You more in the market for tarnished silver?
Gotcha covered!

You say you're more of an ironstone gal (or guy)?
Oh yeah, we've got that, too!

Feeling a little frou-frou?
Right this way!

And if you can't find exactly whatcha need in my booth,
I'm sure you'll be able to locate just the perfect piece in someone else's space.

Heck, you might even walk out with this fella...

Mall owner Bobby says he's not for sale,
but if I had just the right side table AND unlimited funds,
I'd make an offer on The King! And I'm not even an Elvis fan!
That's how rad this piece is!

So, for all you folks in the Austin area, San Antonio, or anywhere in the vicinity,
I sincerely hope you'll pop in and pay me a visit.
And let me know you're coming, too....I love to meet blog buddies!

Fiona and Twig has just the right accent for your home or garden, and at prices you'll love.
We're located inside

Sunrise Antique Mall
820 Water Street
Kerrville, Texas

 Shifting gears, a couple of my blogging buddies
from Warrenton/Round Top are having wonderful giveaways!

First up, Shelley from Sweet Pea Home is having a 200th Post Giveback..

Here's what's included...per Shelley's description:

"My all~time favorite candle in the entire world from where else... Anthropologie! If you've never walked into Anthro and caught a whif of their Volcano candle, well you're in for a sensory treat.

My favorite CD in the universe, Bird On A Wire by Toby Lightman. I can hit replay all day on this one.

Three different shower gels by Philosophy. I adore Philosophy. These smell so good you will want to literally eat them.

A brown and white transferware butter pat. Yummy.

An assortment of teeny watch faces. I am addicted to these.

A fab flower frog from my personal collection. I hope you treasure it.

French script stamped seam binding. Say that three times fast... I love me some seam binding...

Three fabulous gift tags in the French theme of course...

Some surprises are bound to find their way into the mix as well..."

Pretty great, huh? I sure think so!
Enter HERE.

Next up, my pal Rebecca Ersfeld is celebrating the opening
of her WONDERFUL Blog Shoppe with an over-the-top wonderful giveaway!

 Rebecca says:

"I am giving away a fabric collage...
 made to order, in other words it will be like this one only with your pictures and colors of your choosing. The winner can send me pictures of their kids or grandparents or parents or just photos they like and I will make it  personal for the winner."

Pretty fabulous, right?

But that's not all!
Rebecca continues...

"Because it is also the same week that my feature in Where Women Create is coming out, I am throwing in a copy of the May issue of Where Women Create signed by yours truly... woohoo!

Enter HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kate said...

I wish I was in the area so I could hang you my coolest friend Anne. Great window I would keep one as well. Hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

Love ya sweet girl

Primitiques 'n Poetry said... had me at "leaded window".....Great find! ~Mindy

Tina said...

OK Anne, that leadlight window makes me want to jump on a plane to Texas! I love it. Your booth has some gorgeous new additions! My hubby would LOVE the Elvis lamp:) Thanks for sharing your gorgeous treasures! Hope you have a fabulous weekend ~ Tina xx

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Such beautiful items, in love with the window! Have a great weekend!
Take care

Vintage Junky said...

I wish I was close because you KNOW I am an ironstone gal!
Have a great weekend!

stefanie said...

well that window would be sold if I lived closer...I love it!!!!!!

Suzanne said...

Oh my gosh! That window! I'm swooning.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love that window. Wow! Great find. E-mail me about the price of the Ironstone pitcher. I may have to take it off your hands if you'll ship. :)

vivalacabin said...

Time to say hello. I've been reading your blog for quite some time! Ironstone, yes. Window, yes. Elvis, not a big fan, definately! That is a hoot! Keep up the fun posts and eye candy!

Rebecca said...

Love the leaded window but you can keep Elvis :)
Thanks for the tour - wish I could come!
Blessings Anne have a great weekend

Chickens in the Basement said...

Elvis is just toooo cool!

Sarah said...

Anne, I'm going to make it over there someday soon. Would love to meet you and do a little shopping in your space.

LuLu Kellogg said...

I need that window!!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Sharon said...

Oh I love the it, love it love it! I wonder how long a drive from North Bend WA to
Kerrville Texas is....mmm. I just finished an embroidery for a member of the posse (my Friday lunch gals). She's from Texas so I embroidered blue bells and it read, Martha says, Don't Mess With Texas, and she means it. She really loved it. I spend an hour or two with her and you should hear me when I leave. I pick up her accent and people always laugh at me.LOL Thanks for your kind comments they really ment a lot.

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

love the leaded window and I love the Elvis lamp, especially the shade!
so cool...


Sylvia (at) Lily's Pad and Petals said...

Gosh I so wish I lived closer to you, I would visit everyday.
Have a great weekend.

Olivia and Me said...

OH Anne, see.. you've gone and done it again.. I too have fallen in love. Just sweet windows!

love ya,

sweetpea said...

thanks anne. you're the best... great stuff in your booth too.



Lisa said...

COOL!! I'd love to win your giveaway but I really don't think I can wait for it to get the Where Women Create! I am hooked and if YOU are in it!! I have to get it TOMORROW! Thanks for all the giveaway info and your booth looks great!!
Hugs, Lisa

Lisa said...

Ok so I cannot read. Long day! Still great info but I know you aren't in the mag it's Rebecca! ok off to bed for me! lol
Hugs, Lisa

Nancy said...

I so wish I lived would be so fun visiting your booth!

Have a great weekend!


north pal said...

great window. i love itand that silver pitcher is so grand with the legs. i am slowly collecting the ironstone pitchers and i am enjoying it. Bestest,Denie

Linda said...

Wish I lived close enough to visit! Love those windows!

Beth A. said...

My next trip down 35W, I am so going to come by your shop!

DustyLu said...

Fantastic, Fantastic, Fantastic all the way around! ~lulu

Beatnheart said...

Hi Anne, Thanks so much for your visit and kind comment...With all the followers you have I am shocked that you find the time for little old me...It just shows what a wonderful person you must be. You make me feel special and for that I am truly grateful.. Thanks..cynthia

Libbie said...

I headed over to Sweet Pea & told her you sent me! What fun stuff! I hope to visit yor other friend tomorrw but I just need to cut myself off & go to bed! :) Thnaks for the tip...I gotta ask...have you haven't kissed Elvis now have you? :)

Theresa said...

One of these days you are gonna look up and say "oh my goodness, is that you Ganky" and I'll say back the truck up honey... I want it all:) You have some of the most beautiful goodies my friend! I am coming, one of these days and I will be shopping right there in your booth! Hugs and have a wonderful Saturday!

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Wow Anne...
I come back from a PINK weekend and you are such a sight for my eyes!!!! Kerville...hmmm...about 6 freakin' hours from me. Why does all the good stuff have to be in TEXAS? ;)
HOWEVER...I'm counting down the days til I see ya again at PC...woooo hoooo!
You got some great giveaway scoop here...Shelley and Rebecca are sooo generous! I think I'll mosey on over and see if I get lucky :)
I've so missed you while I was away!
I'm never leaving again...until next time haha

A Cottage Muse said...

That Elvis lamp must make for great conversation in your shop!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

First time on your blog, LOVE IT!! I am going to check out the give aways.
I also have a Frenchy give away on my blog. i would also be glad if you have a French post to link to my French Obsession it would be so fun!

Shirley said...

Your booth looks great and I really like the window. My hubby and i either one would like to affford the lamp because we both like Elvis. We have a collection of movies and we went to see Graceland. Have a wonderful weekend. said...

Hey Anne,
Elvis is King!!

Charlene said...

I'm a window/glass nut! Love the ones you showed. And THANKS for the heads up on the give aways they all look great. Kerrville is a great place. Love the whole area. You are so lucky to be sooooooooo close to so much wonderful stuff. We are going to meet Diane Cook & her hubby soon for a jewelry class & to look at some retirment property in the Round Top area. Love south Texas Hill Country! Charlene

Charlene said...

Oh I just saw your Paper Cowgirl button!!!! Yippeee I'm going too so maybe we can finally meet in person! Charlene

Dorthe said...

Hi dear Anne,
those windows are fantastic, and so are the silver, and white ones, hope you will sell all this wonderfull things very quickly.
I love your booth.
Wish I could pop by.......
Have a lovely evening dear.

Debra@Common Ground said...

This is what happens when I'm out of touch for the day. Cool stuff, girly! I'm unexpectedly heading out for the day, hubbs has to go check his space. So I'll give you a call this evening. I sent an email last night, don't know if you've seen it.
love ya,

Janet said...

looks like there's a road trip in my future! i haven't been to kerrville in years! and i have no good excuse! you pushed me over the edge with that ironstone pitcher!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

Love all the beautiful merchandise you have shown us. The pair of lead light windows would be sold, if only I lived closer. They are fabulous.
Also thank you for telling us of the giveaways.

Have a wonderful week ahead

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