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Sunday, October 3, 2010

A dilemma

I am at a crossroads right now
and I'm seeking your input.

I absolutely love having an antique mall booth,
but lately....

Well, lately it's been neglected.
Sadly, badly neglected.

My heart right now is elsewhere...

Here, to be exact.
Big surprise to uhhh, no one, right?

And I don't know if you know this about me,
but if I can't give something my all, if I can't give it 110%, then I'd rather not do it.

I've had to face a sad, harsh truth the past couple of months,
as I've juggled
a full-time job,
a household,
getting one house ready to sell,
getting another house ready to move into,
finding time to blog,
and having an antique mall booth...

My new truth?

I'm not Wonder Woman.
Although  I do  look fetching in the bracelets, I ain't her.  ;-)

And something's gotta give.

Because my heart?

It's here.

I've been debating giving up my booth for some time now,
but I really think it might be time.

And in many ways, it feels like a failure, but I know that it shouldn't.

I've consistently done well in my space,
but as my other responsibilities have increased exponentially,
I haven't devoted the time to keep my booth well stocked or fresh,
and believe me, it shows!
Everything fabulous that I buy these days
goes straight to the new house.
Heck, I've even been stealing cool stuff
from my own booth to fix up the new house with!

Like I said, if I can't do it right....well, you know the rest.

And the hard part is that I really do love my mall owners.
They are wonderful people, and I feel like I'll be letting them down, too.

But here's where the silver lining shows up.  :-)

If I do let go of my booth,
once we finally get moved in, get our current home sold,
and things settle down a bit,
I have big plans to re-enter the antique dealer business with a vengeance!

I will re-open my Etsy shop.

I may get another booth in my current mall, if one is available
( and if they would have me back ).

I may investigate getting a booth in Fredericksburg,
the new town we will be living in.
My current booth is in another town,
and this has sometimes presented challenges.

I may set up at Fredericksburg Trade Days, a monthly mini-Canton.

I may have occasional sales at the new homestead in one of our barns.

I may just do NOTHING for awhile!
THAT actually sounds like the most appealing option of all.
Oh, except to shop, and post all my fabulous finds right here, of course!

I also have some top secret plans brewing to take my photography,
my absolute passion right now, to another level.
Stay tuned for breaking news, just around the corner...

So that's where I sit this fine Sunday, October 3, 2010.
I haven't made any definitive decisions yet,
but I do know which way I'm leaning.
I'd love to hear your  thoughts, of course!

Back to work, and wishing each of you a very Happy Sunday!

More Warrenton posts coming next week!


Sue said...

Interesting post & I tend to be driven and become frustrated if I can't give my "all" to everything. This past summer while my daughter was out on maternity leave, I worked AT my store five to six days a week, not counting paperwork at home, spending time with my grandkids, and more. I became exhausted, but I couldn't let those things go because they are important to me. I did let my free time, going out with my friends, going to the movies, beach, etc those types of things go & I've missed them. As a shop owner, I know when my dealers are on overload and not there as much. And because we are such a busy store, my customers know as well. So my input, let the space go, and I DO know that when I have good dealers leave, I ALWAYS welcome them back if space is available with open arms. Good luck!

Take care, Sue

Miss Gracie's House said...

I'm right there with is a tough takes so much to give the business your A-game...sometimes there is no game at sounds like you will have plenty of options if you pick it back up. My little shop is one-of-a I walk away there would be a really long wait to get back in so I am just sticking it out for awhile. I say..*enjoy* your new home...that is one of the best adventures and those of you (out there in blogland with new homes) are encouraging me to see mine in new light and get back into it.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Anne,
Count me as one vote to give up your current booth. When things get overwhelming and we re-assess our priorities, it means time for change. Looking over your present load, I think you would be making the best decision. However, instead of looking at it as "giving up" I think you should see it as a "job well done" for surely your experience was overall, a very good one! I am actually in much the same situation at the moment and maybe that's why I thought it important to add my voice to your decision-making. When I've got too much to do, and little time to do it all well, I seem to flounder in all areas. And THAT makes me very upset. Review, regroup, and move ahead. When your life changes again...your first house is sold...the new house is have time to devote to a new adventure...GO FOR IT! But, for now, take good care of yourself and do what is comfortable and what makes you happiest.
BTW, your blog is the first one I read every day and the one I enjoy the most...and I read a LOT of them. This fan votes to make Anne a more peaceful person because I care. Have a wonderful day! Bess in VA

Lisa said...

Anne, sometimes we do have to let go of the things we love to do. I tend to spread myself way too thin more times then not. It's hard because I am always trying to make everyone else happy. Sounds like you are in the same boat. Now, you have a ton of options. I think you need to take that time for yourself. Enjoy your new home, do a few weekend shows locally, and oh how I would love to have your space at home to do my own "barn show".{Actually I wished I lived closer to your area so I could attend that "barn show", who knows, if you give enough notice, I might just show up on your lawn!} And I am sure your antique mall owners love you as much as you love them and will be happy for you, in whatever decisions you make. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
Lisa @ Pix Up Stix

Nyssa said...

Follow your bliss!

cityfarmer said...

you can ALWAYS re-open at a later date!

I'll betchya' ... once you decide to stay home on the range, you'll never look back ...

I'd open one of those outbuildings ...set it up and let the dealers come to you!!!
shop the shed ... ha

Sarah at myyellowhouse said...

I think you've answered your own question ~

It's not giving's realigning your priorities right now. It it's not getting your full attention, it's not meant to be at this moment in your life. Revisit it later and enjoy the other things that you have moved to the top of your list.... :)

Hope you are enjoying your new house. When I was in Texas last week, everyone kept telling my I should visit's so charming they all said. Lucky you!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Anne, I so understand your dilemma, but if you decide to quit your space, please don't consider it as a failure. You have been very successful! Just remember that when God closes one door in our life, He opens another door that is even bigger and better. It will be wonderful to have more time to do things to your new home and then at a later time, there will be something for you to do in regards to having a new space. Who knows, you might even re-do one of your outbuildings and have a shop in your own back yard. Wouldn't that be fun? You need to take care of yourself and not get stressed out. You want to enjoy your new home and not feel like it is a chore to get it set up. Have a wonderful day! Love & blessings from NC!


Hi. Sounds like you know what to do. Closing a booth and relocating is not letting anyone down; it's a business decision; and home and family can always come first. Decorating a home does take alot of time. Pray and follow your heart.
~ Julie

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Oh Anne, you must be reading my mind. I've been mulling over similar questions. I think that sometimes (most of the time), we are just too hard on ourselves and expect too much. And expecting too much just leads to frustration. No, as hard as we try, we'll never really be Wonder Woman. But that's Ok. Remember, she was never real anyway. Finding a balance in life is sometimes hard. But the bottom line is to follow your heart and do what you need to do at a particular moment in time. Sometimes change and letting go leads to something more amazing than you ever imagined. ... Whatever decision you make, it will be the right decision for you. ... Warmest wishes!

Julie Marie said...

Okay Anne... here's what you do..."Follow your heart, it knows the way"... my favorite quote!...And remember, "Home is where the Heart is" and I do believe your heart is at your new home... like mine would be (and is, at my home)... I am sixty one now, (still young at heart!) but had to finally admit I am not wonder woman either (hmmm... not sure how fetching I would look in the bracelets, but I love the headband!)...I have quit trying to be master of the universe and like you, I give everything my all, or I don't do it... I think your beautiful home and family should take priority and everything else will fall into place... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie

Jo said...

Actually, I think you are Wonder Woman - I soooo couldn't do everything you do. My mantra in life is that as one door closes another opens - life moves on and changes. That is how it should be.

You go and enjoy your new challenges and look back on your past successes with pride.


* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*You should follow your heart and take a little break so you can come back more inspired and ready to go all out!!;)sometimes a little break can make all the difference when it seems like you are being pulled in too many directions~* hugs, Rachel ;)~*

gail said...

If it is causing you pause, then you already know what you need to do. It's not a failure at all, things change and your heart lies with your new love! That new love deserves your 110%. (and yes I knew that about you) You'll know when it's time to let go.
good luck! I wish you the best, now and always!

Nora said...

I'm sure your mall owners will understand. They'll find someone else that wants the space you vacate - it's got your good mojo, so it's bound to do well for them.

You have to do what's right for your life & fits your schedule, and right now yours is full to the gills. It's hard to say it's not personal, it's business, because your business IS personal, it's your baby. You're not failing, your SHIFTING THE WAY YOU DO THINGS. That happens with all of us & it's okay.

Heck, if nothing else, your little setup at the new house just lends itself to having your own barn sales!

Olive Cooper said...

You must do what brings you peace. The new house sounds like it is calling you the loudest right now. There is always time for the other ventures later. Set up that NEST. hugs♥O

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Follow your heart...I know where you are coming from. I gave up my space last year and now only sell online. We have to choose what is most near and dear to our hearts....

Enjoy what makes your heart sing the most.


It's me said...

I think my dear lovely must first of all relaxing !! and may have occasional sales at the new homestead in one of your barns.....THAT is the greatest idea i heard ever !!! it is so nice to have your own shop right near your home !! that's my idea......and than i booked a ticket and come over to you !!! B & B ??? HAHAHHAHAH!! love love love you darling !! hugs from me Ria....

Tina @ TinyBear said...

You always have to go with your heart, and sometimes we just want too much and have so little time. I know exactly where you are.
With the new house in another town, this may be the right time to close the booth if that what you feel for.

I´m looking forward to the opening of you Etsy shop though :D

Wishing you a wonderful sunday
xo Tina

Drawn to The Sea said...

Your heart needs your home.
Your home needs your hands.
Enjoy every moment with it, dear Anne... everything else will fall into place.

stefanie said...

oh, I think you already have decided which is best for you...and its the right choice!!

Betty Jo said...

I so understand. My friend and I had an entire room in a wonderful old house which was an antique mall. We had the most visitors to our junky-chippy-shabby-chic-with-lots-of-white room, and the owner kept selling our products to dealers at a discounted price! As much as it hurt to close it down, we didn't have a choice. We could no longer work so hard hunting down the products, halling them up steep old stairs, and decorating beautifully only to have the prices slashed when we weren't around. We still miss our beautiful room and venture, but life goes on, and so have we. Looking forward to your photo adventures. Photography is where my heart is! ♥

A Cottage Muse said...

I agree with Stefanie...I think you are making the right decision. Enjoy feathering your new nest ~ your new options sound exciting! Taking a little break, coming back re-energized in a new space might be just what the doctor ordered! You are (a) Wonder(ful) Woman to me!!

Air Kiss said...

I like what Nora said. :)

It sounds like you certainly have a lot on your plate right now. I think putting your heart into your home right now is a fine plan to be at! You can always come to back to doing a booth at another time. I *really* think the occasional barn sale thing is a great idea for you! If I had a barn or shed, I would totally do that myself. It's constantly in the back of my mind if I should go back to working part time as an esthetician, but my heart is just not in it anymore. I can always go back to it because I have the license, though I put it on inactive status right now with staying home with the kids. I'm looking forward to hearing about your photography stuff brewing!
Take Care!

Vicki said...

Anne - You have my vote and complete understanding if the choice is to shut down the booth for a bit. I run a mortgage company full time, have two active kids playing sports, have had an Etsy shop (closed at the moment), I'm prepping to host and sell at my annual holiday open house and now I'm blogging. Sometimes you just have to redo the priority list based on where you are needed most. It is definitely not a failure. Failure would be not recognizing you need to make a change. You are not shutting any doors either. You are simply making a good choice for yourself right now. You will be welcome back with open arms when you are ready to reopen a booth. I know your passion right now is decorating your new home and sounds like photography is second on the list. Devote yourself to these projects and enjoy them, especially the house. When things are organized and just the way you want them at home (especially for a creative soul) it will be a retreat for you instead of another project. Then, you can add something else to the list, like a new booth. Take care!

traci said...

if your heart is not in it right now, then close shop and enjoy what are your passions. life is too short. have a wonderful day.

kerrie said...

I'm always choosing the quiet, simple path because I want to give myself fully to each day as if it were my last. See, when we do too much we burn out and then need a retreat to revive. We do too much in our country. Have you seen Eat Pray Love? It is a good glimpse on slowing down...her time in Bali is dreamy to me. The people in other countries know how to live without so many demands. I try to live that way. I think you will not regret giving yourself to enjoying this time of moving in to your dream farmhouse. Give yourself the opportunity to sit in your new kitchen in your pajamas sipping coffee for as long as you want. Enjoy this gift of your new home!

Tricia - A Rosy Note said...

Anne, from what you have said, it seems like you want close it. You shouldn't look at it as a failure. Life is meant to evolve and change. I used to own a little shop that I absolutely loved. Although I no longer have it, I have always looked at it in a positive way, as something that was a stepping stone to some other wonderful thing that I can't even yet fathom. My sister owned the shop with me and now she makes jewelry and sells it wholesale. She would've never known how to go about doing that without our previous experience. Life is about timing, change and learning new things. I think that something new is awaiting go out and find it. Best wishes :)

Shirley said...

Hi Anne, You need the "ME" time. I have decided to do some of the things I want to do. The only reason I opened my antique booth was it was close to home, but I am not to sure about my decision. You have the right ideas and I like the rest think you should follow your heart. We sometimes just take on to much and it tells on us. I have visited the doctor's office more times this year then my other half and I am his primary care giver. The Me time is very important in that respect. We have to put some things on back burners like my blog, but I am getting my priorities back in repect which I am sure you will to. If you need to blog a little less for awhile, we will all understand and be there when you make your decision. Have a wonderful day. Ours is beautiful fall day. Started at 34 and up to 54 at the momment. have a great day. Your Missouri friend

trash talk said...

Sounds like you used the Lasso of Truth on yourself girly. You're now in the same position I's not the working the's the getting there. It's 1 hour one way to W&T's for me so I can only go once a week. Time is precious and with your move, even more so for you. My only little concern would be the extra money it might bring to fluff your nest. Maybe a sell down sale is in order...after you glean what you want for the house of course!

ChRiS said...

you can always have another shop, this yr has been stressful for you with moving and all the delays in getting into your new home i think would do your heart good to put your best foot forward to your new home.

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


Attic Rat said...

I think you already know what you need to do. Go ahead and have the courage to do so. :D


Petite Michelle Louise said...

follow your heart...i am sure it has never lead you astray!

bullie_mama said...

So here's what I think:
you have A LOT on your plate right now. Take a break if you'd like one, (especially if you NEED one).
You can always go back to Etsy (which would be awesome, cos then I could shop your fabulous finds).
And the idea of having sales in one of your barns? FANTABULOUS!
How fun and insanely cool would that be??
But seriously, if your hearts not into it and you don't have the time, take a break and then get back to it when you can give it your all!
And enjoy your Sunday!! I'm going to heaven on earth: Slobberfest! A day in the park with over 100 Bulldogs - woohoo!!!


Hi Anne,
It sounds like you already KNOW what to do :)
You go girl!!! It's time to make your new house HOME and enjoy it! Love the etsy plan!!!
deb :)

Rozmeen said...

Follow your heart...and if your heart says you have to slow down and may be take a break of your shop...just can always re-open later. Your house is stunning and I so can understand that its so much fun to decorate it.

Lots of love,

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dear Anne:
I'll tell you the best thing a friend can say...Follow your heart. It knows the way.
Sunday blessings, my friend.

marcie said...

YOu know what to do,,listen to the inner promptings always. Doors open and go girl!

Denise said...

I used to think I was wonder woman.....did it all. I got really really sick one summer and that changed everything! I realized I couldn't do it all and further more.....I don't want to anymore. There is freedom in saying "NO" and in letting go.
I say let your booth go for now.....look at it as a wonderful success while it lasted and if I had those outbuildings.......i would plan some one gal already wrote.......let the dealers come to you...

Jane said...

I agree with the other posters, reassess, regroup, "reconoiter" as one friend says :-).
Your job at the hospital is incredibly demanding (I work in healthcare, I know the demands) and the hours are long. Selling your old house/moving/buying new house.. it's a lot on your plate. I loved Kerry's comment about enjoying the gift of your new home and sitting in your pajamas in the new kitchen drinking you will have time for chickens!!! (they're the best stress-reliever I know, chickens are cool. On days off, I sit outside with my morning tea and watch my chickens do their thing :-).

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Anne,
I do believe you are in serious nesting mode right now & I would succumb to it entirely & happily!!! Embrace this opportunity to make your new house home. Down the road when the timing is right take it up again (I love the idea of occasional sales in your out building!!)

Happy nesting:)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Hey girlie. You already answered your own delimma:). Follow your heart. Can't wait to see what's next.

Megan Chamberlain said...

I think it is time to give up your booth, you can't do everything and at the moment your time needs to be spent elsewhere. I think you have already made that decision and now are just wondering if it is the right one. You will know when it is time to start selling through a mall again, your idea of your own special 'barn sale venue' sounds good too.

Becky said...

Hi Anne! To be honest I dont know how you ever did all of that.I envy people who have businesses but I do know they take alot of time and work and of course energy,lol.I would stay home and enjoy your hubby and the house.Both of you together enjoying doing things there.

Take care,time flys so fast cherish each minute together in your lovely new house!have a great week ahead too.

Theresa said...

OK... here goes. I have always wanted to have a booth. I believe that it would be fun to design it and get rid of a lot of my stuff! BUT... I don't think that I could sell enough to pay my booth rental. Now, there are lots of empty booths lately and that makes me think that they aren't making much money OR it it is taking too much time. I am retired and have LOTS of time but my time is still precious! Weigh it out and pray about it:) Hope you will be satisfied with your decision! Playing at your new house is where your heart is right now:)

Love to you my friend! HUGS!

Love the Decor! said...

Sounds like you know in your heart what is best, just believe that making a change is not "failure" God gives us different tasks for different seasons in our lives and yours is changing for now.. I see that, as exciting to see what will lay ahead for you : )

Annie Louise said...

Interesting post. Please do not feel like a failure if you give up your booth, it's called life and the most important thing in it is you and your family. Times change, things happen, attitudes change, I think it is great that you have tried all these things, some things go on somethings don't, life is about making decisions. You have accomplished many things. Remember life is like a roller coaster, with highs and lows. sit back, relax, and take time to ponder your situation--any decision you make is the right one if you follow your heart. Good luck and thanks for sharing with us.

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

I know exactly how you feel, I recently had to give up some things myself, just to many irons in the fire, and not enough time to get everything done. I think it's better to focus on doing 1 or 2 things and doing them well. I love your ideal about have a barn sale at you place, and the Fredericksburg Trade Days. Lynda and I set up there a few years ago and it was a lot of fun!!! I usually go to Fredericksburg a few times a year, and would love to finally get to meet you!!! Hope you have a wonderful week... hugs~~~ Daphne

diana said...

take time off to set up your will never look back and say ... I wish I hadn't taken the time out ... and besides that... you will come back refreshed and re-invigorated. said...

It sounds to me like you know just what the right thing for you to do right now. Enjoy the whole process and new adventures. That is what we are supposed to do, right:)
~Debra XXX
Capers of the vintage vixens

sissie said...

Hi Anne,
Reading between the lines, I would say that you are listening to your heart and getting ready to follow it to whereever it may lead.

Operating a booth is a full time job in itself. I find that if I don't work on mine weekly, it shows in sales and stresses me out!

I have always said that if it stops being fun and becomes a burden, that I will pull out.
So, go where your heart leads you and you'll be fine.


Alice said...

In reading your post, I think you already have the answer. Take a break from the antique booth. Heaven knows you deserve it, and everyone needs a vacatin now and then--right? And when you are ready to come back, I know you will do it full force, and with all your heart.

I can't wait to hear the 'breaking news'!

robyn said...

"there are many things in life that will catch your eyes but few things that will capture your heart. Pursue these." I have this quote constantly on my biggest chalkboard in the kitchen.

Diane said...

Anne, I know just what you mean. Decisions, decisions. But there's always tomorrow and new opportunities you might not even have thought of. You'll know what is the right thing to do. You'll feel it in your heart. It's so obvious that your heart is in feathering your nest right now and I doubt that anyone would feel you are letting them down. Don't let yourself down. That's the main thing. It's not a failure at all...just moving on to the next phase of your life. Just ask me...I've had to change major business associations 3X in the past 6 years and each one was traumatic but this past one has all been for the best and I've learned along the way.
Blessings, joy, peace and happiness,

darla said...

Making a house a home is more important. I enjoy your blog. Happy nesting!

Laurie said...

My dear Anne, you have been given plenty of very good advice, so I am only going to say the one word that someone who lives far away in Montana can say - ETSY!!!! I will start saving my money right now!


Haven and Home said...

I was just thinking about finding balance when I came across your blog! We can't do everything but that is hard to accept. I say let it go and don't let it get you down. It is certainly not a failure by any means. You are brave to realize something has to give!

Beach House Living said...

Sometimes letting go of one thing opens perspective on another. It's not failure, it's just that your new home became more of the focus.

As for the photography I've been hooked for years. My DB told me to pick out a new camera back in June for my birthday so I could pursue it better. I'm still trying to decide which model to get. One that offers auto modes or mainly full out manual shooting.

Polly said...

Hello! I thought I left you a comment earlier, but I guess it didn't take because I don't see it! Anyways I am going to try this again....

I went to an awesome barn sale the other day and when we were driving home, I thought of you and your new house and your awesome outbuildings and how you could soooooo put on an awesome barn sale every so often! I know there's a lot of prep work involved, but it would be easier to manage because you would be at HOME!!! And we all know, there's no place like home!

Besides, even Wonder Woman took a break now and then!!

Follow your heart...



Sharon Wengel said...

Anne , Sometimes we just can't do it all, much as we want to, we just get spread to thin. Follow your passion , you can always do another booth later when you are not so busy. Don't beat yourself up about it. Believe me it will be ok . That's my advice , for what it's worth.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Sweet Anne - Life is way to short to be so busy. It sounds like you need time to close your eyes, take a deep breath, exhale.....then just love where you are right now in your life.

......THEN open your Etsy shop so that we can ALL drool over your treasures..... lol! Hugs to you friend! :)

xoxo laurie

Shelia said...

Evening, Dear One! Oh, you've got so much on your plate, don't you? I think you've answered your own question - just sit on it a bit until things get back to normal a bit! You amaze me with all you're doing! You're a young one and have all of the young one energy! :)
Can't wait to hear about your photography secret! I'm wanting a fancy dancy camera. I just use a little point and shoot but I do try hard! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Abby's Paperie Garden said...

I know the struggle you feel...I was on 3 craft design teams at the same time and felt like I was neglecting my family and my home. So after much prayer I gave them up. It was a hard decision, and I will admit at times I wonder if it was the right one, but 95% of the time I know it was the right thing to do. I now have no worries about deadlines and instead spend quality time with my family, which is most important. It seems you already know the answer and we're all here to support you either way:)

patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...

Oh Sweetie believe me when I say I know what you are going through. It was a year ago this month when I decided to close my shop. I loved it but other, more pressing needs had to come first. Decorate your beautiful farmhouse and just enjoy life for awhile. Wishing you many great blessings, Patricia

Tammy said...

We've all heard it before...
"Listen to your gut....Follow your heart"
But it's so true...
Have a great Monday Anne...
Tammy :-)

Shelly said...

Yes, No, Maybe!

So many choices, but you are smart and creative and it WILL come together! Hey, you've got 66 other opinions! I just love you and wish you the best.........

Listen to your HEART! Listen to that inner voice! You my dear, I KNOW will make the right decision!

Hugs, love and a "Bus"

maría cecilia said...

Do what your heart tells... being a super woman is exhausting!!!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Sweet Anne, you have listened to your heart and you know what to do. You are wanting to be somewhere else and so you should be. Time to move on and pursue another passion right now.
Stressing is never healthy and you know it's time to make some decisions.

Ness Lockyer said...

Take the time out Anne, you have been SO busy with everything else that you would probably really enjoy not having to worry about all of these things for a while. That realisation that we are not Wonder Women is a breath of fresh air...I just got a lund full too ;0)
Ness xx

The Green Pea said...

Anne, follow your heart. You should enjoy working on your home. You can always pick up and start selling again later. Enjoy yourself, life is to short. Time goes so quickly. Don't stress, love what you do! hugs, sandi

Becky C said...

What courage it takes to realize where to draw the line. You're new place is absolutely gorgeous and so perfect for your very own barn sales. Oh the blessings that will come when you follow God's will for your life... and it sounds like He has been speaking to you about which way to go. You are so talented, no matter what you choose, it will prosper.
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

All That Jazz said...

Anne, as someone who does a booth with her family, I understand the amount of work that goes into it. Yesterday we hauled a truckload of merch thinking we were just going to "drop it off" such luck, you end up rearranging and displaying and pricing and it turns into 3 hours before you know it. My biggest issue is that I don't live in the same town as our space, so I am collecting merch and then hauling it there, and, I feel kinda left out of the more day-to-day (or week-to-week) upkeep (so I feel my family does more than me.) Anyway, I do think your energy is rightly focused elsewhere....and you can always come back to it. In our area, fleas and barn sales are HUGE! As another commentor mentioned, you could eventually just run a once-a month or quarterly sale out of one of those outbuildings.....then it's on your convenience and timing! ;-)

Jemsmom said...

It sounds like your mind is already made up and I say go for it! If it is weighing heavy and your heart is somewhere else, then do what you need to do to make it right. The mall owners will understand and you have to sometimes think about you!!! Go for it and create that home that you envision!!

What are you up to with your photography. I am in a bog right now with it and don't know where to go or what to do. I can't wait to find out your plans!

Blue Creek Home said...

So far it looks like the Yeas have it. I don't think there was one Nay about closing your booth. So...go ahead on and give notice.
Appreciate that you were successful while you were there and didn't have to close because of the economy or sickness, etc.
Wake up each morning and enjoy a big cup of coffee as you walk around your charming house and spend the day loving her.
Oh - I am betting that a big barn affair at your place is in your future! What fun.
Always remember God is good.

Linda said...

Sounds like you already know what to do, Anne. I remember when I left our antique booth, it was a hard decision, but it was time for me, too. I was tired and wanted more time at home, too, and it sounds as if you have lots of options! To be able to have your own sales from your buildings would be fabulous~ you could probably bring in a few select friends to have it with you and make it a real event! I really understand wanting to have more free time to explore other things you want to do!

Fearless Nester said...

There is something so freeing about actually arriving at a decision. Sorting it all out gives you a chance to listen to what your inner voice already knows is the answer! And that is one serious looking camera by the way. xo ~Lili

KATHY said...

Only three words "Follow Your Heart" Kathy

Rebecca said...

Hey Anne,
Some choices are tuff, believe me I am there. But I think the worst of it is making the choice... just do what your heart says and then get on with it. It is a lot easier that way. Once I made the choice to shut down the shop, then I just put my head down and did what came next... now trusting the Lord for the next thing is exciting and I will admit some scary.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

My view is always the same... Listen to your own 'gut instincts.' 'Follow your bliss.' We know what's right for us.

Gentle hugs...

Junk Exchange said...

enjoy the house and sharing that with mr twig .. you are a show girl .. not a wall flower .. my opinion .. you will enjoy doing shows when the time comes .. for now .. enjoy the house and blog .. writing is what you want to do anyway .. junk is just getting you where you want to be .. love you and think of you often ..

Debra@Common Ground said...

You know my thoughts, get that gem of a house put together and ENJOY the process. Fill it with all the goodies you would normally be out shopping for the booth, settle in and have a wonderful holiday season with "less stress". Meet all you new peeps in Fredricksburg and see where that leads. Enjoy your life, Girlie.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Anne, Go back and read the third comment from Bess in Virgina. My sentiments exactly.I struggle with balance ALL the time. I got so excited when the antique mall opened up on the west end of Main Street. They had a whole room available and I started thinking "oh it would be like my own shop within the mall, but I wouldn't have to work there every day!" I even started decorating it in my mind. When I came home and told my husband his response was, (lovingly) "Why in the world would you want to take on anything else now with all you already do?!" Oh darn if he wasn't right! The answer is because all I do right now doesn't feed my heart like the antique business and design does, but it is stuff I need to be doing at this time in my life.So, I do a few shows (which you could consider - Comfort, Boerne, and Fbg. email me for info if you are interested!)) and the rest of the time I give to my home, daughter, her school,her sports, etc. One day I will have the time........I am just trying to be patient. So, give yourself a break and take a break and you will know when it is time to go back. Ooh - sorry...didn't mean to preach! Isn't it always easier to see someone else's life clearly?

Meri Wiley said...

Hello Anne,

Well, I see here you've got 84 people giving you opinions, including mine. You asked for it, and goodness you're gonna' get it! My two cents: Do whatever makes you happy!! I know, precious wisdom aint it? Who'd a thunk I could actually come up with somethin' original like that. Anyway, close up the shop for now, when things settle down open a new one in Fredericksburg as it's becoming the capital of vintage/antique/salvage/handmade wonders and your stuff fits in perfectly. It sounds like you've got your plans, and they are perfect for you.......go for it! I wish upon you much favor and luck in your latest journey.....go forth and have fun girl.


Mzzterry said...

follow your heart....thats where you find your JOY. <3

Alabaster Rose Designs said...

Hi Anne,
I completely understand your dilemma! Don't ever feel like a failure when you need a little time to breathe. I don't know what it is, but it seems that as women we are expected to "Do It All', cook, clean, take care of the kids, have a job, do this, do that, and if we need a little time to ourselves we feel guilty. You need to do what is best for you and your hubby, an antique space can always be found when your ready again!
Go out and explore new ventures, things that you have been wanting to do but haven't had the time for. I wish you all the luck in the world and I can't wait to read all about it!
Have a great day.

deb did it said...

I highly recommend doing nothing...for just a while. Rest. Breathe. Re-charge your battery. Amp up and get going again....but no matter what you do...FOLLOW YOUR BLISS!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

I really do understand your dilemma and
yes, something has to give and trying to be Wonder Women is too hard.
With your full time job and organizing the house move and the sale, I think take a back seat and give yourself a little break. You can always go back to having your booth, or the barn sale sounds even better.

Take care dear friend and I know you will work this out for what suits you the best.
Happy week

Time Worn Style said...

Well Anne, you have megacomments already but I'll add my 10 cents worth. i was in a similar position to you and in the end I did give up my antique booth. now I sell wholley on ebay from my home/nest and have never regretted it. So that is my advice to you, booths are A LOT of work so might be the right time to let go with all you new things happening in your life. hope this helps

vintagesusie & wings said...

My Sweetest Anne,
In so many things you have posted since I've been following you, I have had similar thoughts or questions about my own life. I so wanted to meet you in Round Top, but I was lost amoung the fields just trying to take it all in most of the time. It was heaven to me!
I spent about a week drivin with no one but little ole me to talk to, so you can imagine how much mischief I got myself into.
I own a beautiful little shop, an antique store, a place where people love to come & look at all of the lovely vignettes & I have been doing this most of the time over the past 5 years. But while on my adventure, I admitted to myself that my heart was just not in it anymore. Why...Too many reasons to list, but here's 2 silly ones.
I want to live a life like the Junk Gypsy's, LOL {not very realistic} or I want to move to Fredricksburg & rent a booth at The Red Baron antique mall, really that was 1 of them! Soooo, yes FB was one of my favorite places in Texas...I adored it there with all of it's incredible gingerbread & would leave CA & move there tomorrow if I could. I'm sooooo envious of you, again HEAVEN!
Soooooo long story short, {it may be too late for that} today I gave my shop landlord my notice to move out in 2 weeks. You are the 1st person I have said this out loud to except for my family. Do I have all the answers about what I will do or where I will go or if the JG will ever adopt All I have is the knowledge that my heart is no longer, THERE!
I think, life goes by like a lightening flash...if we do nothing else but try & follow our hearts while living it, we will be rich in the things that truly matter!!!
Love Friend,

Polly said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be sure to stay tuned for news of your ETSy store, I'd definitely shop there! if you need any resources or info about my last blog topic let me know!

vintagesue said...

girl...i get ya! i've moved how many times in 5 years? been thru how many deployments? 2 kids...4 different houses...3 different states and one other country. i have worked and quit and worked and quit and blah, blah, blah, but you know what? i STILL have my booth in georgia that i've had on and off for over 6 years and i don't even live in georgia anymore. that is how awesome the owners are. they are there when i need them!
your booth will be there when you are ready for it again. i've had to open and close and open and close booth after booth everytime we move. i waited an entire year to open one here!! it was hard, but i had other things going on. i know the feeling. a house is a HUGE project!!! you will be published soon one day and we will all just drool over all your hard work!!!!! who knows....maybe you can downsize to a little booth for now. whatever you decide, it will be awesome and those power bracelets will give you the force! lol
hang in there miss anne and good luck!!! i'll be reading your blog no matter what you do. you will inspire me booth, house, etsy, shows, whatever!!! enjoy your house. it's so stinking cute and fabulous!! have fun most of all. one day i'll make it back to texas to shop your mega fab antique store in fredricksburg.
wishes to you....

Jennifer Rizzo said...

Anne, I gave up my booth last spring and now I am so glad I did. It was hard to do, but by doing the occasional sales, i've made more money with less rent than I did at my booth. Less headache, and more fun. Go with your heart, there is plenty of time to do it again in the future. Endings with that kind if stuff is neither a failure or a finality.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I think you answered you own question with some great plans.
Cheers, jj

Michelle May said...

Take time to do nothing but enjoy where you are. It's better to do a couple of things that you truly love than to be exhausted and worn out by too many. You really can't live like that and the things you love the most will pass you by.

Been there, done that, love life now. ;)
xx, shell

yaya said...

All I kept thinking when reading this post was: "To every thing there is a season"...well, you get it and I know you have it figured out!

Sarah said...

Anne, closing the space is not letting anyone down but rather stepping back to get a better perspective. Everyone needs to do this from time to time. Think of it as closing a great book you've just read. There will be another on that you pick up and devour with a passion. Your life is FULL. Take some time to just enjoy the newness of this new season of your life. You can pick back up with a shop down the road if you decide to. Sounds like you've already got wonderful ideas churning around in that creative mind of yours. Don't be hard on yourself.
Sending hugs your way ~ Sarah

Chrissy said...

A failure....are you kidding you could not fail if you tried....well you know what I mean..give it up..look at your stunning home..pour your self into that for a while!!!!! Your awesome!!!

bj said...

Oh, darlin'...if I had such a cute olden house as yours, I would NEVAH want to leave it, either. I think you will decide what is best for you...that cute house..that cute hubby...oh, will make the right decision.
Now..if you DO go back into it later, Fredricksburg is THE place. uhhh, wait a minute, we are talking TEXAS, right?? If so, the next time I go to F. I'll call ya !! :)
hugs, bj

Charmed Life Collectibles said...

I've been reading your blog for a while, following your adventures.

Failure is such a negative term, such a harsh word. You certainly have not failed - instead you have grown. And changed. And in that change comes a time to "move on".

I love your idea of using one of the outbuildings to host sales. There is a place here in Maryland that is only open one weekend a month ... they set up vignettes, arrange their antiques beautifully (as you do in your booth!), and open their doors for a Friday, Saturday and Sunday once a month. People are lined up for hours before they open. It's jam-packed all weekend. Goods fly out the door. They have created their own mystique and allure ...

Something for you to think about !!!

hometown girl said...

Anne, i say let it go and relax. enjoy your new home and get yourself settled. i don't see it as a failure at all. some things we try and don't stick with, i think it's ok. i did a case at the antique mall for 3 months. it was just too much with everything else i had to take care of. gave it up and didn't give it a second thought! i love the idea of sales in one of your beautiful buildings, i think that would be fun and make things much easier since it's right there on your own property to do when you are ready! have a nice week and take care of yourself!! hugs, susan

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

I saw listen to your heart - I'm sure if you explain how busy you are to your current space owners that would understand. A new house does keep you busier than you can imagine. Give yourself time to think about what you truly want. If you have the best intention then whatever decision you make will be the best one.

Privet and Holly said...

Girlie, I'd say you DO know
exactly what you want to be
doing....and you should pursue
that like there is no tomorrow.
Don't live your life to please
others. I did it for a long
time and life is too short,
especially for pleasers : ).
Turn the lights off in the shop,
move into your new home and {when
you aren't antiquing, photographing,
blogging, house-wifing and WORKING
at your therapy job} just NEST and
BE for a while. I think you'll
be surprised at how much happier
THAT scenario would make you. Then,
your next move will seem just as
obvious. You are on the brink of
a wonderful journey ~ I can just
feel it.
Big Hugs!
xx Suzanne

My Grama's Soul said...

Hello Sweet Anne.....after reading your post....I can tell you are perplexed.
You know what I still.....take a breather......Wisdom always comes to a quiet mind.

You will figure it out....and when you do HERE COMES WONDERWOMAN!!!!
in your new pursuits....


Blooming Rose Musings said...

Bless your are on overload and need a little break. Listen to your heart and spend the time on your new home. When you are ready you might just be able to use the building on your property for sales and be near home at the same time.
Listen to your instincts...they are leading you in the right direction. Whatever you decide will be the perfect choice. Blessings.

Low Tide High Style said...

I'm sure everyone has said it more eloquently above, but I say follow your heart and your gut and you will never go wrong!

I always think it's best to walk away when the plates are all still spinning in the air, then to wait until they have all come falling down and are in pieces on the floor. Then when you are ready you can come back with no worries!

Best of luck!

Kat :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Dear Anne, I don't know how you do it all. I think you're right to give up your booth space for now. Just think of it as a temporary thing until you can pick it back up. You've got your gorgeous house to set up and you do need some time to enjoy it too. p.s. "failure" does not figure into the equation here, intelligent well thought-out decision for your life now - that does!

Whimsey Creations said...

I think you have to do what your heart tells you to do and you'll be going down the right path. We all think we're wonder woman at some point and when it gets not to be fun to be wonder woman then we have to change things!

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