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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Warrenton White Wednesday

I curse you, Kodak disposable camera!
Your pictures stink.
But 'twas I that left the dig cam batteries at home,
so the crummy quality is the fault of yours truly.
Still, I wanted to share some of the Warrenton related
white images I captured this past Saturday...

One of the ethereal, glorious Christmas displays in the
Country Garden Antiques tent. There so much pretty here
that it almost hurt my eyes. Swoon worthy, indeed.
Not White, but here's another one from their tent...

I can only dream of making my stuff look this good.

Love the white frame.
The blinding white flash from my el-cheapo camera, not so much.
And because White Wednesdays should be more about
the images than the words, I'm gonna shut up now
and share a few more white Warrenton snaps.

Christie Connelly's tent is not to be missed.

And a little something I picked up from my BFF Effie in Bar W Field. ..
which will be on sale at 10am sharp in my new booth 
at Sunrise Antique Mall in Kerrville, Texas!

Be sure to visit Kathleen at Faded Charm to see more wonderful white images!

~ Anne

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lock and load, baby....

I'm thisssss close to being ready to stock my booth.
Today was like junking nirvana. Seriously.
The capricious junking gods, with whom I have a decidely love/hate relationship,
were smiling down upon me today.

I've been stressing about not having enough big pieces to stock my booth,
but today's finds put those fears to rest.
I have at least a weeks worth of posts AND pictures
just about todays extraordinary purchases alone,
but due to the fact that I'm pretty much toast right now,
I'm only gonna give you a quick peek and rundown.

We hit Trade Days in Fredericksburg,
which is sort of the local mini-version of First Mondays in Canton.
I met a terrific gal named Effie, who will be set up in Bar W Field at Warrenton.
We chatted for quite some time,
and I was totally jazzed to pick up
these two joined theatre seats from her for $20.

Aren't these just ridiculously cool?

Safe at home!

She has loads more, and not only that,
but she recently purchased the entire contents
of an old small town pharmacy building! How cool is that?
I think I'm staying friends with this chica! We exchanged info,
and she's going to show me the best spots to get rock-bottom deals
while in Warrenton next week.
Wow, did I just say next week???
Should we all just let out a big collective squeal?!

I picked up a gorgeous white dresser w/mirror
which will go over huge with the shabby chic crowd.
I also pretty much stole a vintage 1910 white wicker babies crib
which had been marked down to a ridiculously low price.
Pictures to follow when I go back and pick it up on Tuesday.
Add to that a few roadside finds (including a killer desk)
and about a dozen more Trade Days acquisitions,
and this Texas gal is ready to pack it in and call it a day.
Lots and lots of pictures to follow next week once I refuel and recharge.

Hope your weekend was blessed beyond belief!
Until next time,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

White Wednesday at Fiona and Twig...

Again, thanks to Kathleen at Faded Charm
for hosting the loveliest day of the week, White Wednesday.

I've been burning the midnight oil all week long
in preparation for my new shop,
so I'm going to keep the jibber-jabber to a minimum
and let the images speak for themselves.

I was inspired by these lovely christening gowns I saw
in the antique mall where I'll be setting up shop next month,
and immediately filed them away for our next White Wednesday....which is today!
Enjoy, and blessings to all.


Please be sure to visit all the other bloggers participating in
White Wednedsay and see what beauty they have to share.

Happy White Wednesday!
~ Anne

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wonderfully White Wednesday!

'Tis my privilege to add my contribution to our celebration
of all things white. Many thanks to the lovely Kathleen
of Faded Charm , our gracious hostess.

I find myself in a domestically white frame of mind this week....

My sugar server perched atop a vintage table...

On a whim I turned this finger vase on its side~
doesn't it now resemble a row of hungry fish?!

Milk glass all packed up and headed to its new home....

I finally found the perfect chippy white kitchen scale I'd long been seeking!

So much beauty to be found within, in the ordinary and utilitarian.

But let's never forget the beauty which lies just beyond the kitchen door....

Happy White Wednesday!

~ Anne

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

White Wednesday

I am pleased and honored to be contributing
to White Wednesday for the very first time.
Getting this one in a wee bit early as it's an early day tomorrow.

Many thanks to Kathleen at Faded Charm!


 My creamy white vase 
with such lovely feminine curves....

St. Francis among the ivy....

A solemn Madonna encircled
by my mother-of-pearl rosary.....


 My fairy tale wedding dress....

Happy White Wednesday...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do they speak to you, too?

I do tend to anthropomorphize my belongings,
I believe I mentioned that in an earlier entry.
My divine Carol Hicks Bolton couch is named Babette.
And even though I most certainly do not
consider my cat Winnie a belonging
(she is my daughter, after all),
I do have the odd moment every now and again
when I feel certain she's a tiny little human inside a cat suit.

But it goes beyond that.....look closely at my small vase above.
Where the crackling is on the glaze, the slight darkening resembles
nothing so much as veins and arteries. "It's Alive" she exclaimed!
After all, I'm positive that she spoke to the very core of who I am
and what I love when she came home with me 12 years ago.
And she's been speaking to and inspiring me ever since.

They speak to you too though, don't they?
That whispery yet persistent voice which tells you
that home for them is whichever way and whereever place you're heading.
I mean, how else to explain the absolute "right-ness"
of that one very special piece we all own?
The one we were sure we couldn't afford
yet could not imagine leaving the market without?
It's their fault....they speak to us.

They can be pesky and strident little boogers when they find their mark....
even so far as haunting our thoughts and dreams
in the days and months to follow
should we not heed their supplications
and invite them back to our domicile.
Armed with regret and hopeful anticipation,
we invariably head back to the marketplace and find,
to our utter dismay, that they spoke a bit
more loudly to someone else....who listened.

Shhhhhh, I think I hear Babette.....
back for my next post after I learn
what's on her mind this fine Wednesday.

This post was edited to remove
any photos not taken by myself, Anne Lorys.

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