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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, Monday

Well, Hello Monday...
Where did the weekend go? Come back, please.

How was yours?
Mine was busy, as my mind was a whirlwind of ideas,
concerns, what if's, lists of things to be done, longer lists
of things which remain undone...

You get the idea.
But it's a new week, and with it comes a new start!

I'll continue transferring this internal dialogue to the blogosphere 
as I share beautiful images from
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites,
now open for business in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Did I mention that my husband totaled his car?
Well, he did.
He hit a monster deer last week, and his sad little
Pontiac Vibe went to the great scrapyard in the sky.

It served him well, as she logged over 238,000 miles, though.

 Which means he we get a new car, wheeeeee!!!

Thank the good Lord above we've finally sold
our old house and are due to close in a couple of weeks.
No more double mortgages, thank you God
that we can afford another car payment now.

 Personally, I don't care what kind of car
the Mister gets to replace the old one, just so long
as he gets a deer or brush guard put on it.

His death tally already includes several deer, a buzzard,
and an already dead feral hog
lying in the middle of the road { seriously! },
so methinks that would be an essential accessory, no?

Just a quick pause to ask,
don't you think these images are positively yummy?
Nothing to do with me, it's all the Hicks-Bolton magic.

Sometimes, like this morning,
I stop and give thanks for all
the incredible friends I have acquired
through this blogging adventure.

 A wonderful morning phone call with a sweet photographer friend,
some text messages with a long distance friend and mentor,
planned visits with Carol and Co. later in the week...

All precious individuals I met through and because of
this blog. It's during those moments of weariness and
dryness in my blogging that I resolve to soldier on,
because as time consuming and difficult as it can be
at times to churn out regular blog content,
it is more than worth it, because of these amazing
contacts and friendships I have made through it.

 Today is the day I begin getting all of our tax info
in order, oh joy....I think I hear my camera calling me,
beckoning me on a diversionary field trip, instead.
Ugh, I think I'd rather have a root canal than do taxes!

 And how sweet is this, I ask you?
The genius of Carol Hicks Bolton.
I just hope some of it rubs off on me.

And you?
What does your week hold in store?

Have a beautiful one!

Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
301 S Lincoln
Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Friday, January 27, 2012

Part Deux, Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites

As promised in the first installment last week,
I made a return visit yesterday to document the ongoing,
magical evolution happening at
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
 Laboratoire De Design.
Which, by the way, is open for business!

I was in and out rather quickly ( for me ), 
and thought to myself smugly 
" Hmmmph, I shouldn't have that many photos to edit THIS time ".  

Ha! The joke was one me, as I got home and
discovered that I had shot 91 photos, and wanted
to share all 91 at once. Not having time to properly edit
that many pics, here are a little less than a third of them,
with the rest to follow in a couple of days.

A classic Carol vignette.

Old telephone mouthpieces...ingenious!

 Vintage hobby horse Heaven!

There's just something about a well-loved,
almost forlorn vintage chair. A timeless Velveteen Rabbit-ish
sort of appeal that I find irresistible.

And then there are the bed linens....

A glorious array of the divine line of
Bella Notte Linens...
nothing quite like them!

I'll take one of each, please!

And no trip to the shop would be complete
without a shot of the always photogenic  
Carol Hicks Bolton, herself.

Just as kind and generous as she is lovely!

I'll be back with more shop photos soon,
but I don't want to miss the opportunity to
share an exciting upcoming event happening at
Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquites
 Laboratoire De Design.

The one and only Robin Brown of Magnolia Pearl
is teaming up with Carol and Tim Bolton and Jo Packham
of Where Women Create to bring us
a fashion show that is NOT to be missed...

Saturday, February 18th, 6pm
301 S Lincoln
Fredericksburg, TX

You betcha I'll be there!

And in other news?
The winner of my Romantic Living Magazine giveaway
featuring my article and photos
of Carol's Mama, Miss Rose Hicks herself, is....

Lisa of Tarnished and Tattered.
Send me your mailing address and I'll get
your autographed copy ( by Rose, not me! )
right off to you, Lisa.

Back soon with more
hometown Hicks-Bolton beauty!

Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rose Petals

Hello Friends!

And welcome to the first in a series I will be doing
featuring photos from my Romantic Living Magazine
article about my good friend, Rose Hicks.

I shot hundreds of photos, and the magazine only used 8,
so you can well imagine that I have a lot to share!

Without further ado, here are some
unpublished shots
of my friend Rose's lovely home...

{ double click all photos to super-size }

 Isn't Rose's style just
timeless beauty personified?

If you'd like to see more,
please be sure to enter my big giveaway!

 One lucky follower will win a copy
of the new special publication
from the editors of Romantic Homes, Romantic Living,
featuring my article and photos
of Miss Rose Hicks herself.

Personally autographed  by Rose herself,
I might add!

Click HERE
to enter!

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