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Friday, March 28, 2014

Instagram Love

Howdy Strangers!
No, y'all aren't strange, I'm the one that takes off
blogging for a whole month.
I don't write, I don't call.

Time to be sent to blogger time-out.
Bad blogger. ;-)

But I hope you'll be happy to know
that I have been visiting all of you,
AND I've been super busy on 
lots of fun new photography related projects.

One place you can find me when I drift off
to parts unknown is Instagram.
It's fast, easy and fun.
And as much I love my fancy big girl camera,
there are an awful lot of wonderful images
being captured by mobile devices,
and Instagram is a place to share all
your mobile masterpieces.

Here's a link to my Instagram account ( please follow me! )
as well as some of my recent uploads.

The first five were taken at

{ double click all photos to super-size }

The next three were snapped at

A photo I just snapped today.
You hardly ever see these anymore!

One of me with my beautiful friend.
jewelry designer Tami Rodgers of Velvet Sheds
at Fredericksburg Trade Days last week.

I loved her Magnolia Pearl dress so much
that I moved Heaven and Earth tracking it down online.
But I did indeed score!

And then a funky shot of me last week wearing more
new Magnolia Pearl.

My Wizard of Oz
Wicked Witch socks, inspired by
my friend Carol Hicks Bolton.

And then just a few at
The Lorys Casa...

 How better to end a post
than with Winnie just being her 
entitled, royal self?

I pinky swear I'll try to be 
a better blogger this Spring.
I have tons of photo shoots coming up
for the next
and for the first time, I'm going to be mailing out
FREE copies to at least
100 blog followers when the next
issue hits the stands in June.

Start planning those Summer vacations to
beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas now!

Next up, a whirlwind trip to Warrenton ( maybe ),
so until next time...

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but please come visit me here...

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This is a comment-free blog

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