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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Home Featured in Cottages and Bungalows Magazine!

Pinch me, it finally happened!

After completing several rounds of photographing my own house,
doing the Q&A with the magazine,
then just sitting tight and for the most part,
keeping my lips zipped,
( damn, that part was HARD )
I can finally let it out...

Our home is featured in the brand new, June 2013 Issue
of Cottages and Bungalows Magazine!
You can find it on newsstands now!

Yep, all the magazine photos are
intentionally a bit blurry...
can't have you reading the whole thing here,
and NOT rushing out 
to the newsstand to grab it there, right?

 All in all,
I was given four pages where I share
my secrets to successful flea market decorating,
with tips and ideas for anyone wanting to
incorporate a little flea market style
into their own dwellings.

In my excitement to get this project done, 
I realized after the fact that I had actually
sent two different sets of very similar images
to the magazine for the issue.

That's why some of the original images I'm sharing
here are very similar, but somewhat different than
the ones in the June Issue.

Thank you to the beautiful, kind, and incredibly
talented Editor Jickie Torres for making this happen.
You know that I heart you.

And thanks to all of you,
for taking this tour,
and in a much larger sense, this journey with me.

There's LOTS more to share in this grand
old 103 year old gal we live in,
and I plan on giving y'all all sorts of peeks
in the weeks ahead.

Have a wonderful week!

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Published in Romantic Homes Magazine Again!

A great big thank you
to Jacqueline deMontravel
Meryl Schoenbaum,
and everyone at 
Romantic Homes Magazine
for featuring my work once again.

It's a privilege and an honor every time,
and I especially appreciate Jacqueline
for being open to my pitch for them to
feature my brilliant friends
Carol and Tim Bolton and their shop
in their
Shopkeeping feature.

I've been genuinely blessed to be the Bolton's
website photographer for the past year,
so it's a thrill to see their shop 
get the National recognition 
it so richly deserves.

And some of my original, high-res
photos featured in the issue....

You can find the new
May, 2013 Issue of 
Romantic Homes Magazine
on the newsstands right now...

And you can find the incomparable

301 South Lincoln Street
Fredericksburg, TX  78624

(830) 997-5551

Have a lovely week!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Dreamy Bedding! The Sweet Pea Collection

 Happy Antique Week!

Now happening in the wide open cow pastures
of Warrenton, Round Top TX 
and all points in-between
is the twice yearly event known as 

That's a misnomer, as it actually
takes place over a series of several weeks,
with many of the top antique dealers and vendors
in the world setting up their wares
and selling the best of the best.

One of my absolute favorite stops
when attending the shows is
Gloria Kerzee of

I've photographed her divine tent 
several times in years past, so I was
beyond thrilled when Gloria contacted
me about wanting to do a photo shoot
for her website.

Of course I said yes!

Here are some peeks from our shoot
last Sunday, which actually took place
during bone-chilling 25mph winds with tarps 
and bedding blowing everywhere.

Enjoy, and see what the 
Queen of Custom Bedding
has to offer...

In Warrenton, you can find Gloria 
behind the Old Gin Mill not far from Zapp Hall.
She's in the big white tent with wood floors.

The rest of the year,
catch up with her 
at her shop in Athens, Texas,

The Sweet Pea Collection
119 E Tyler
Athens, Texas 75751

And swing by and give her Facebook page a "like" too...

Thank you for this opportunity, Gloria!

Happy Holy Week to one and all.

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