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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When One Door Closes....

You know how the rest of that phrase goes.

You have NO idea how badly I want to
spill it
about all of the unnecessary drama
surrounding the offer we made on the house.
Drama which, by the way,
has NOTHING to do with us or the offer we made.

But I'm not stupid.
I'm not exactly
The Pioneer Woman,
but I also have more than just a handful of readers;
the last thing I want to do is rant and rage
against someone and have them read it.
Worse yet, have their lawyers read it.

So I'm about ready to move on.

To choice #2
A house we looked at the same day as the so-called "dream house".

Which has me it really  a dream home
if it's giving you nothing but grief this early in the game?


Here's a peek.

Needs a LOT of exterior paint.

But the inside?
Turn-key ready.
Model home perfect, seriously.

It's structurally and electrically sound,
and would sail through an inspection easily.

Come on in.

Updated kitchen.

Those tiles remind me of Cabbages and Roses.  :-)

But it's not just the kitchen which is picture perfect.

Behold, the remodeled loo's...

And the windows?
Notice the transom windows above the bathroom door?

Uh huh. 
That's the master bathroom door!

Have I ever mentioned that transom windows make me weak in the knees?
Mmmm hmmm.

And outbuildings?
Yeppers, got those, too.
Two of 'em and a garage.
Oh, and 2.3 acres, also.

So there ya have it.
It may end up being our new home, it might not.
I'm certainly not getting my hopes up again, that's fer shure.
( Update: It is our new home!!! )

And while the door hasn't closed on House #1, I'm about to close it myself.
'Cuz I don't need the drama.
And I sure as  shoot  don't need to be dragged
into someone else's juvenile melodrama.

I do sort of love this charming little house.
It doesn't have the same initial "wow" factor as the other,
but it's definitely growing on me.
And you?
What do you think?

Oh, and I did a little Photoshop painting,
here's what this charming little cottage will look like once we re-paint...

Did somebody say "wow factor"?
Uh huh.


More Paper Cowgirl posts coming soon!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Romance 101

You know how you just have those moments...

Those magic moments when you're




sure that you married the right person?

I had just such a moment last night
after returning from the Paper Cowgirl retreat.
Completely out of character for him, my husband announced
that he and a buddy had stopped at an estate sale that afternoon
before I arrived home, and that he had picked something up for me.

He wasn't sure if I'd like it, or if it was my "style",
but asked me to take a look anyway.

This is what he revealed....



-G- !!!

My non-junkin' hubby picked up the most absolutely perfect,
chippy kitchen scale for the rock-bottom price of $5!

My hubby.

You can't have him.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


It was a long, wild, wonderful ride at the
this weekend!

It was a long drive back, and I've got close to 300 photos
to edit and post of all the fab happenings,
but I just thought I'd tease you with a photo
of some things I created this weekend...

These photos were actually taken during class.
They're not finished yet, I still have more blingin' to do on them this next week,
but I just wanted to share what I've done thus far.
Don't get all excited over how fab you think they are
until you see all the other tags created by all the mo' better talented cowgirls. Seriously.

I look at it this way: I was a complete crafting noob,
a veritable idjut when it came to this sorta stuff before Thursday.
Most of these gals have so much more crafting experience than I have.
 So if you take that into account, my stuff looks halfway decent!

Me and the teacher .

My personally autographed copy of Lisa's mag.
Colorful language pixelated out (Lisa talks like a sailor, shhhhh, don't tell!)

There will be much more to follow in the days ahead, promise!
Including a lengthy post all about Ms. Lisa and her tag class...
just let me rest first! LOL!

Hugs and love from this Cowgirl!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Corbel Love

White Wednesday!

P.S. Edited to add...still waiting to hear if our offer was accepted!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Looking UP!

My post title today actually has a double meaning.

As promised, here are the pics
of the upstairs of our potential new home.
You can get up to speed on my adventure here and here.

But the phrase looking up
also means that it's all in God's hands now...
we submitted an offer on this magnificent property today,
so now we sit.
And wait.
And pray.

And if you want to pray with me, that would be wonderful!

So here we go, let's poke around
the nooks and crannies of my (maybe) new upstairs!

These are the stairs leading up to the second floor
of the original part of the house.
There's another set of stairs for the loft addition,
we'll head up those later.
And no, the fat cat doesn't come with the house!

And now from the "what were they thinking" files...

Let's head across the hall, mmmkay?

Now that's more like it!


Oh, and each of the upstairs bedrooms have
BIG closets that the current owners had built-in. 
VERY nice feature to find in a hundred year old home.

Now let's mosey over to the newer, two-story loft addition....

That's it there smack dab in the middle,
right between the original house and garage.

The loft stairs.

But in the interest of honesty,
let's just call them the stairs to my studio.  :-)

The loft landing.

Can you imagine creating in this incredible, light-filled space?

But to be perfectly honest, this whole house just inspires me.
It makes my heart sing, plain and simple.

So there you have it!
Thank you so much for taking the time to look at these past three posts,
and most especially for all those encouraging comments.
They really help me to believe that maybe....just maybe...
We'll be calling this stately old gal home before too much longer.

Have a wonderful night, my friends!

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