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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pocket Full of Heirlooms

I've discovered in recent months
that I don't blog often enough
"just because."

It's usually to announce a new photography project
or magazine feature, and I've missed
sharing little moments and treasures
just because.

I have something delightfully enchanting to
share today, the handiwork of a most remarkable
artist, Brandy Evans-Beadle of

 I met Brandy at the Junk Salvation show
I photographed for Romantic Country Magazine,
but it was through her intoxicating Etsy Shop
that I truly fell in love with Brandy's work.

Meet Oscar.

Oscar is but a wee little taxidermy feeder mouse,
clutching a bouquet of blooms.

And he is one of Brandy's irresistible creations, now
perching expectantly on my mantle.
Doesn't he look right at home?

Brandy is an antique dealer,
designs fabulous mixed media, vintage inspired jewelry,
whimsical taxidermy critters, and just generally whips up
magic in her studio.
Just your basic creative genius.

Oscar has found an attentive and loving family
here at the Twig household, but won't you give Brandy's
other adoptables a look-see?

Perhaps one of them would be right at home
in your home.


Happy Week!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Thank You, Romantic Homes Magazine

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt debt of gratitude
to sweet Jacqueline deMontravel and the entire
staff of 
Romantic Homes Magazine
for featuring me in this months issue as one of
"The Romantics"

It's a yearly feature ( every February )
where, to quote the RH table of contents,

" creative people reveal how they live the romantic life,
as told in candid first-person essays and personal photos. "

It was a joy and an honor to be included,
and I hope you'll grab the February issue.

Have a wonderfully warm and romantic day!

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Carol Hicks Bolton-The French Shipment

to see more of my work for CHB as well as
her darling Mama Rose, click these links...

This post and shoot included some
fresh off the container, stellar vintage antiques from France.
I do believe that we captured
some of the best images and vignettes yet,
the simplicity and elegance of each piece
just speaks volumes.
See what you think!

all photos
© Anne Lorys Photography

Styling by Carol Hicks Bolton and Anne Lorys

Feel free to pin anything you like,
I only ask that you credit this blog 
or Anne Lorys Photography.

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