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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Next Up....Sugarberry Inn!

To say that I'm excited to begin
photographing the newest Bed and Breakfast complex
here in beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas,
would be an understatement of the highest magnitude.

It's been a work of the heart
for the darling owners,
Susan and Joe Giardina.
They have taken one of our beautiful 
old historic homes just off Main St.
and added an entire complex of
completely comfy, unique, quirky,
and one-of-a-kind
B&B suites which simply amaze and astound
once you get a peek inside.

These aren't your granny's B&B's...
the interior design is being done by my
supremely talented friend
as well as our mutual pal,
local design genius Kathy Young.

As for me?
I've just been the super lucky gal chosen to 
photograph this local treasure!
I begin shooting this week,
but here are a couple of sneak peeks,
courtesy of Carol Bolton...

 { photo courtesy Carol Bolton }

{ photo courtesy Carol Bolton }

The flair found in Carol's shop,
can be found in the many unexpected,
whimsical touches in the Main House.

And Kathy has worked her magic
as well in the other cottages.

And did I mention Bella Notte Linens
in all of the suites?
Mmmmm hmmmm, this is the real deal, folks!

I'll be back with updates after
completing the first round of shooting.
I just wanted to pop in and reassure y'all
that I hadn't fallen off the face of the Earth!

Happy Week!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lavender Love

I'm not only in love with my newest clients,
but I'm crazy in love with their products, too!

Debi and Jack Williams own Humminbird Farms,
which is just outside of Johnson City, Texas, in the
bustling metropolis of Hye, population around 100.

When they first contacted me to re-do most of
the photography on their website, I took a quick trip
to survey the premises, and I immediately fell in love
with the quintessential Hill County Charm. 

I then planned two separate photo shoots,
the first would be product photography for the shopping cart,
which involved shooting inside a light cube...a first for me! 

A week later, I headed back to Hye 
to do on-location shooting of the incredible
aromatherapy bath and body products
in and around the farm itself.

The new Julia 1933 Collection
is named after Jack's beloved mother Julia,
and we shot the "Julia" photos in what was
Julia's bungalow on the farm.
The Julia products are especially soothing.
Per the website:

"Aloe-based and loaded with anti-oxidants, 
Julia 1933 Body Butter is like no other 
cream or body butter on the market. 
A unique and natural fragrant blend of rosemary, patchouli, 
and green tea with a nice little twist of lemon grass. 
This is aromatherapy at its finest, with an essential oil blend 
known for its awakening and energizing effects. 
Shea butter infused in aloe allows 
beneficial deep moisturizing for all skin types."

The Pillow Mist, shown above, is infused
with essential oil of lavender 
and has become a fast favorite of mine.

The body wash and lotion are amazing,
and I still can't get over how moisturizing
the body wash is...not to mention the fact that it doubles
as the absolute best bubble bath I've ever tried. 
Mr. Bubbles has got nothin'  on this stuff!

As with most of my clients,
I now count Debi and Jack as good friends.

 But my best friend of all?

Why, it absolutely HAD to be sweet Lefty,
who was not only a total love-bug,
but my constant guide and helper throughout the shoot.
Thank you, sweet boy!

If you'd like to order some of these great products,
please visit my friend at Hummingbird Farms

Happy Weekend!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Branching Out

On the agenda this late Spring-early Summer...
lots of commercial shoots for shops and magazines,
and branching out and doing more shoots for
the real estate sector.

In addition to shooting super cute homes 
for magazine features,
I've been able to do more 
Bed & Breakfast shoots,
and there's a plethora of B&B's here in
beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas.

But I'm always on the lookout
for new homes to showcase.
From my business page:

Real Estate Agents, Bed and Breakfast Proprietors, Homeowners...
let me photograph your properties to showcase them to their maximum potential. 
I specialize in commercial / editorial photography, 
both interiors and exteriors. Get your properties sold faster 
and keep your B&B's booked with beautiful photography 
as part of your business plan!
Contact me today.

Off to do a late afternoon photo shoot now!
I'll catch up with you soon
and fill you in on a great new magazine!

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