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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

One of These Days

Yep, one of these days, 
I'll do a proper blog post again.

Just not today. Or tomorrow.
Friday isn't looking too good either.

I'm busy, but it's a good busy.
It's busy with photo and writing projects,
and having the opportunity to work with new
publications and new editors.

It's up to my eyeballs in photo editing busy,
and having to crank out a feature article by the weekend.
That kind of busy.

It's also having to work three consecutive
12 hour shifts at the hospital the next few days.

if any of you friends and followers are still out there,
hang in there. I'll be back!

Have a restful, stress-free week!

Photos from one of my
Romantic Country features ( I have three! )
in the Autumn 2012 Issue, taken at
Fredericksburg Trade Days 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Home at last!
Back in God's country, aka Texas,
and I miss my girls already.

Give me just a bit more time 
to get re-acclimated,
and I will provide my own re-cap of my most
excellent adventure with Debra Oliver and Elizabeth Maxson.

But until such a time, please enjoy their  uniquely
entertaining takes on our 
wonderful time spent together.

You can read Debra's versions

and whatever you do, do NOT miss
Elizabeth's re-cap

Just be aware that sweet Bitsy's version 
comes with a decidedly 
PG-13 rating.  ;-)

Be back soon!


BIG giveaway just around the bend....

Friday, June 15, 2012


Having a blast in the heartland,
Springfield, Missouri, visitng my bestie
Debra of Common Ground.

We've been shopping, and eating and shopping,
and laughing and shopping, and then there was
this bit of drudgery we were subjected to
yesterday afternoon...

Debra has a fabulous home and a fabulous pool.
And yes, Mr. Twig has a farmer's tan.

And yesterday at lunch,
I got to meet some of Debra's junking besties
from Springfield, Kenda and Jan of
Leola's Vintage Home and Garden.

What a gorgeous shop!
I took lots and lots of photos,
so perhaps I'll share a few in the days ahead.
I'm thinking Leola's is such a treasure that it
deserves a magazine feature, so I'm
exploring the possibilities there, too!

Off to St. Louis this morning to hang with
the one and only
Elizabeth Maxson

See you again
next week!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Remember when you were a kid,
and you'd either be playing a game, or just doing
some random thing, and you'd call a "do-over"?

 And just like that, you would begin again.
Oblivious and impervious to what had happened before,
a giant cosmic eraser would swoop down
and wipe the slate clean.

Ahhh, that life were only that simple.

 In antiquing circles, there is a healthy market
for do-overs.

We routinely recycle, re-use, repurpose...
it is our mantra, our avocation.

 But as it applies to life. Real life?
Not that simple.

Which got me thinking,
is there any place or time in my life
where I'd like to call a "do-over"?

How about you?

 Would you have married later?
Or perhaps not at all?

Would you have majored in business
rather than education?

Or would you have swerved left
instead of right on a particular patch of road?

 So many questions,
so many choices.

 The easy answer is of course, with all the mistakes I have made,
a do-over would be a no-brainer.
A chance to re-write the past and save myself a whole lot
of grief and heartache.

But the truth is that no, I wouldn't choose the easy out, the do-over.
And you know why?

He Is Risen.
Yes He is.

This photo, as well as every other photo in this post
was taken at my friend Carol's shop,

The Bolton's live out the gospel of Christ in their lives
every single day, and clinging to that hope...the positive belief
that He is indeed risen, compels one to also believe
that nothing happens by accident.

That every so-called misdeed and misstep is all part
of His plan, and is somehow, someway,  
all part of the bigger picture.

As wretched, fallible humans, we will muck it all up undoubtedly,
but Someone else has our back, thank goodness.
He will deal with us.
He will teach us.
He will correct us.

A do-over?
No thanks, I'll take a pass.

I'll be off on vacation very soon,
so this will be the last post you will be getting
from me for awhile.
Have a great Summer. Be back in a couple weeks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

FOLK Magazine Preview

I'm really excited to share with you this special
sneak peek of the upcoming issue of FOLK Magazine!

It's Issue #6, also known as the High Summer
or Vintage Issue.

And it's also my first issue as a contributor, too!
Here's a special sneak peek, with the story I've written
and photographed on pages 26-27...go take a peek!

 I've also been lucky enough to have the inimitable 
Deb Kennedy do a feature piece on me which is in
the same issue!

As per the website...

FOLK Magazine
the Vintage Issue 
ISSUE VI . July/August 2012
Releases July 1, 2012
Now Available for Single Copy Pre-Sale and Subscriptions

You'll find your favorite FOLK columns from our staff & contributors and 
all of the fresh, inspiring, and engaging features and photography that you love -
in our biggest issue yet at a whopping 178 pages!

In Our Vintage-themed Issue you'll....
Enter the inspiring worlds of Whimsy and Spice, Fiona and Twig, and Jennifer Paganelli's SisBoom Fabric Empire.

Applaud the longevity and history of American businesses Longaberger, Graeters, and take a look back at Tupperware
Find fabulous vintage-themed goods
from Onion Grove Mercantile
and New Victory Garden of Tomorrow.

Discover blog trendsetters Krafty Kash,  
Duct Tape and Denim, and Caroline Fontenot
of Back Down South.
Meet singer Cameron Ernst.

Celebrate Style as our fashion column 
goes the beach with Vintage-inspired swimwear, 
and our home decor and entertaining sections 
bring you ideas for turning your junk finds 
into re-purposed accessories from past eras.
Dig into Summer, with recipes for the foods 
that memories are made of.
Connect with the stories shared by readers 
across the country, and relive the past 
in photos of vacation locales to remember. 

Head on over to the FOLK Website 
to subscribe or order your copy of this issue now!

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