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Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Barn Door, Etc.....

Well, hello there!
I just took a little blogging break to focus more 
on my photography projects, and I'd love to share
some peeks with you now.

First up,
the barn door.

Whenever I tell my husband something
along the lines of
"Hey, guess what? We're putting a barn door
in the dining room!"
He usually gives me the side-eye like
I've grown a second head.

But thanks to my sweet friend Theresa Cano of
we now have a barn door behind the table!

This will hopefully be part of another magazine feature
about our farmhouse, so be on the lookout for it!

I've also been keeping busy doing more
commercial shoots for local clients,
such as the precious Frenchie below, Pickles.

Actually, the shoot was for her talented mom,
artist Sandy Ohlson. I photographed one of her
exquisite mixed media pieces for an upcoming book,
and both Sandy and Pickles were a delight to work with.

As I've been getting more comfortable
photographing people instead of just "things",
I've added to my lens collection.

Here are a couple of the hubs
using my new 85mm prime lens.

I absolutely love using our barns
as a backdrop for photo shoots.

And you?
What's new in your world?

Happy week, happy weekend!

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