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Monday, February 18, 2013

Magnolia Pearl Ranch...Sneak Peeks

Happy Weekend!
I'm working on a wonderfully challenging,
rewarding and altogether fabulous project
with my friends Robin Brown and John Gray of

Their incredible property in Bandera, Texas
is for sale, and I'm teasing you with a couple of photos from 
one of the charming bathrooms. 
All clawfoot tubs convey, as well as a wealth
of other to-die-for treasures.

I've completed an extensive
photo shoot there, and all the details and photos
will be coming SOON!

Notice the delicate and lovely hand painted
details on the walls.....peacock feathers, birds, trees, sigh....
what an enchanting place to enjoy a nice long soak.

Peace, Love and Everything Good,

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Old Dogs, New Tricks

Have you ever wanted to do something, 
been nagged  told umpteen times that you should do something,
but just didn't feel either the call or the inspiration to do so?
Not to mention the fear that perhaps you just wouldn't measure up?

That would be me.

I laughingly call myself, photographically speaking,
a "commercial hack."
I do photos for magazines and shoots for websites for other folks.
I've never truly considered myself an artist in the purest sense.

After all, these days, most anyone who has a smart phone
or gets a fancy DSLR for Christmas calls themselves a photographer.
But I digress. That's another post altogether.

But this commercial hack is making strides, actually!
I'm even branching out into shooting fashion and { gulp! }
Something I swore I would never do,
and likely never would have done unless
had believed in me and given me the chance.

But little bugs have been planted in my ear
every so often... 
"Hey Anne, why don't you show your photos
in a gallery? "

Who, me? Pssshaw.
Not my thing. Not gonna do it. 
Commercial hack, remember?

But I think I'm finally there.
They finally managed to wear me down.

The pesky little buggers who wouldn't give up,
who kept pushing me into doing this,
have finally convinced me to enter a photo
in an upcoming judged and juried exhibit.

The subject of this exhibit is "chairs",
and I am entering the one below.

{ click twice to super size }
I'm calling it "solace",
and the exhibit is later this month.

Wish me luck, us old dogs need all
the encouragement we can get!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Well, well.....

What happens when the well runs dry?

I've struggled with this very question for months.
What to write about,
what to share,
whether or not to share at all.
And then it hit me, with such an obvious certainty
that I was amazed I had missed it all this time.

You dig deeper.

I'm not talking about your garden variety writer's block here,
this was something infinitely more complex and messy.

It was, and presently is, the decision of what to share
with the world and what to keep private.
What to reveal and what to clutch closely to my chest.

I've had longtime followers send me messages,
 kindly missives lamenting the fact that I don't blog quite as often,
that I'm not exactly the same carefree, lighthearted blogger
I was a couple of years back.

And they're right.

It wasn't anything quite as simple as blogger burnout,
it was more of a generalized burnout overall.
Too many posts, too many words, too many photos.
And never enough time.

Time to reflect, time to think, time to pray,
 and time to just BE.

And so the digging began.
And so it continues.

Figuring out what to keep and what to throw out,
getting to the core of who and what I am as a person.
Deciding who to surround myself with,
and purging anything that needs to go.
Prayer, soul-searching, friends, 
and anti-depressants come in handy for this task

I've discovered that while I may not like other people
too much sometimes, I find that on average, I tend to like
myself even less.
Digging deeper gets you to places like this.
Funny, that.

I'm in a good place right now.
I have a wonderful husband,
friends who love and support me,
and more creative projects than I can handle.

My well is full.
But the digging continues.

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