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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Well, Hey There.....

Been a little while. A good little while, in fact.

I'll be honest and admit that not only do I not blog 
anymore, but I don't read or follow any blogs anymore, either. 
Nothing big or major or catastrophic happened, 
I just, well....sort of outgrew it. 

And by "it", I mean I outgrew the need to 
see and be seen. To prove to myself that I had the goods 
to be a pro photographer. To be published, to be hired to do 
fantastic dream shoots for the likes of 
the divine and dear Carol Hicks Bolton. 
To work with the simply grand ladies of 
the Where Women Create family of magazines 
a number of times. 

It was a blast and a joy, and such a fun ride. 
But when the time came to get off the ride, 
to exit the merry-go-round, it was abundantly clear to me 
what needed to happen. 

I simply needed to stop. 

Stop chasing opportunities. 
Stop over-extending myself. 
Stop working for far less than I knew I deserved. 
Once the joy left, once I no longer derived any real measure 
of satisfaction from doing my pro shoots, I backed away. 

Slowly at first, though. 
I still held on to a handful of long-time clients 
for sentimental reasons and because I love them. 

But now, on the cusp of 2018, 
I can say with pretty much absolute certainty 
that I'm done. 
I'll still hold on to the cameras and the ridiculously expensive lenses 
and all the other stuff that goes along with it. 
Just in case, because I will never say never. 
I might return to do what I once loved, 
but only if the pull to do so is stronger than 
the overwhelming peace I've acquired from letting it go. 

In a similar vein, we are also looking 
to sell our farmhouse, leave Fredericksburg, 
and move a bit closer to my 
"real" job as a full-time respiratory therapist at an area hospital. 

So...Happy New Year!
I still see a lot of you on Facebook and on Instagram, 
so just because this old blog has become a ghost town 
doesn't mean we can't still say "hey" 
every now and again. 

For the New Year, 
I wish each of you your own special brand 
of peace and joy and fulfillment, 
wherever it may take you. 

With love,

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