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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Published in Romantic Homes~Christmas at Binky la Faye

I am super happy, thankful and proud
to have my work featured in 
Romantic Homes Magazine
once again!

This go 'round, I had the privilege
of photographing Christmas as found
at my beautiful friend Binky Morgan's
Llano, Texas shop, 

Binky's shop was featured
in the coveted "Shopkeeping" section,
where fabulous retailers get to share 
their tips and tricks of the trade.

Binky's twist on Christmas
is equal parts vintage, romantic and just plain magic.

Here are the original photos used
in the magazine feature...

There's lots of wonderful shopping
in Llano, Texas, and well worth the drive.

And if you'd like to take a peek
at the Shopkeeping feature I photographed
for Carol Hicks Bolton
and featured in
Romantic Homes Magazine
earlier this year,
click HERE.

Thank you Binky and Ron,
Jacqueline, Meryl and everyone at
Romantic Homes!
Always an honor.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Week!
Always feel free to share on Pinterest!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thank You, Carol Hicks Bolton!

In the mid 1990's,
I made a pilgrimage as often as I could,
a journey only a handful of miles away
but a million miles away 
in every other sense.

Homestead, Room No. 5, Idle Hours,
American Higgledy Piggledy...

I would walk the aisles of their many
stores on Main St., Fredericksburg, Texas
and dream.

My creative aesthetic was being shaped
and formed, and I was being influenced
by a woman I would, at that time, 
only ever meet briefly, once....
a long, long time ago.

The past few years,
I've had the remarkable good fortune
to not only get to know
and her family, but to love them, too.

The fact that I've found myself
being her website photographer
and have actually collaborated creatively
multiple times with this design genius 
is just too freaky-amazing for me 
to even wrap my head around.

Here is the new ad...

{ double click to enlarge }

I owe you so many debts
I can never repay, sweet Carol.

Thank you. 

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

October and November have been super busy
months for me, with regards to photo shoots.
But I'm hardly complaining, quite the contrary.

I've been fortunate enough to have a 
feature article on the magazine stands now,
and another one coming out this month.
And in between, I've been keeping busy
doing shoots for local clients,
such as my friend Melissa Mabery,
who owns a trio of darling bed and breakfasts,
Cotton Haus, Clover Haus and Canary Haus.

I shared my shoot at Cotton Haus with you
and today, I'm back to give you
a few peeks at the charming Clover Haus.

Bright and cheery!
Who wouldn't want to stay here?

Just inside the front door,
a wall of vintage mirrors graces the foyer.

And this....I have no words.
So simple, so unexpected, so freaking amazing!

Each of the "Haus" B&B's has three bedrooms,
and at Clover Haus, you can grab a comfy seat
by the fireplace in the master bedroom sitting area.

I'm so impressed with Melissa's ability
to create such unique and tranquil spaces.
Each B&B truly has its own personality.

I can't wait to share Canary Haus 
with you next time!

To book a reservation,
here's the info:

Clover Haus B&B in Fredericksburg, Texas

505 E Creek St. 


Happy Week!

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Part Two-My Flea Market Decor Magazine Feature

I came, I saw,
I took a few hundred photos!
And the lovely folks at
were kind enough to print my story and photos
of Jill Elliott's lovely Frederickburg, Texas home in their 
Winter 2013 Issue.

But I'd be quite the remiss blogger
if I didn't share more 
of the captivating Elliott residence.
Jill is the owner of 
here in Fredericksburg, and an accomplished designer
in her own right.

Not only can she put together
a drop-dead gorgeous ensemble
for an evening out, she also knows
more than a thing or two about creating
a home which not only radiates warmth
and character, but also provides endless inspiration.

And don't forget to click this link here
to see all the beauty I shared 
from the Elliott dwelling last week!

A Jill Elliott lampshade,
created on the fly. This gal is amazing!

Another one of Jill's "girls".

Hill Country comfort
meets Old World charm.

Quintessentially Fredericksburg.

And who doesn't love a vintage glider,
accessorized with colorful, oil-cloth pillows? 

A bedroom fit for a princess....
Jill's daughter, in fact!

And speaking of....

A sweet little doll of a girl,
Jill's daughter is.

I'll be sharing even more of the Elliott home
in the days ahead. But please grab a copy
of the brand new, Winter 2013
Flea Market Decor, to read my story
and learn more about Jill.

Have a happy and blessed week!

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Thank you, Flea Market Decor...Published!

I've had the good fortune to work with
and be published by Beckett Media 
multiple times the past three years.

They are the folks behind the magazines
we know and love like Romantic Homes,
Cottages and Bungalows, and now
....for the first time...
I've had the honor of being published
in the one Beckett mag near and dear
to my junkin' heart,

I consider all the wonderful gals at Beckett
to be friends....Jacqueline, Meryl, Jickie, Elaine, Karen.

But the real joy in doing this project
was being able to work closely and collaborate
with real-life, love-em-to-death,
reach-out-and-touch-em friends...
Binky Morgan.

Jill is the owner of the to-die-for
clothing boutique Haberdashery
in Fredericksburg, Texas.
Binky owns my idea of vintage
heaven on earth, Binky LaFaye in Llano, Texas.

But this time,
we were on a mission....

The Project: Jill's gorgeous 1911 home
The Magazine: Flea Market Decor
The Issue: Winter 2013
The Photographer: Me
The Writer: Me again!
The Stylists: Jill and Binky

Although we were given a lovely 4 page spread,
I wanted to share more of the images
taken during this wonderfully fun
and inspiring photo shoot.
Part One, today,
I'll share the rest later in the week!

Ain't she cute?

 I always tell her that I absolutely
will NOT EVER edit out her nose crinkles
when she smiles, because I think
they are just too adorable.
Am I right?

The Winter 2013 Issue of
Flea Market Decor
is widely available everywhere,
so please pick up a copy.
My sweet friend Janet Coon of Shabbyfufu
also has a great feature in the same issue!

More of Jill's stunning abode
coming soon!

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