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Friday, January 8, 2016

New Year, New Focus

Everything you see in the above photo? 

Smile Bigger. 
Love Longer. 
Hug Harder. 
Laugh Louder. 

That's it for me, my goals for 2016.
Nothing terribly specific as far as 
New Year's resolutions go, 
but a very specific path 
has been chosen to achive this. 

It's called slowing down and refocusing. 
Taking a deep breath and recognizing 
that family and faith take a front seat, 
and all that other stuff is just that.... 

I'm pretty excited to be taking 
the first few months of 2016 
off from all my 
photography related work. 
Emphasis on WORK. 
I'm not putting down my camera, 
just putting the biz on the back burner for now. 

Heck, it might even feel so good 
that I won't resume until Summer. 
I mean, if something comes along 
that absolutely rocks my world 
and is life-changing, then I reserve the right 
to accept the occasional photo shoot.

I still have a couple of fun shoots completed  
last year for the Where Women Create 
family of magazines to share soon, 
so you will be hearing from me as I 
happily share my photos of these 
utterly amazing women. 

And maybe I'll share some "just for fun, just for me" 
photos. The kind of stuff I used to get really 
jazzed about doing before I went pro 
with my photography. 

But for now? 
It's all about smiling, loving, hugging and laughing. 

See you soon? 

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