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Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Show Bling....

Wanna be able to recognize me out in the fields of Warrenton this next week?
Well, just check any of the pics I've posted of myself this past year, and that oughta give ya a fairly good shot at pickin' me out of a line-up.
Need more to go on, though?

Alrighty then.
First up, I'm tall....about 5' 8" at last check. 
Don't be caught off guard like Troy was last Fall, thinking I'm some tiny little thang...nope, descended from Amazons, I was, and the cowboy boots I'll likely be sporting make me that much taller!

Secondly, I'm blonde, although during those hot Texas afternoons, you're more than likely to find me donning a baseball cap, cowboy hat, or any other such manner of head covering.

Thirdly, I'll be the one sporting this bad azz belt buckle courtesy of the lovely Jill of Gypsy Brocante!

Can you believe just how gorgeous this buckle is?
She makes these HERSELF!
When you spot me wearing this luxe piece of bling, ask me for one of Jill's cards, I'll not only have one of those to give you, but also a coupon-code courtesy of Jill that you can use in her amazing online SHOP for a discount on any purchase!

Finally, here's a map as to just exactly where you can find us in Bar W Field...
See the words Texas Junque Slinger?
Follow the arrow and you'll find us!

See you at the Big Show...big, beautiful, blingy belt buckle and all....and have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vintage Linens Added to My Giveaway!

More exciting news about my upcoming 

Paris Flea Market Giveaway!

I had a wonderful visit yesterday with the always entertaining Jan of
 The Polka Dot Barn, and she generously donated these gorgeous vintage linens to my giveaway...

Tea towels, hankies, a scrumptious pink and white tablecloth...all yours, just for being or becoming a follower, if I happen to draw your name! 

Wasn't that just over-the-top generous of Jan???
Jan really is the best, so be sure to show her some bloggy love in one of three ways:
  1. Go visit her fab BLOG and become a follower! She's a riot!
  2. Go visit her fab ETSY SHOP and buy something! It's all swoony!
  3. Continue to pray for her as she recovers from her  bionic limb attachment foot surgery!
And you'll recall that the equally generous Jackie of Bliss Farm Antiques has donated some yummy vintage French ephemera to my giveaway, too...

 How do I enter, you're asking yourself???

Sooooo easy!

Just sign up as a follower and you're in!
Drawing will be held March 31st after I return from selling at Antique Week in Warrenton.

And don't forget, the giveaway doesn't just include the vintage linens and French ephemera, no sirrreee, it also includes all the cool junque I can pack into the lovely Paris Flea Market hatbox shown below.
AND a copy of Flea Market Style Magazine, too!

Have a WONDERFUL Thursday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perspective is Everything...

See this wonderfully chippy green chair?

My husband and I found it this past weekend, and I instantly fell in love!

I thought to myself, this will look so lovely out on the's just the perfect shade of green, with just the right amount of chippiness.

I thought..."wouldn't it be soooooo comfortable to just lounge outside during the lazy Summer days, with a tall lemonade...

 and a copy of Flea Market Style Magazine to peruse..."

So we bought it!
The chair, that is.

And yep, it would be so wonderful to just laze about in this divine chippy chair, were it not for the fact that it's only





My wee little green chair fits in perfectly with the HOLIDAY at hand, and is a perfect lead-in to my next bit of news.

My husband and I met exactly 4 years ago on St. Patrick's Day, so tomorrow serves as an anniversary of sorts for us! We had a marathon first date that day which lasted 13 hours and covered the entire city of San Antonio, so it'll be hard to top that, at least activity wise! We'll likely just sleep in and finish getting me ready for Warrenton next week. 

Thanks honey, for a wonderful four years!

Have a wonderful Wednesday and go drink yourself some GREEN beer!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where to Find Us in Warrenton...

You asked for it, you got it!

To quote my mentor Effie, here's the TREASURE MAP to locate us in Warrenton!

You see the words TEXAS JUNQUE SLINGER?
That'd be us!

Head on over to Bar W Field and say hi to me and Effie!

(Warrenton, Fall 2009)

While you're there, feel free to oooh and aaah over all the cool junque we'll be selling, too! 
Like this....


and THIS!

That's just some of the way cool stuff I'll be bringing!
Effie has tons more that you simply don't want to miss! 

Effie will be there for the duration, all the way until April 4th.
I'll be with her for about a week, arriving on the 23rd (I think) to help set up, and will likely be headed back home the day after the blog party (gotta get moved into my new booth). That means if you wanna say hi to me, be sure to track me down before the 30th!
In fact, if you plan on being  in either Warrenton or Round Top, either as a shopper or a seller, leave me a comment here letting me know. Maybe I'll just track you down!

More Antique Week Info HERE.

See you soon!

Silver Sunday at Fiona and Twig

As a salve to my woundedness, a healing balm applied as a remedy for not being able to attend the estate sale from Heaven yesterday, I simply had to purchase this divine vintage hairbrush discovered in a local antique shop late yesterday afternoon...

Gorgeousness, right?

I've placed my Etsy Shop in Vacation Mode until I get back from Warrenton, but this little beauty will be for sale in my Etsy next month!

Be sure to visit Beth at Gypsy Fish Journal, our lovely hostess for Silver Sunday!

Enjoy the lovely Spring sunshine!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Will YOU Be At The Blog Party?

I know I sure will be!

You have no idea how bummed I was that I wasn't able to stay and attend the fabulous Blog Party in Warrenton hosted by the wonderful Theresa of Garden Antqs Vintage last Fall.
I mean, everyone who was anyone was there, and this year promises to be even better!

Antique Week in Warrenton / Round Top  is almost upon us, and I'm here to give you the lowdown on one of its most highly anticipated events.

Theresa came up with the fun idea that all us bloggers attending should create our own unique name tags featuring our names and blogs...firstly, so that we'll all know who's who...and secondly, there's going to be a contest to determine who has the most creative name tag!

Here's just a tiny peek at mine. Can't show ya all of it, at least not until the big shindig!
I've been working on it for the past week, and I really think it's turned out pretty swell. I'll let my fellow attendees decide if they agree or not!

Here's more blog party info per Theresa's blog...

Theresa will be hosting two very special guests who will be signing their articles which were recently in the fabulous Where Women Create magazine, Gina Galvin of Peacock Park Design and Jo Packham of Where Women Create.

If that's not enough for ya, Theresa has also lassoed the yummy Carol Kurtz of Cookie du Monde!
She'll be there selling her works of art cookies and petit fours. Just feast your eyes on these...

Carol will be monogramming petit fours in Theresa's booth, if you can bring yourself to eat something this beautiful!

Mar. 28th, 6pm - Blog Party, Theresa's Booth at Zapp Hall

See you there!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Ouch, This One's Gonna Hurt!

Have a gander at the estate sale I'm missing this weekend.

Le sigh...

The description per the website:

This is a wonderful sale full of antiques and designer furniture.

There is Mercury glass, a kitchen packed with 1950's glassware and vintage linens. Beautiful Toile Sofa and chair, Wicker, Concrete Urns from New Orleans, 50's Porch Swing, Wrought Iron Patio Furniture, Vintage Clothing from 1900's to 1950's, MAGNOLIA PEARL ITEMS, Vintage Christmas, French Armoire, Iron Bed, Fireplace Mantle, Mirrors, Vintage Paintings, Gorgeous Shabby Chic Hutch, Wonderful Dining Table, Wrought Iron Bird Cage, Primitive Painted Cabinets, and Gorgeous Glassware. This home has beautiful unique pieces.

Ummm, you did happen to catch the Magnolia Pearl mention? BIG ouch!

Apologies for the poor image quality, this is how the pics were posted on their site. But you get the general idea...

Pretty phantasmagorical, huh?
Oh well, just gotta keep tellin' myself that Warrenton will be here in just under two weeks!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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