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Thursday, April 8, 2010


After not visiting my local podunk resale shop in several weeks, I just happened in yesterday and discovered this...

It's a side table made with a drawer! Isn't it too cute?

And lookie, here's another one just like it, only smaller...

They were being used to hold puzzles in one room and small stuffed toys in another. They didn't even have prices on them, but that never deters a true junker, right? You don't get if ya don't ask, that's Picker 101.

I never divulge what I've paid anymore, but they were cheaper than dirt.
Can't wait to take them to the booth next week!

I'm off now to a doctor's appointment in San Antonio, wish me luck!

Edited to add some exciting giveaway news from Shellagh at Ticking and Toile!

Shellagh has a wonderful interview with the talented founder of Cabbages and Roses, Christina Strutt.

To celebrate the fab new book, "At Home With Country", Shellagh is having a C&R giveaway!

Click HERE to enter.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


No, I'm not, but I play one on my blog.  ;-)

Actually, while selling in Warrenton with the Texas Junque Slinger, Effie, I decided to play photo stylist with that gorgeous belt buckle I received from Jill of Gypsy Brocante.
I thought I'd snap my big-show bling in some vignettes I created, and then submit them to Jill to see if she approved and wanted to use any of them on her blog or in her advertising.

Vote for the one YOU like best!

Number One:

Number Two:

Number Three:

Number Four: 

Number Five:

Just having fun, I don't 'spect I'll be getting a call from one of the mags anxiously requesting my services.
As long as Gypsy Jill's happy, I'm good.

Lots and lots more to share, including some amazing new finds, my giveaway wins, surprising Etsy news, and yes, much more Warrenton Antique Week stuff! But I still have a couple of hundred photos left to edit, so you'll more than likely be getting Warrenton posts from me all month long. Can ya stand it?

Off for now, have a great night!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tweaking My Booth...

I'm having so much fun! I just can't quit playing in my fab new playhouse!
Seriously, this move down to the first floor has totally reinvigorated me, and coupled with all the inspiration I brought home from Warrenton, I feel completely inspired and re-energized.

Thanks to mall owner Bobby, I now have a new marketing tool guaranteed to lure unsuspecting shoppers into my lair (insert evil, conspiratorial cackle)...


You see the white, fence-looking shelf to the left?

Yeah, that one there.
It fits perfectly at the foot of my vintage baby crib, and butts right up into the main flow of mall traffic. 
People have to look at my wares even if they don't want to, I'm everywhere!!! (insert second, even more conspiratorial cackle mixed with thoughts of possible world domination, hmmmm...)

Notice my fab signage going on there?
World domination, baby. Think globally, start locally, isn't that how that saying goes? 
Okay, so it pertains to recycling or conservation or something altruistic. Don't begrudge me my right to artistic license.  ;-)

Pretty stuff, huh?
I'm trying to stick to a more neutral color palette...more creams and creamy whites (or dreamy whites, to borrow from my friend Maria)! And you'll notice in the pics ahead that I'm incorporating more of what I've been seeing around the blogosphere and in Warrenton....more natural elements like seashells, Spanish moss, wasp nests, all that cool stuff which adds visual interest and texture. Layering in lots of old books, with and without their bindings, just 'cuz they look so stinkin' cool without, wouldn't you agree?

I know it's been quite the trend to incorporate Catholic imagery into decorating for quite some time now.
But I come by my love of this trend honestly, I'm a Catholic gal through and through, and have done years of penances to prove it. Believe me!

You would seriously either be mad at me or high five me if I told you what I paid for this beautiful green floral bowl. Suffice to say, I made out like a bandit.

That's all for now.
I likely won't be able to get back in to tinker and play until next week.
Since all good things must come to an end, so must my extended vacation. I'm back to work in a couple of days, but I'm ready to head back. After all, gotta finance all the shopping trips I'll be making to re-stock, right?

Thanks for looking, and let me know what you think!
Have a wonderful week!

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