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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "Before" Tour, Part One

You've waited.

You've been patient...

Wait, strike that.
Most of you have been patient.  ;-)

I'm back to share the "before" pics of our new home with you today!

Now by "before" I'm referring to before we move in.
We did the pre-closing walk through yesterday,
so I made sure to document as much of the space as I could,
including such non-glam things as closet space. See how much I like y'all?

But first, a confession.

I'm feeling very disappointed in myself the past couple of weeks,
because I've had to make a tough choice...I love to visit all of your blogs
and see what you're up to and to leave y'all a comment
to let you know I popped by.

But with working LOTS more back-breaking 12 hour shifts at the hospital,
as well as preparing to move, I just haven't been able to find time
to make the rounds like I usually do.
However, I do read every single comment, and I appreciate each one so much!

So please accept my apologies, with the promise that things
should settle back to normal within the next month or so.
Hmmmm, it's that "or so" that has me worried!  ;-)

Enough words, have a seat on my porch swing and get ready to come inside...

Welcome to my living room...

And don't forget to click pics twice to super-size!

We're going to be stuck with these bleh shades
the homeowners left until I can arrange for something else. 

You see the stained glass window
on the large window on the right?
Here it is from the outside...

Back inside...

Bedroom #1...

Berber carpet. 
I'm sure there are hardwoods underneath,
but I'm okay with the carpet for now.

The guest bath...

Lovin' the beadboard.

There was only room for a stackable washer and dryer unit here,
so I'm very glad the current owners are letting this convey.
Our full size units will stay with our current house once it sells, too.

Across the hall to the Master...

Have you noticed that there are
stunning transom windows throughout the cottage?

And now, you will excuse me as I post a series of photos
of my new Master Bathroom door.
I am just a wee bit obsessed with it!

And the view of it from inside the bathroom...(I'm such a dork!)

More fabulous beadboard!

This tub photo was taken during our June tour of the house.
This is a 100 year old home, do you know how highly unusual  
it is to find a jetted tub in one of these old gals???


 The Master closet is located just inside the bathroom,
and it's quite large, actually.

Now, having shown you this, that still didn't prevent me
from purchasing an AMAZING old wardrobe yesterday afternoon
for an obscenely low price. Pics to follow after we've moved in.

And now for the kitchen, right this way...

Hall closets on the right, kitchen door on the left.

 {confession time: I'm thrilled that there's a kitchen door!
I've never been a fan of "open concept" floor plans.
I love a well defined space, and I really like the separation of rooms using doors.
I know I'm pretty much alone in this preference. /rant.}

More beadboard {squeee}!

Dining room, just off the kitchen...

I have the most perfect farmhouse table
for this space. Just wait, you'll see.

Saving my pennies for a crystal chandie to replace the existing one.

Soooo....that's it for now.
Part Two of the tour will feature the great outdoors,
so be sure to hurry back.

Oh, one more surprise!

Fredericksburg is renowned for its peaches,
so guess what we have in the backyard?

Free peaches for anyone who helps us paint! ;-)

Click HERE for the tour of our incredible outdoor spaces.
And HERE to get a peek inside, too!

Have a beautiful Thursday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Teaser...

My new front door...
It comes with its own skeleton key.

could I have designed this any better if I tried ?

We did the walk through today, it all looks good!
Now, if the bank can just get their ducks lined up, we'll sign the papers Friday.

I took 75 pics today of the empty house,
and I promise to post most if not all of them before the end of the week.
Be sure to take the tour on my sidebar to tide you over until then.

You want another teaser?

You see these killer signs on our barns?

They're all staying!!!
Somebody pinch me, I thought for sure  
the owner would be taking these babies with him.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

House News....and My Giveaway Winner!

The view from the street of our new homestead...

Spacious front yard...

Lush trees...

One of our  two barns...

Little Victorian cottage...

We're almost there!!!
Isn't it perfect?  : - )

We do the final walk-through tomorrow
in anticipation of finally closing this week,
so I'll be sure to snap some more pics of the empty house for all of you.

The closing is tentatively set for this Friday *fingers crossed*

{drum roll}

The lucky winner of my
and a 
$125 CSN Shopping Spree
Martha from .the simple things.

Congrats, Martha!

Send me your e-mail address and I'll send you the code
to redeem your gift certificate so you can get shopping!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered,
and to all my new followers, I hope you stick around!
There's lots of exciting stuff on the horizon,
and another giveaway will be here before ya know it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday,
and I'll see you back here with new house pics tomorrow!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Guest Posting at Pretties and Posies

Happy Monday!

The beautiful and talented Melanie from
graciously asked me to guest post for her on her lovely blog,
so that's where you will be able to find me today.
Click HERE to read.

Do you know Melanie?
Her heart is every bit as big as her talent,
that girl can paint like nobody's business...

If I only hadn't dragged my feet,
this gorgeous work could have been mine!

But her creative gifts extend beyond the canvas...

Have you seen her bedroom?

Hello, Gorgeous!

For my guest post, I'm talking about the wonderful world
of photo editing ( my passion! ), so here's a little peek at what you can expect...

Straight out of the camera shot:

and through the magic of photo editing:

I hope you'll pop on over and take a peek,
and while you're there, be sure to look back over Melanie's previous posts...
I guarantee that you will become a fan and a follower just like I did!

Have a beautiful week!

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