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Thursday, June 16, 2011

New House Pics

Moving stinks.
No, seriously.

I mean, having a gorgeous new cottage to foof and primp
and shop for is beyond wonderful, don't get me wrong.

But the rest?
The packing, the unpacking,
the heat ( correction: the stifling heat ),
the scavenger hunt for basic household neccesities
lost in the move...that  is no fun whatsoever.

It is very slow going on the feathering-our-nest front,
but you're still going to get pictures, every step of the way.

Today, you're getting unedited, slightly blurry,
"oh well, they're better than nothing" images...

Hope you enjoy!

 Welcome to the foyer, the entry hallway,
the vestibule.

 Winnie checking out her new digs.
She's not too sure about this old house.
She hid under one of the beds for hours and hated me 
for several more.

Then she cautiously ventured out and became the
little intrepid explorer I know and love!

 The living room.
Nothing special right now, much work to be done yet.

 Pardon my Urban Outfitters
ruffle laundry bag draped on the sofa.
It looks totally contrived, like I draped it there for a photo op,
but I promise that's not the case.

 Another peek at my beloved Carol Hicks Bolton sofa, Babette.
Yes, she has a name. 
Of course she has a name! Just look at her.

Still have MANY smocked cotton panels
to hang in this room. That, and to replace the existing shades
with white wood blinds.

 My little corner of creativity,
and the Winster doing her explorer kitty thang

So that's it for now.
I still have to figure out what's going to be hung 
on the walls and where.

And oh yeah....where the toilet paper is, too!  ;-)

Have a wonderful Thursday!
{ it IS Thursday, right? I've lost track in this moving fog! }

I haven't had a spare moment to catch up on correspondence
or visit blogs, so please forgive me and bear with me.
Once normalcy returns, I'll be by to visit!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Checking In...

Hi there, strangers!

I've been a bit of an absentee blogger this past week,
as I've been incredibly busy both working
and also nesting in our new home.

Yep, we're there...FINALLY!

I'm officially in love with the sweet little cottage,
but it's going to take a while to get things just so...
you know what I'm talking about, right?

To get what I actually see before me to resemble 
what I've imagined in my mind's eye these past many months.

But, yeah...
I'm loving it. :-)

I'm off to unpack more boxes, but not without sharing a couple of
pics taken on an expedition yesterday afternoon.

Apologies for what I consider to be less than ideal images...
I was shooting with someone elses camera.

I hope you're having a wonderful Monday,
house pics are on the way soon!


Edited to add ( over 2 days later )...
Still slogging along here trying to get settled.
The heat is stifling, and things are moving slowly along.
Hope to give you some eye candy soon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hometown Walkabout

Hello Again!

I had every intention of taking a few days off to focus on moving stuff,
and I still do...we're taking another load over right now.

But yesterday evening after dinner, I took a walkabout around my
new hometown of Fredericksburg Texas, and captured
some random beauty through my lens.

Hope you like!

If you're ever in my neck of the woods,
I invite you to take a walkabout with me.
It's a gorgeous little town!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Big Day

It is fast upon us!

Lots of moving activity going on this week and coming weekend,
so I'll be a bit M.I.A. for the next few days.

The GOOD news is that we shouldn't skip a beat
in being connected to the net, so I'll likely
be inundating you the first of next week with LOTS
of pics from the new house.

If I don't "see" you before then, have a happy week!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Styling Our Bedroom

Happy Friday!
Although this is technically my Sunday, as I have to work this weekend.

Anyway, wanted to share some recent acquisitions for the
new Twig household, the bedroom in particular.

So, I've had it in my head since we bought this house that
I wanted to hang smocked drapes in the master bedroom and living room.
But I could only locate them at Pottery Barn,
and I sure as shoot didn't want to pay PB prices.

World Market  to the rescue!

Excuse the gnarly iPhone pics.
These are also straight out of the package, sans ironing.

 We have 12 foot ceilings in the house, and the only logical place
in the master to place the bed is in front of this window.
I knew I wanted a drape with a bit of drama going on at the top.

 Not sure just how "dramatic" the smocking is,
but I know that I do love it so.
I also love that they were half what I would have paid at PB!

I have another idea for this space too,
tell me what you think...

You see the fabulous awning there at the top of the pic?
I was lucky enough to grab that from my friend Binky's 
adorable shop, Binky La Faye

picture this...

this gorgeous awning hanging over this space right here...

You like?
I think it will be stunning, now just to figure out how to hang it!
I do plan to hang it high enough to have the smocking still peeking out.

I also picked up some drawer hardware for this piece...

That's my old Broyhill dresser from the early 90s.
We all have one of those type pieces, don't we?
I didn't want to paint it yet, but I did want to foof it up a bit, so I picked up
these knobs from, once again, the marvelous World Market...

They are so super affordable,
I was pleasantly surprised at the price.

I also got these knobs for a different piece of furniture...

This pic is actually from the Anthro site,
I had lusted after these knobs for years!
{ wait...that didn't sound right. at ALL. }

So I was beyond thrilled to find that World Market
had the exact same ones 
at a fraction of the price. Score!

To finish up, I ordered a pair of these dreamy waterfall shams from
Urban Outfitters just this week...

My poor husband!
Not a manly accoutrement in sight!
Good thing he loves me.  ;-)

That's it for now.
I'll be sure to post pics once we get it all pulled together...
whenever that finally is!

Happy Friday!

signing off my usual way these days:

Are y'all STILL having trouble leaving comments in blogger?
Try this:
when you are logging in to blogger, uncheck the little box that says "stay signed in".
Most folks find that this does the trick!

I am way behind on correspondence and blog visits, I'm sorry!
I hope to get back with and visit you all soon!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Partners in Crime

Like this image?
So do I!
But it wasn't taken by me, it was taken by my best friend, Tom Adams.

We went to visit my amazing friend Binky this weekend,
and her incredible shop, Binky La Faye.

I have plans to do a big photo shoot at her shop soon,
but this weekends visit was all about shopping and visiting.

So back to Tom....
he actually has an impressive background in photography, 
but film photography, not digital.
He majored in it in college, but until just recently,
hadn't shot with a DSLR before, just old film cameras.

He blames thanks me for his resurgent interest in snapping pics,
and we've been toying with the idea of actually teaming up
to do shoots and projects in the future.

So the photo above?
A stack of yummy vintage pillows at Binky's shop,
photo taken by Tom, editing and post processing by me.

Recognize that handsome mug?
Yep, the infamous Mr. Twig himself, strikin' a pose.

Again, pic taken by Tomas, post processing by yours truly.

I think Tom has an amazing eye, and if one day this picture taking gig
takes off big-time for me....well, I would positively LOVE to
have a second shooter-partner in crime!

Heck, he's so good, that I think maybe I should be
HIS second shooter!

Just look at a few more of his great captures,
all taken with his brand new Nikon D3100,
and post processing done by me...

Good stuff, right?
If you think so too, please give Tom some words of praise
and encouragement right here in the comments.

He sometimes feels like odd man out in the digital age,
but I firmly believe that genuine talent transcends technology.

So...would you buy a Lorys-Adams coffee table book
of photos?

Then how 'bout an Adams-Lorys book, then?

Thought so.


Happy Memorial Day!

If you're still having trouble leaving comments in blogger, try this:
when you are logging in to blogger, uncheck the little box that says "stay signed in".
Most folks find that this does the trick!

Edited to add:
Tom has seen all your comments, and he is thrilled!
Thank you SO much for helping boost his confidence!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Rosy News

How is your week going?
Ready for the long weekend?
I am!

I had more images to share from my
little impromptu rose photo shoot the other day.
I can't help it, I just can't get enough of these pale, pink beauties!

I received some wonderfully happy, rosy news today....

My photos are going to be published again,
but this time internationally!

I'm so excited, and once more,
I owe much of it to this darling lady.

 So...what is the news in your corner of the world?
Holiday plans?

And most importantly...
is blogger still all wonky and not letting you comment?

But the word around blogland is there IS a solution...
For anyone who is having problems leaving comments, try this:
when you are logging in to blogger, uncheck the little box that says "stay signed in".
My little birdies say this seems to do the trick!

Wishing you all a very happy
Memorial Day Weekend!

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