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Friday, August 31, 2012

Farmhouse Bedroom...

I'm teasing you with a handful of room photos
here and there, because it , ( it being the house ) 
STILL isn't where I want it to be.

But I have a few here for you nonetheless,
pride be damned.

Being OCD and a relentless pefectionist
left to my own devices, I'd never share 
ANY of the house photos with y'all..

So here goes nothin'!
More to follow as I tweak and re-do.

{ double click all photos to super-size }

Yep, that's an awning over the bed,
a sweet purchase from my buddy Binky
at Binky La Faye in Llano, Texas.

We have an awning over the bed in
the guest bedroom, too.

I love framing children's clothes.
There is such a sweetness about them.

You are spying with your little eyes
one of my other obsessions...
vintage floral ticking pillows.

And perched atop an armoire / closet
is another collection of this 'n that.
No rhyme or reason to my vignettes,
if it looks good, I just go with it.

Hope you enjoyed the peek!
I'll parcel a few more out to you in the days ahead.

Ha! My friend Tom snapped me surrounded
by bubbles yesterday afternoon on Main St.
in downtown Fredericksburg.
Just a touch of whimsy to end the post.

Have an amazing weekend!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Farmhouse Mantle

I teased you with some fuzzy iPhone pics,
but here are some proper photos
of my beautiful new mantle,
procured this past weekend
at Fredericksburg Trade Days...

Don't ask me what the swirly things are...
my buddy Patty at Trade Days gave me a bag full.
Aren't they fun?

Sea fans... *sigh*
I just can't get enough of those!

I picked up that fabulous mantle mirror
for $25 in Missouri.
And just because it has a crack! What a steal.

I decided to add some touches of Fall in my color choices.
Adore my button topiary there on the far right
from Lisa at Bilancia Designs.

I admit it, I'm a suitcase ho.

 Just a quick one to end the week.
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Monday, August 20, 2012

The Facebook Chronicles

I'll admit it.
My life has been too crazy busy
these past Summer months to devote the time
needed to keep up with a regular blogging schedule.

Which is why I've been keeping everyone updated
mostly via Facebook.

It's quick, easy, and I'm able to shoot photos
with my iPhone and upload them to FB straight from my phone.

For those of you who are not on Facebook,
here's a bit of what's been going on in my world
the past few weeks.

First up, I was thrilled to not only be able to attend
the incredible "moving-in" sale at the new
Magnolia Pearl homestead right here
in Fredericksburg, Texas, but I got to help out
with pricing the day before the sale.
Here are some of my iPhone shots, pre-sale...

I brought home a goodly portion of
tea-stained lace and linen with me!

And this entire, HUGE basket of seam binding?
Home with me, of course!

I had to grab the tarnished silver "bread" platter, too.

It was a beautiful sale, and we are all so happy
to have Robin and John here in da 'Burg!

I also have been busy at Smitten
as time allows.
I'm lucky enough to have two features running
in the current edition of FOLK magazine,
so I set up a little point-of-purchase vignette
in the shop to hawk the issue!

I've also been dabbling in mixed-media art
a bit this Summer, and have even been brave enough
to begin selling a bit of my work, like the piece below...

I also found myself blessed beyond measure
when my incredibly sweet and talented friend
Sherry from ShantyGirl 
gifted me with one of her fabuloso,
handmade Union Jack throws....

Winnie immediately claimed it,
as she has impeccable taste.
Oh, and I love it too, Sherry!!!

I've added to my growing collection of dreamy  
Magnolia Pearl clothing this past Summer,
and the darling little MP jumper in the pics below
has quickly become one of my favorite pieces.

I got a new toy this past week, too...

Photo: My new baby arrived today! Can't wait to get home and play.

I'm having fun learning this over-the-top
wonderful camera. 36 megapixels, wow!
I made a couple of trips to
this weekend, and just this afternoon,
came home with something I have wanted forever...

The lousy phone pics don't do it justice,
but this divine mantle is now in our farmhouse!

Finally, I've been super busy on
a few editorial features for magazines,
as well as shooting the photos for the in-progress

Below is a peek at what to expect...

I can't reveal any more photos from the website yet,
but this particular photo was featured in 
the local newspaper, so I figured I could share it
and whet your appetite for what is to come.

I'm sure you've all been having a crazy busy Summer, too.
Even though I haven't been commenting,
I've been keeping up with y'all, and
just want to thank you for the constant inspiration
you provide me on a daily basis.

Here's hoping you have a wonderful week ahead! 


Monday, August 13, 2012

FOLK Chat...

Happy Monday!

Thanks to everyone who entered my 
giveaway last week,
as well as for all the kind comments
about my two features in the Vintage Issue
of this wonderful magazine.

I thought I'd share some of the original images
included in the story I contributed entitled
"Old House Love"...

 It was a delight to not only 
contribute a story to this issue....

but I was also honored to be
the subject of a feature written by the
supremely talented Deb Kennedy of

Thank you, Deb!
And thanks to all who entered the giveaway!

The five winners of this issue 
of FOLK Magazine are...

Andrea from Keeping it Cozy 
Cathleen from Vintage Home Lifestyle 
Dawn from The Feathered Nest 
Barbara Jean from Treasures From the Heart 

Congrats, ladies!
Send me your contact info
and I'll get those magazines right off to you.

Happy Week!

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