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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Carol Hicks Bolton-The French Shipment

to see more of my work for CHB as well as
her darling Mama Rose, click these links...

This post and shoot included some
fresh off the container, stellar vintage antiques from France.
I do believe that we captured
some of the best images and vignettes yet,
the simplicity and elegance of each piece
just speaks volumes.
See what you think!

all photos
© Anne Lorys Photography

Styling by Carol Hicks Bolton and Anne Lorys

Feel free to pin anything you like,
I only ask that you credit this blog 
or Anne Lorys Photography.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Magnolia Pearl Photo Shoots

Winter Collection

all photos
© Anne Lorys Photography

{ my personal favorite }

I've been so lucky to learn from the best of the best,
Amy Lynn Scarborough of 
these past couple of shoots.

She's the number one Magnolia Pearl shooter,
and has been more than generous
in helping me to overcome
my fear and aversion to 
photographing people.

These photos aren't official MP advertising photos,
just a little peek into how I'm easing
into another aspect of photography.
Come to find out, I love
photographing people!

And from the new Spring collection...

all photos
© Anne Lorys Photography

Have a beautiful day!

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