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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lavender Love

I'm not only in love with my newest clients,
but I'm crazy in love with their products, too!

Debi and Jack Williams own Humminbird Farms,
which is just outside of Johnson City, Texas, in the
bustling metropolis of Hye, population around 100.

When they first contacted me to re-do most of
the photography on their website, I took a quick trip
to survey the premises, and I immediately fell in love
with the quintessential Hill County Charm. 

I then planned two separate photo shoots,
the first would be product photography for the shopping cart,
which involved shooting inside a light cube...a first for me! 

A week later, I headed back to Hye 
to do on-location shooting of the incredible
aromatherapy bath and body products
in and around the farm itself.

The new Julia 1933 Collection
is named after Jack's beloved mother Julia,
and we shot the "Julia" photos in what was
Julia's bungalow on the farm.
The Julia products are especially soothing.
Per the website:

"Aloe-based and loaded with anti-oxidants, 
Julia 1933 Body Butter is like no other 
cream or body butter on the market. 
A unique and natural fragrant blend of rosemary, patchouli, 
and green tea with a nice little twist of lemon grass. 
This is aromatherapy at its finest, with an essential oil blend 
known for its awakening and energizing effects. 
Shea butter infused in aloe allows 
beneficial deep moisturizing for all skin types."

The Pillow Mist, shown above, is infused
with essential oil of lavender 
and has become a fast favorite of mine.

The body wash and lotion are amazing,
and I still can't get over how moisturizing
the body wash is...not to mention the fact that it doubles
as the absolute best bubble bath I've ever tried. 
Mr. Bubbles has got nothin'  on this stuff!

As with most of my clients,
I now count Debi and Jack as good friends.

 But my best friend of all?

Why, it absolutely HAD to be sweet Lefty,
who was not only a total love-bug,
but my constant guide and helper throughout the shoot.
Thank you, sweet boy!

If you'd like to order some of these great products,
please visit my friend at Hummingbird Farms

Happy Weekend!

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Branching Out

On the agenda this late Spring-early Summer...
lots of commercial shoots for shops and magazines,
and branching out and doing more shoots for
the real estate sector.

In addition to shooting super cute homes 
for magazine features,
I've been able to do more 
Bed & Breakfast shoots,
and there's a plethora of B&B's here in
beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas.

But I'm always on the lookout
for new homes to showcase.
From my business page:

Real Estate Agents, Bed and Breakfast Proprietors, Homeowners...
let me photograph your properties to showcase them to their maximum potential. 
I specialize in commercial / editorial photography, 
both interiors and exteriors. Get your properties sold faster 
and keep your B&B's booked with beautiful photography 
as part of your business plan!
Contact me today.

Off to do a late afternoon photo shoot now!
I'll catch up with you soon
and fill you in on a great new magazine!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekend at the Flea

Truth be told,
we have one of the finest little ole' flea markets
in the country, right here in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Thing is, it isn't quite so little anymore.
In fact, it's been growing by leaps and bounds,
attracting more and more dealers from near and far,
and necessitating the construction of a brand new
vendor barn, which opened just this past weekend.

{ as seen at House Wren }

 Trade Days just celebrated their 12th anniversary,
and here's to many more years of providing
the Texas Hill Country with the best darn
monthly flea market anywhere!

Here's what I caught with my
trusty Samsung Galaxy this past Saturday.
Yep, my phone. I left the big girl
camera at home this time!

From Theresa Cano of

I just adore this beautiful manni.
I've photographed her at more of Sweet T's shows
than I can count!

God Bless Texas!

Theresa never, ever disappoints!

And a visit to this particular flea is never complete without
a pop on over to see Elaine and Betsy

I adored this darlin' little
freckled cutie!

So adorable, and with one of my beloved
ellie's on the cover to boot.

The next Trade Days will be
June 20-22, and if you'd like more info,
be sure to visit Trade Days either on FB..
and the official site here..

Hope to see you there!

Next up, a big photo shoot at
this week, as we revamp their entire website.
Love the people and their great lavender products!
I'll be sure to post photos soon!

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Published in Flea Market Decor!

99.9% of the time, when I'm hired to
do a photo shoot for a magazine or business,
I'm photographing someone else's "stuff".
Their house, their shop, their magazine feature.

But every so often, I'm given the opportunity
to share MY "stuff", and it's really a blast
seeing our home in print and on the magazine stands.

Last year, our home was featured in 
Cottages and Bungalows magazine HERE,
and right now, our sweet little Fredericksburg farmhouse
is featured in the June-July 2014
issue of Flea Market Decor magazine!

I was the photographer and stylist on this feature,
and the wonderfully talented writer Kit Birmingham
wrote the accompanying story.
Which caused a bit of a freak-out on my part initially.
Every other time I've been the subject
of a magazine feature, I've either written the text myself,
or sent my answers to the interview questions along
via an email or Word doc.

This time however, the editor informed me 
that the writer assigned to my story would be
calling me for a phone interview.
I immediately got on the phone with my sweet friend
Carol Bolton....she's an old hand at this being interviewed stuff...
and she gave me some tips and advice which
helped calm my nerves. So much so that when Kit called,
our planned 15 minute interview turned into
a 45 minute gab-fest with what felt like one of my gal-pals.

The gist of the story is how to decorate 
your own home with flea market finds,
like I've done with that amazing barn door
from Theresa Cano of Garden Antqs Vintage,
or any of the other terrific finds I've procured
at either the fleas or garage sales.

Here are some of the original images
from the magazine feature.

LOVE that barn door!

The blue and white dining room,
which has already undergone yet ANOTHER
transformation since the magazine came out!

Petite French scale via
Tracey at French Larkspur.

I love mixing elements...
glass, ironstone, bits of nature.

I was soooooo happy when the wall-o-mirrors
was finally complete! It's the little things, people!

And that groovy chair, oh my word.
Nabbed it at Fredericksburg Trade Days for a song.

As always, a huge debt of gratitude to all the
beautiful ladies at Beckett Media. Not only do you produce
all my favorite mags, but you are always a DREAM to work with!
And to Kit Birmingham, you're the bomb! 
Love the story you crafted to accompany my photos.

And finally, thanks to my sweet husband,
who always puts up with my insatiable quest to fill our
farmhouse with the beloved "junk" I hold so dear.

I'll be back here at ye olde blog soon
sharing all my other recent adventures
in junking and photography.

Have a great week!

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 Flea Market Decor is available at most
major grocery chains, Target, as well as Barnes and Noble
and other booksellers. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Peace, Love, Volkswagen's

Easter Weekend.

We think church, Easter egg hunts, family cookouts,
classic Volkswagen Festivals.

Say what?
Your Easter plans didn't include a trip
to only one of the most groovy 
classic VW shows anywhere?
Well, mine did.
And I've got the pics to prove it.

Forgive the phone snaps, when I'm out 
just living life, I don't always feel the need
to lug around the behemoth, aka the D800.
Life is for living, and not every moment
necessitates a high-res photo shoot. groovy, hippie Easter
in a nutshell! Or an eggshell.  ;-)

My own personal fave, above.

Buses represent!

The window sticker above reads
"" CAUTION, I brake for gnomes, fairies, elves, leprechauns, 
unicorns, dragons & other invisible creatures that only I can see."

 Sounds legit to me.

"My Favorite Color is Rust"

And my darling friend Brooke was there,
driving her sweet ( not pictured ) hot pink,
late model VW bug.

Such a beautiful young girl,
but with a wise, old soul.
Just love her.

Until next year,
Peace, Love and VW's, y'all!

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blogger at a Crossroads

Here's a question to ponder.
At what point do you accept that your heart
really isn't in blogging anymore?

Do you keep trudging on, half-heartedly?
Do you pack it all in and walk away cold turkey?
Or do you post one of those blatantly manipulative
" I'm giving up blogging FOR-EVAH" posts,
secretly hoping that your readers will bombard you with
"please don't go....we WUV you sooooo much!" messages?
Please don't do that. Ain't my goal, and it won't work.

I'm sort of at that point right now.
At a crossroads.

I signed up a few months ago 
to join a Facebook group for bloggers,
and lawdy, did I ever realize how much I truly
DON'T have in common with most of these fine women, 
dedicated bloggers, one and all.

They speak with great passion about 
maximum search-engine-optimization
in order to achieve optimum online saturation.
They strategically plan their posts weeks in advance.
In short, they treat it like a business, and as such,
take it very seriously. Kudos to them, I say.
I'm not mocking or knocking them in any sense of the word.
But that ain't me.

Blogging has never been a source of income for me,
and never will be. True, I do use it to promote 
( shamelessly, my stalker-detractors just love to point out )
my photography projects and magazine features.
But I've never accepted advertising or sponsors,
and never will. My blog has evolved over the past 5 years,
and so have I. 
And so here I find myself,
at said crossroads.

I never intend to just outright walk away
from my blog. I have far too much affection
for the medium and the friends I've made here.

My heart is very much with my craft,
my photography these days. And the simple truth is,
I'm super busy with all sorts of commercial photo shoots
any given month, and as always, give 110% to the creative process.

So rather than blogging, I'm editing.
I'm collaborating with other creative folks
( new clothing designers, a vintage rental business, etc )
to spread my wings and try new things.
I'm enjoying life, and loving the life we have created
in our beautiful little town 
and in our sweet little farmhouse.

 { what? you didn't know this is my main, go-to camera these days??? }

If you miss me sometimes,
you can always find me here
and here
or even here

And who knows?
Ya might even find me right here,
on the blog.

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