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Monday, August 24, 2009

Portal to the unknown....

Those of us old to remember Let's Make A Deal" (that would be me) 
recall that the height of suspense during each episode 
was the revelation of what was behind door #1, door #2 or door #3.

We are a nation of gamblers, of fearless risk-takers; 
from our forefathers right down to the 
preposterously costumed contestants on the aforementioned game show, 
all the way down to a medically trained gal who has 
nurtured a lifelong dream of opening her own antique shop.

I am presented with only two doors before me now....
the door on the right, door #2, represents the life I now live, 
the comfortable, safe, predictable choice. 
I enjoy what I do, and I feel that I'm good at it. 
My patients seem to agree, and I make a comfortable living. So far, so good.

But what if.....

What if I dared to peek behind the door on the left, door #1?
Gosh, it looks like there's some sort of obstacle
just on the other side, through the glass.
Do you see it? Do you think it's jamming the door shut?
Do you think someone's already in there? Do you think they might deign to help me?
Do you think there's room enough for me, too?

If I go ahead and chance it, if I proceed through the door on the left,
will I be able to regain entry into door #2 if I am unwelcome, if I fail?

So many questions, more than a few doubts,
the odd fear every so often.

And so it begins.
I stand on the threshhold and prepare to enter door #1, the portal to the unknown.
Building a business of my own is a dream I've kept tucked away for far too long.
I've received much support and encouragement from my fellow bloggers here,
and for that I thank you all.

I mentioned to someone earlier today that my blog, hopefully,
is going to be a chronology of the birth of a business....
as I said in one of my posts, y'all are getting in on the ground floor.
I hope to be able to share the excitement of someone just starting out,
but I also plan to be brutally honest and not sugarcoat things
when and if discouragement sets in and I ask myself
"What the heck did I get myself into?!"

Many blogs here are filled with wonderful, inspiring examples
of those who have made this dream come true....
this one is very much a work in progress.
So what say you? Will you accompany me as I make this journey?
Hopefully, once I am comfortably ensconced behind door #1,
I will be able to welcome the next trepidacious traveler
who dares to follow their dream.....

This post was edited to remove
any photos not taken by myself, Anne Lorys.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

If you follow your heart/dream, I believe it will all work out. Now that's not to say you won't encounter some kinks along the way but isn't that part of growing and learning and becoming stronger as a person. You'll enjoy the ride, I have for the last 11 years. It only get's better and you'll be so much more the wiser in the end, hopefully alittle richer, maybe with money and then again maybe with friends! I'll ride along with you if you need me to.

Anne Lorys said...

Sounds great!
We can be a junkin' Thelma and Louise!! ;-)
Seriously, thank you so much for your support. I admire you and what you've accomplished so much. I can only hope a bit of it rubs off on me!

Have a great week,

Unknown said...

You really havea gift for this Anne..You will do very well!

Anne Lorys said...

Thank you so much, Donna!

Junk Exchange said...

wishing you the best of luck with your venture - i know you have a very serious talent for writing and if you create, display and charm your customers in the same manner you have charmed your followers - there is no doubt success will be yours - i say, step forth and claim it - troy

Anne Lorys said...

Thank you so much, Troy. Your words are heartfelt and have really uplifted me this day.
I'll be at Zapp Hall strictly as a shopper, would love to say hello to you!


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