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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Poll Time Again, Kiddies!

I had such a fun time learning more about y'all during my last POLL
that I wanted to do it again.
Take a peek to your right ----------->>> and cast your vote!

So I was strolling through the local mall with a friend the other day,
as he wanted to buy a scarf for a gal pal.
I casually mentioned to him that I didn't really enjoy shopping retail anymore.
He gave me a quizzical look and said "Oh, so you're above it, eh"?
Ha! I had to laugh as I quickly corrected him, actually, I'm beneath it!

I explained that I take no joy in perusing aisle after aisle of
mass-manufactured, cookie-cutter wares these days.
My greatest treasures are unearthed in far less lofty surroundings....
other people's garages and driveways, out in a muddy cow pasture at the crack of dawn,
underneath a pile of moth eaten old textbooks in thrift stores...

So once again, it got me to thinkin' (uh oh).
Where do YOU find your heart's desire?
Is it at a retail outlet? Heaven knows I love me some Anthropologie
but given my druthers, I'll choose an estate sale every time!

Are you more of a crack-a-dawn garage sale maven, 
or are crowded thrift stores more your speed?
Or maybe you eschew paying altogether and fancy yourself a curbside pirate of sorts.
Do tell!

Anything and everything you've seen pictured in this post
was lovingly liberated from someone else's home and/or garage this past weekend
and is offered to you via Fiona and Twig on Etsy.

Have a great Tuesday!


mkelton24 said...

I love garage sales, antique malls and bargin shops like TJMaxx! I think it is fun to mix new with old, expensive with dirt cheap!

I am going my first ever giveawy at "The Kelton's Cozy Cottage" be sue to stop by and sign up!

red.neck chic said...

I have the most amazing amount of bling on my eye-patch...

;-) xoxo

Theresa said...

I LOVE Estate sales! I have sworn off of them until after Christmas. It makes me sick to miss one but I must:) I also love shopping in antique malls where there are a number of booths like a lot of you ladies have. I really want to have one but just haven't made that commitment yet. I know I could fill one up with goodies! Have a blessed day dear Anne!

Bunnym said...

I wanted to check all the above...I must admit..I love me some Tuesday Mornings, but I hit the yard and estate sales mostly for decorative items. Getting ready for your big move downstairs....I Take it easy!


Junk Exchange said...

i go from one extreme to the other - some days i find cool stuff at the flea - there's a monday / tuesday only church thrift that never fails to have something i need - and i have found some super cool stuff in the local dumpster in the last few weeks - and i had a lady GIVE me a crate full of old license plates ..
and there are the days that i get super keeper type stuff delivered right in the mail! imagine that!!

love ya'

Libbie said...

One good thing of living in MN is that there are no garage sales in winter &then when Spring comes it is the most fun treat!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Girl... I have been trying to get over to your blog for days now!!! My day job has got me stressed, Finance at year end... hate it! Just had to peek in to see what all you have been up to. My answer was the Thrift Stores!! Hope the booths are doing fantabulous! Big Hugs, Janna

Debra@CommonGround said...

You forgot flea markets, Anne, that's where I hang out! I'm like you, the mall just doesn't do it for me anymore, although you CAN get me excited about a new scarf, shoes or purse, otherwise, I'll take the old stuff!
Hey, did you see "Woolsey" on my last post? Don't tell me you missed him!
love you,

Six divided by two..... said...

Oh Anne my mouth just dropped to the floor!!! I looooveeeee the applicator jar!! Liberache- the king of bling!! You have awesome finds as always..

blushing rose said...

What awesome finds for you! Don't you just love thrifty places!

Please join me at our new blog ~

Do not know how long the old one will hold up. TYSM
TTFN ~ Marydon

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

What about FLEA markets???? That's my happy place in this world! We can't forget the flea markets and brocantes!!
:) Laura of 52FLEA

Chickens in the Basement said...

Yard Sale season is on hiatus around our parts of NC. If one is actually advertised, so many people show up, it just isn't worth going.

However, lots of my compatriots don't tend to wander through the thrift stores. While my head usually itches and I feel compelled to pump gallons of Purrell on my hands upon leaving, I just can't stay out of these places.

As for estate sales, they don't show up in my e-mail often enough. I always start hunting in the garage!


Anne Lorys said...

I know y'all, I totally forgot to add flea markets, and stoopid blogger won't let you go back in and edit a poll after people have voted.

I think it just skipped my mind because the garage/estate sales and thrift shops are so much better than the flea's down here.

Thanks so much to all who have commented and voted!


Polly said...

Hey there girlie!

Ok, I shop at "all of the above", but I'm a sucker for thrifting. I think because it's one stop shopping....housewares, clothing, purses. My second fave would be auctions. We have an auction house about 10 minutes from our house that I love to go to. You just never know what you might find at an auction! Sometimes you leave without placing any bids, somethings you get out-bid on everything, and other times, it is jackpot city!

Fun post Anne!

Happy Holidays!


LuLu Kellogg said...

Every Monday night when it gets dark, I take my flashlight and go back in the alley to see what old pieces of furniture people have thrown out. Our town picks up furniture and household items on Tuesdays so I go digging through people's stuff the night before. I then get my husband to go drag it back to the house :) It's heaven to me!


Anonymous said...

I love all kinds of sales that involve vintage or 'q-tiques'.

trash talk said...

I've told you I'm a lazy heifer...antique stores is where I find most things and antique shows. I don't like to...wait for it...dig! There, I've said it. I'll make my daughter go in and ferret me something out. I'll go to Canton on occasion, but not on a regular basis. Now Cat Daddy is another story...there is no where he won't go and if it's an's whoa Nelly. He hits flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, not so much estate sales. Those are usually pricey here in Dallas. I can buy cheaper at antique stores than at estate sales believe it or not. I think that about covers it, huh?

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I love Antique stores but usually save all of that now for Warrenton/Round Top. Since I live close I am out there almost everyday. Today I figured I needed to ask off for the Spring show already.
Don't forget to send me what you want on next Mondays post.
Thanks for stopping by.

alissa said...

i love goodwill! plus flea markets, garage sales, auctions...well i could go on and on. i have become spoiled with the prices. when i have to shop retail, i have sticker shock. to expensive!

LuLu said...

I'm loving auctions at the moment!! Cute finds

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Anne,

I love Estate sales and find it very exciting to see what lovely treasures come up for sale.
Also thrift shops are always fun.
Great post and neat to see your poll results.

Happy week

the old white house said...

I had to go to the mall this past weekend t ofind my daughter a dress for an upcoming dance and besides being with my 2 daughters it was grueling! I loooove garage sales ( unfortuantely in Mich. they usually end in Sept. but I stumbled on one last week and found a St. Francis garden statue for 5.00!!! That's the best! I also love the thrift stores and my heart races when I see an estate sale near by. ~ Theresa

BellaRosa said...

Ok Lets try this one more time, earlier I had a LONG comment and then my computer froze up :) Sooo I love thrifting, I have alot of wonderful ones near me where I find some of the most amazing treasures...since we only get yardsakes here 1 weekend every 3 months! the thought of fighting for parking and having things literally snatched out of my hand lol that puts me off :) But I am all for curbside treasures I have plenty of those, just got a large old wood cabinet with wood shelves and a glass door, that I plan on redoing into a storage for my beautiful fabrics, I will probably never use, only look at lol and as for flea markets well I am in So Cal...huge$$$ nuff said :) But I don't think you are shopping beneath it :) I think you are shopping "vintage, junk, yardsale, flea market, estate sale couture!" woooo that was a mouthful :) Besos, Rose

Tarnished Rose said...

My mother is the queen of "junkin'" and I've learned from the best LOL. I swear that woman can find the darndest things! Glad to know we are not along, though I do halt at "dumpster diving" LOL. However, free on the curb? Fair Game!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Anne:
You missed an option on your poll...I'm an internet shopper, mostly Etsy and Ebay. Works with my Night Owl propensities.

Love your blog and today's post. I'll have to go an peruse your shop.


PS. I'm so glad you appreciated my blog post for Tuesday. I sure had fun writing it. Your comment made me giggle. ((hugs))

Auntie Cake said...

I couldn't possibly choose between garage sales, thrift stores and flea markets. Love that feeling when you score a total treasure for a quarter!

The Feathered Nest said...

Dear sweet Anne.....I want to thank you for your precious gift to me!!! I absolutely adore my new chubby bird ornament ~ thank you dear friend!!!! And as for my druthers.....I will wear holey (sp?) underwear....busted brassieres....and socks with my toes poking through JUST so I can shop for antique and vintage treasures!!!! Go to the mall??? NO WAY!! I might dig around at Ross for a bargain but for me, give me a yard sale (even though I'm not an early bird), an estate sale (be still my heart) or an antique mall and I'm in HEAVEN!!! Thrift stores, yes....because I can always find something thing that I can transform ~ you are the best Anne!! hugs and love, Dawn

June said...

Hi Anne,
I am more of a get up early and hit the yard sales and then some thrift stores and then an estate sale or two and then if I drive by an open garage full of junk I've even been known to stop and ask if they would like to sell some of said junk. I love it when I just find something awesome left by the wayside like an old fence panel or shed door that someone was thankfully too lazy to take to the dump. Does this qualify as an answer to your poll?

Christie said...

My fave place to shop is definately a yard sale/garage sale. Retail stores just don't appeal to me the way they once did...of course, I'll never pass by a Ross or TJ Maxx store without seeing what they have gotten in, but I have to say, that I have found my most prized and loved possessions at the yard sales. I think what makes it so fun, is you just never know what you are going to find!
Loved this post...great finds!
Big Hugs,

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

I find I hate the mall as it were unless I'm there for a specific purpose and then it's a "get in, get it, and get out" kind of deal. Years ago the local rummage sales were the blessing that provided clothing for the boys as well as wondrous finds a long with weekly yard sales. Not much time for yard sales and I do not like auctions any more (although I did buy my hubby a Ford 8N tractor a couple of months ago at one down the road from us.)
Nowadays it's the local junk shops and Goodwill, etc. from a retail perspective I enjoy strolling through Winners/HomeSense as you never know what you might find that's unique. Now Etsy has turned up some lovely finds too. Thanks to you!

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