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Friday, July 30, 2010


My blog isn't as pretty
as hers is

I don't have as many followers
as she does

My house isn't as ( clean, fancy, fabulous )
as hers is

My kids aren't as cute
as hers are

I don't have it all together
like she does

I haven't been published
like she has

I don't get as many comments
as she does

I haven't been to ( Paris, Italy, Hawaii )
like she has

I can't ( sew, paint, write, photograph, craft ) as well
as she can.

I'm not as good

I am lacking

I'm not enough.

And to that, I say....


I see and sense this all the time in blogging,
and I know that I've felt it on occasion myself.

The truth is

No one else out there can be you as well as you!

You are special and one-of-a-kind
and blogging is so much richer having you as a part of it.

We can't all be Martha
or The Pioneer Woman...

but do we really want to be?
How much fun would that be, hmmm?

Be yourself.

Embrace it!

And know that you have one cheerleader

right here
no matter what !

You are enough.

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Julie, The Wife said...

You are so right! I want to have a cup of coffee in that white room with the white curtain. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Whew! Did you strike a chord! Amen to that, Sistah. So true and so darn crummy that we all listen to that malarkey at one time or another. We gotta march to our own drummer and as you said "embrace" the person/blogger/whatever that we are. Hugz from the amen corner ;)

Anonymous said...

have a wonderful and fun weekend. :)

Unknown said...

thanks- how did you know I needed that?


The Tin Rabbit said...

I needed that too!

Olive said...

Amen lovey! I tell my 18 year old all the time that we are only diminished by comparing! I really appreciate your sweet but fired up spirit Anne. If I was Pioneer Women I would be ever so tired. I would much rather have my life, at my quiet but satisfactory pace.


Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Sooooooooo true Anne!

Love the Decor! said...

Amen sista!! We all have our own unique abilities and gifts and we truly do need to embrace them!! We need to be happy just as wee are!! have a great weekend!!

Cheryl ~ ZanyMayd said...

So Sweet Anne & So Right !

Lili said...

You said that so well, I especially like the term "horse puckey" . . . you are so cute!! ~Lili

Shell said...

So?,,,,,I stumbled across this "Gal" one day, from an event, a post, a link, and after that first visit, I thought, I LOVE this young woman!

She's funny, sincere, open, honest and uber creative,to boot, she senses and takes great photos of things she loves, and I LOVE TOO!

There are a COUPLE, a HANDFULL actually, of bloggers that I feel that "spark" that makes me feel a connection of sorts, in spite of the miles, age, cultural differences. And that Spark? It is STRENGTH! That is what I gravitate towards,,,,

You my dear have IT! That Spark! I just smile when I read your posts and KNOW that that strength is bundled with compassion and creativity!

I'm glad that you SEE what is important and what isn't! Come and check my closets! There are plenty of skeleton's as well as messes!
Poignant post and thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Oh missy, Love and BIG hugs, and a "Bus" on the cheek! Have a great weekend!


That is a great reminder :)
God made us all unique, talented and beautiful.
deb :)

DustyLu said...

Right on girl! You said it! Love it !Lulu

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne! Oh, this was a great post and so true! I know we've all felt like this at times. In my olden age and after blogging a couple of years - I just want to have a great time with blogging and I am! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Char said...

Oh Anne, I think that many bloggers have felt that way at some time or another. It's probably natural when you think of it. That being said, what wouldn't be natural is holding on to the feeling of not being good enough. All we have to do is look in the mirror and see someone magical looking back. Well said my friend, Char

Ms. Bake-it said...

You are so sweet and cute Anne! Horse puckey - love it! I agree with Olive about PW. I just do not know how she does it! I am a firm believer in just being you and not comparing yourself to others. We are unique, we are individuals and we are special in our own unique and individual way.

Have a fabulous weekend!

~ Tracy

Prencie said...

Wow! You some how got into my head!

I do tend to love and hate that about the blogging world. It almost seems like high school all over again and bloggers don't bother with the unpopular bloggers. I've seen that a LOT, also tend to see a lot of giveaways that happen and see popular blogs win, I hardly ever see a unpopular blog win, yes I went there!:)

It's so easy to portray a perfect life when no one has to see how you really's rather deceiving:) I do love blogging for the fact that I can see into other people's "real" lives. :)
Thanks Anne

Amy Kinser said...

Amen and amen!

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Aw shucks! That was beautiful and very well said. As Deb added, God made us each unique. That is what we should continue to be. It never hearts to be reminded of that every once in awhile. Thanks, Connie

Donna Reyne' said...

Hey girl!
I am so glad you posted this!
I know that I myself have been guilty of these same feelings on more than one occasion.
I finally decided that I would rather just be authentic...true to myself...and true to the Lord than anything else.
I LOVE visiting with everyone...meeting others with similar interests and passions! That, afterall, is why I blog!
You are so precious! I am so thankful that you and your voice can get this simple truth across!
Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
Blessings and hugs,

Low Tide High Style said...

Well said...and so so true!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kat :)

Sarah said...

Beautiful post, Anne! We all need to celebrate the individual differences we each bring into our world. ~ Sarah

Sue said...

A wonderful heartfelt post! I think if people are just "who they are" when they blog, that is the best they can ever ask for! You said it all perfectly!

Take care, Sue

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Beautiful post Anne!

C. Dianne Zweig said...

Well aaid...

Kitsch n Stuff

Greatma said...

Ditto, I have fun putting thoughts down, sharing pictures, etc, I won't ever have a perfect house, blog, and I don't care!! I do enjoy those that can, but am happy as I am. :=) Antique Rose

afistfullofweeds* said...

I have often felt a little on the outside..I am still new I guess..5 months...But I have met some really great ladies whom I would love to meet! I say Its your lose for ignoring me! LOL Thanks!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Anne:
What a thoughtful and thought-provoking post, my friend. I'm honored to know you.

Mel said...

Damn Straight momma.

trash talk said...

Sometimes when I'm looking at other blogs the song/video by Brad Paisley starts playing in my know the one with Jason Alexander. We could all be superwoman on line if we chose to be...who'd know for sure? The point is we'd only be lying to ourselves and what's the use in that.
I believe in being me...warts and all. Hmmm...maybe that's why I'm not a McBlogger!

re:Inspire said...

Just what I needed to hear as I have been trying sooo hard to get my blog to look and be attractive to fellow bloggers. I want to be the one with a thousand followers. I want to be inspiring as equally as everyone else. But what I have forgotten is the most important part...just be myself! Thank you so much for sharing those honest and reassuring thoughts!

Seawashed said...

This is so nice to hear. I think sometimes this happens if all we talk about on our blogs is all the awards or accomplishments we've received. I know I get discouraged by it sometimes. I truly just want to blog for the give and receive beauty. The friendships and kind exchanges are priceless.

I really do sense that you were hearing from God on this one...thank you for posting it.

The Smith Hotel said...

That's right! Preach it sister! As I sit here with a butter pecan ice cream sugar cone shoved in my mouth so I can type and bag on my head(Mr. Smith aka Roberto the hair colorist) so nicely colored my hair on a Friday night! My kids are playing a computer game unsupervised too! It's all good here at TheSmithHotel!

Love ya!

carla said...


Unknown said...

Well, I bow and seems that a little Texas gal has had her no uncertain way...LoL I have fought with my blog from day one..I'd see a frilly blog, and I wanted that so my readers would have "eye candy"
Then I would see one plainer, and I liked that, cause there's nothing fancy about I'm changing again. I 'bout drove myself nuts. I just like to take pictures and share them with the world, or whatever portion of it wants to see them. I usually don't have much to say anyway. If this is a competion, where is the truth, and we are all play acting. Any place can be pretty taken in small
Our old lives are lived and our old house is lived in. Sorry to be so long winded..."shrugs"
Well said, my dear.
I needed it.

savvycityfarmer said...

... you're inside my head again ... these are all the things I say to mr CF after I read him your posts!
my measuring stick is you dear one

it is so t.r.u.e. though

have a beautiful weekend ..

Anji Johnston said...

Boy did I need that! You must be a mind reader to know that so many of us have and do feel this way at times. Who cares if she can paint/clean/cook/write/sing/dance/...better than I do. Who is SHE anyway!
Thanks Anne

Blessed Serendipity said...

You are very right. Even though I already know it, it's still nice to hear.


Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Well said Anne, I really needed to hear this! (How did you know) It's so nice to know that we have you, right here, no matter what, you are enough! Anne thanks so much for your inspiration. Blessings~~~ Daphne

JenW!~ said...

Boy you said exactly what I have been feeling lately. My blog isn't all I want it to be but it's mine. It's nice to know though that someone out there understands and sometimes feels as I do but isn't afraid to say what she feels. Thanks for a boost.

Alaina said...

Well said, yes we have all felt that way at least once. Thanks for being there for everyone.

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Hi anne, havent been over for a visit for a little while and have missed you!!! Great post, connected well with my blogging insecurities so was very timely indeed.
alicia :0)

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

And too funny, now my youngest is going around the house saying "horse puckey" HA! Not a term we have heard here in Australia :0))

Unknown said...

Oh' Sweet Anne. I just love you for being my cheerleader! Thank you for encouraging all of us to believe in ourselves! I hope you're feeling blessed and happy.

Happy, Happy Blessed Weekend Hon'...Tracy :)

Lisa said...

Ok this is the best!! You know I actually only feel the usual, I wish I had... and occasional I need to post/visit more. That I am boring because I am stuck on one subject. But it is me and I want it to be me! This is wonderful and you are one of those I aspire to be "like". But I am me and I am better for blogging :)
Hugs, Lisa

Itchin' Stitchin' said...

OMG I love you a little more than I already did!

I have blog idols (I must admit I talk about them like they are part of my family) but I love being me!

My new years resolution this year was to stop saying I wish or I can't and just start doing. You never realize how much YOU stop yourself from doing something. This simple little resolution has changed my life in a HUGE way!

It's only okay to envy someone if I use them as motivation - for they have worked hard to get where they are and I can work just as hard to get where I want to be. I admire them.

stefanie said...

how did you get soooo wise for such a young lady?

Angela said...

Amen & well said. I also wanted to say THANK YOU for saying that!! God bless :)

Elizabeth said...

Ok Anne you must be a mind reader! I haven't been blogging for to long and sometimes...
{ok alot of the time!} I do get overwhelmed with the all those feelings!
Like this evening when I went to my blog and was like ok, what should I change!
There is no fancy getaways happening,no fancy house here, Blah,blah ,Blah and definitely no where near Martha!
What you said hit the nail on the head! Just be you! I do love the blogging community it is so much fun to share and there is lots of positive that I've experienced! It's a lot of reminding yourself to not worry what everyone else is doing! Just do what you love,and share what you love!
Love this post!

Tammy said...

Anne...You struck a cord in so many with this post! I just LOVE IT! and THANKS so much for posting it! I've only been in blogland for 2 months so I don't know alot ..yet...but I so look forward to your posts, your photos and possibly one day...meeting you! What a treat that would be!
You are one special lady,a treasure to those that are close to you...and to those of us that are just getting to know you! You are a true inspiration. Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!
Tammy :-)

June said...

Hey ROCK! Whay a great post for me to read right now.
And I have missed a lot of great posts here of late. So I went back and read them and I wanted to tell you that the darling little garden space that you posted about the last house that you didn't is in one of my garden books. I have it marked. I have loved that little place forever. The little brick patio in the book is all decked out so cute. Goes to show that all the great stuff is in Texas!
hugs and love to you Anne

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Good post and so true....but when you get to be my age you just don't give a darn about things like this....not enough time left to sweat the small stuff

vintagesue said...

ain't it the truth, anne!!! but i am still trying to figure out where all the kids toys are in those magazine photos!!!! lol. thanks for words. good to hear!!!! great to read, but hard to believe sometimes!!
hope your new house is coming along!!!
take care!!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Happy Friday Anne Sweetie...
What a beautiful heart warming post. True and to the point. I love it, and I love this beautiful rose. No two alike, each one their own ruffle, color, different number of petals, specifice scents. Oh such a comparison.

Thank you for sharing with me today. I have so enjoyed my visit.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Anne that is so true! I want to thank you for being my cheerleader when I stated and still being there for me and encouraging me. I have grown to over 250 followers and that is wonderful but the great friendships I've made are truly the best part of blogging. I love being Just Me!

Beatnheart said...

We are all in this together...go team go.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Amen! BTW, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your new home!!!!

Can't wait to see you add your special magic to it! :o)


Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Debra@CommonGround said...

So True, dear Anne, we all need to be ourselves; just our own unique God created "self".
Have a wonderful weekend!

Simple Home said...

I was just thinking the same thing today. God created us unique, and we need to embrace that. I mean that's what we teach children, right? You're going to laugh at this, but when I read Martha, I thought it was Martha of "Martha and Mary" in the Bible. You know, the lady who works hard instead of resting. It just dawned on me who you were talking about:-) You've got to include last names for ladies like me who are reaching that, um, "forgetful" stage :-)

Journal Swag said...

Tell it, Sister!!! I love it. Couldn't have said it better myself!


The Feathered Nest said...

oh. my. goodness!!!! ANNE! I feel like this so much of the time!!!! It doesn't matter if you have a zillion followers or if you travel abroad or have an ENORMOUS home....what truly matters is to BLOG WHAT YOU LOVE....BLOG WHAT YOU FEEL ~ you will enjoy it so very much and meet the most amazing REAL friends that live all over the country and world. You've said what SO many of us feel!!!! love you Anne!!! xxoo, Dawn

It's me said...

beautifyl post....beutiful words...from a beautiful woman........It' Ria....I think i have the good name for my blog??? haahahhahhaahha!!

Joanna said...

Luckily I'm better than everyone else so all this is nothing to do with me..........ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Great post that sure hit a nerve, xx

Between Me and You said...

I don`t care how many followers I have - the ones I do have at the moment are a bunch of real sweethearts and I`m so glad I met them through Blogland and that`s enough for me - wish they could all come and live with me! Your words are always very profound and meaningful and I`m glad I found your blog - otherwise I would never be able to use the term `Horse Puckey` which will be part of my vocabulary from now on. Incidentally, could I be classed as a McBlogger because I`m Scottish?!lol

Linda K. said...

Awesome post, Anne!

Tina said...

Anne, you are just the most gorgeous girl! Have a wonderful weekend and huge hugs to you my sweet friend ~ Txx

paige said...

so true!
while i LOVE to read blogs, be inspired, make friends & see lovly photography, sometimes it is easy to compare and come out feeling short.
thank you for the reminder.
i love your blog & have such a crush on fredericksburg. i hope to get there one day.
thank you for your warm words regarding the death of my father in law.
blessings to you

Theresa said...

Well said dear Anne! I cherish EVERY follower and EVERY comment and NO... I don't have as many as others! But to me, each one is special!

Thanks for giving some a swift and loving kick in the seat of the pants:)

Have a blessed day OH GREAT ONE! HUGS!

Natasha in Oz said...

Bravo and thank you-this was a wonderful post!

Thanks for the flower too!

Best wishes,

Jamie said...

Yes!!!! Perfect post Anne! And so very true:) Love, Jamie

*Ulrike* said...

So true, so true! That is a reminder needed, as we are who we are. I can't post every day in the summer, and I certainly don't have the picture perfect house either! On getting the garden house done I told my hubby well this blogger had this or that, and he said to me do it your way, it will be just as pretty, it will be you!
Thanks for the reminder!!

Kendra@Creative Ambitions said...

"Horse Puckey" is right! LOL! I'm with you, Anne!

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Anne ~
Oh girl I so very much agree ~ I often wonder if there really is a person that so very much has it all together and if so how they do it ~
I am a total right brained person which means I love to create but with much ADD so I have stuff all over the place ~ Literally !
And organized.......just don't open the closets ~
I cracked up at Sue when I read her blog because she has funny pictures of real life ~

Thank you for the reminder this morning ~

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I soooo needed that "talkin' to"!!! I had my little pity party the other day ~ feel like you blogged right at "me". Thank you Anne!

Anonymous said...

OMG Anne you could not have posted this at a better time...this is what I wrote in my crafting journal just this morning: "I am struggling with defining myself in the blogging world, have I let other blogs affect my vision? I spend time reading about others' transformations, wishing it was me who posts such beautiful pictures, wrote so eloquently. Why do I compare myself to others? I need to find a balance...find inspiration in others without feeling inferior. I wonder, do others feel this way?" You my dear have provided me with the answer to my prayer:)


Terri Gordon said...

What a wonderful post, I agree we are always so hard on ourselves. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend. Terri

Janet- OPEN MARKET STYLE said...


CosmoGirl Carla said...

Thank you, Anne.

You are, in my opinion, one of the "premier" bloggers. I love the inspiration you share with a kind heart. And I do consider myself to be a part-time, even a "small-time" blogger. But I think I'm okay with that. I know so many of us have felt all those things you mentioned - with our blogs and our everyday selves. To have a "blog-star" like you (I think you're a blog star! :o) remind us all of our contribution, is a big boost.

Again, thank you. You're a doll.

the old white house said...

Well Said Anne! I think we need to all hear this every once in a while... Just in case anyone out there is wondering, as I take a photo of a special vignette on one side of my room, the other side has crushed cheerios and laundry on the floor! sorry to say no kidding. it's the truth. So while I'm being truthful here Anne, when I see the immacualte houses well that's when I feel like I don't measure up and then I tell myself that certainly they too must have crushed cheerios and laundry somewhere! right? :) Thanks for this, as you can see we all appreciated it and YOU! Theresa

the old white house said...

p.s. I don't think I've ever heard the term Horse Puckey here in Michigan so I think it's high time some Texas verbage was shared here by me. I'll let you know how it goes over :) Oh, I'm late for the farmers market... "HORSE PUCKEY!" how'd I do? xoxo

madrekarin said...

Perfectly said, Anne. I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)

Ellen said...

It must be in the air - a reminder to be our own unique self. I just blogged a comment in regard to this very subject earlier this week. I 100% agree with you, no comparison, we are all unique for a purpose. Thanks for the reminder! Love your blog by the way;)

Farmgirl Paints said...

Amen sister. Why does blogging set us up so much to compare, compete...keep score?? That's why I had to get rid of my followers thing. It was driving me crazy. Great post sweetie. I just love the real honest thoughts!

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...



Pamela said...

Well said Anne! Sometimes blogging can be like high school all over again! Yikes i need to smack myself when i start thinking that!!
Have a great weekend
Pamela xo

Parisienne Farmgirl said...


It's not a CONTEST ladies... It's BLOGGING and we do it cause we love IT right? Not so that people will love US!

sweetpea said...

Hello my friend. I have been in a funk lately about stuff just like this, and so this post couldn't have come at a better time. I am trying to cultivate my "gratitude garden" daily. Some days are easier than others. Glad to know you and cudos for blogging about gutsy subjects.



Privet and Holly said...

Annie, you have the
uncanny ability to
hit the nail on the
head....without it
hurting : ) I know
who you are speaking
of; I don't stop over
there as often as I
used to as it gives
me a complex, too;
It doesn't make me
feel AT HOME at all,
like it does when
I come to visit YOU.
And, you also "return
the call" as I see
your comments all
over Blogland!
That is not something
many of the "big names"
like you take the
time to do. Which is
another reason that
you are adored!!!
xx Suzannne

Unknown said...

wow...your words leapt off the page and into my heart! merci my friend!

VS said...

I can take any cheerleaders I can find in life..thank you friend for being 1 of mine!

Kim Hesson said...

I recently found your blog. I love it and this is a wonderful reminder! Thanks a bunch!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Your so sweet! It's not about the numbers, the comments or the publications it's about the relationships we have made! I hope to someday meet all my wonderful blog friends it would be a dream come true!

Claudia said...

It is so easy to fall into that trap, and we all have from time to time. But what draws me to a blog is the person behind it. I love learning more about someone, reading about their adventures (whatever they may be) and feeling as if I've found a friend. That is what makes each blog different.

I've actually stopped reading Pioneer Woman because there is just too much to wade through. It has become too complicated. I don't want to click here and then click there....Reading blogs should be pleasurable and relaxing!


beth said...

Ah, you are so sweet! I needed that! There is never enough time, but the best thing is to enjoy where you are and what you the reminder!

Laurie said...

Cheer on, Anne! When I first started blogging, I was encouraged by many blogs and got an inferiority complex with others. But the truth is, as long as we use the voice God has given us, be it everyday life, family, photography, scripture, cooking, etc, etc, we just have to be the real us!! Just when I was thinking of quiting, God showed me my voice for my blog, and no matter who reads it, I enjoy meeting the wonderful people who blog, like you!!
Hugs and blessings!

Dorthe said...

Sweet Anne, as true as spoken,
and so needed, to tell one self,now and then--
love you for saying that.
Hugs, Dorthe

Ticking and Toile said...

Yep, I second that (or 97th that!!) So true, we need to embrace who we are cuz there is only one of each of us!! :)


Nita Jo said...

Anne, Thank you, thank you! That was exactly what I needed to read today. I've been mentally ripping apart my blog, but it's me. It's how I think and live. From one event to the next. No specific guidelines, just whatever my heart feels like sharing on a certain day. And, that's ok because it is who I am. It just helped to "hear" it from someone else!

Nita Jo

Sandi said...

Whoa! We all need to be reminded. Me especially. I used to worry about how I sounded or looked. But you know what, I don't want to be like the "others". I'm perfectly happy being imperfectly me.

Thanks for the reminder.


Miss Gracie's House said...

well, i will be #100...this brought such a smile to my face and that was not an easy task to do today;) are such a sweetheart! Love back at ya...Rene

red.neck chic said...

Gosh darn - how did you know my house isn't clean? ;-D

Love it - and you!


Marla said...

I found you via the Texas Bloggers. And it's not often that I find a fellow Resp. Therapist in the blogosphere. In fact, you're the first. Although, I can't lie, I no longer work as one, but hey, we have that in common. At least I know what an RRT is, bc the nurses usually get all the credit, don't they? Lol!

I'm a new follower. We Rt's have to stick together. ;p

Marla said...

Yes yes and yes! You tell it sister!

Beach House Living said...

I agree with Marla. Yes, yes, and yes!
Dust piles up, the gardens are wilting. Some days the photos are good and some days they aren't. I've never been to Europe. I don't have it together in the sense of being able to keep up daily posters and all the projects.
I am happy for the followers I have so many of them have been so kind to me....

Unknown said...

oh boy did ineed this post, i feel that way all too often like i'll never quite measure up. thank you for your encouraging words! you're the best! hugs, susan

Glenda said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You will never know how much your words meant to me today.


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Anne,
This is the BEST post I've read in a very long time!! I have been feeling a bit of this lately myself and having a conversation with myself saying "snap out of it". I have my family which is the most important thing in the world. One of my prayers today was about this very thing. My prayer was answered so quickly. Thank you, Anne for getting to the heart of the matter, it's much better than any of those places and very sincere which speaks volumes.

Lisa said...

You are so beautiful my dear friend. You say it better than anyone. I'm glad your my cheerleader. Lisa

Laurie said...

That is very sweet...

Melanie said...

This is why I adore you sooo much!!!!:-))) Keep on speaking the truth, sister...we all need to hear it from time to time!:-)))))

Bless you for being YOU!!


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Anne, What a wonderful post and a great reminder of what is important! Thank you so much for sharing this.
Hugs, Sherry

Sherry said...

Sooooo True! Thanks for that reminder. I always enjoy visiting you. Blogging has been such fun and "getting to know" other bloggers is the best part of it.


So well said, dearie! And so true. ~ Angela

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Thank you, Anne, for your kind words!

Draffin Bears said...

I love you just the way you are Anne!
Thank you for being a sweet friend and all you have to share.
I think you are fabulous and this post is great and we can all relate to what you are saying.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend

hilary@oldhousetruelove said...

perfectly said.

Missy @ Chateau Chic Boutique said...

Honored to be your 117th THANK YOU!

As many of your followers have expressed, this is so accurate of how I feel sometimes. I LOVE the honesty and encouragement.

As Debra said, we are each a unique creation of God.

We all need to be satisfied with that and not constantly compare ourselves but be supportive of each other. Me specifically in the "she has it all together" envy department.

Sincere blessings,

Polly said...

Yep! You said it girl! Thanks for the encouragement!



Julie Marie said...

Hello Anne, I was given a link to your beautiful blog by my dear friend Tracie at My Petite Maison... I too have felt this way alot lately... I am not a jealous person, jealousy is an ugly thing... but sometimes I have felt like I just don't fit in to this blogger world...and I won't change my life or my beliefs to try to conform... your words sounded a bit as if I had written them myself... I have found that once certain bloggers reach x amount of followers, or are published in a magazine, etc, they get a bit too big for their britches (or maybe they were always) and quit following the smaller blogs... I LOVE reading about bloggers day to day life, even something as simple as baking a pie, or walking their puppy... I don't follow trends or fads and notice so many ladies trying to compete with the others... blogging for me is "my journal"... most often happy, sometimes a little bittersweet with memories of my loved ones who have passed on, but it is always "ME"... and I do it for me and hope just maybe someone else out there will enjoy it... I am signing on as a follower... thanks again for a heartwarming post! ... xoxo Julie Marie

fawndear said...

Ding, Ding, Ding, You Pounded that Nail on the Head. Beautifully Stated! LOVE IT!

MJ said...

Completely on point with this post. Im new to blogland and often feel this way. You want to fit in and be accepted. But ive realized that Im doing this for me and to share my experiences. The friends you comment and visit my page are the ones that count. So Ive slowed down on my following and adding buttons to my sidebar. I add the blogs of people that I visit daily and that I know from there comments that visit me.


SO TRUE!! I don't feel jealous of other bloggers and I don't compare myself to them, but what I have been noticing is that when I feel like I LOVE someones style or feel a connection to them in some way and leave comment after comment and they never respond then it makes me doubt myself and feel like gosh am I not good enough for them to at least respond just once to acknowledge me?? Sometimes it feels like highschool and I see some of them have left a comment on this post and I see them leave comments on other "popular" blogs, I don't like feeling this way but I guess alot of other bloggers are feeling it too. Aaaahhh it feels good to get it off my chest, thanks!!

Bunty said...

Well hear, hear to all that!!! How many times do we say some of those things - I know I think many of them a lot of the time!! Your very true words made me feel very good, so thank you very much indeed for making me feel better!


Maison Douce said...

Well said, Anne!!! We all have those feelings once and again, but personally, I feel so lucky to be ME!!! Have a wonderful day!

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

What a simply marvelous post. And full of Wisdom. Thank you.

I'm quite sure I'll have to link to it, soon.

Which I'm sure will be fine with you. Because like I said, I link to your blog and entry.

Gentle hugs...

D. Jean Quarles said...

Thanks for reminding us. :)

Julie Marie said...

Hi again Anne... I sent you an email, but got an automated reply that you were on vacation until July 16th!...just wanted to let you know... xoxo Julie Marie

Kare said...

Beautifully put, so true. And YOU are amazing!!

Lara said...

So wonderfully said~ I heart you!!!
xoxo, L

Marianne said...

Oh I know that feeling! I have seen more green with blog envy than I care to admit. Thanks for the reminder that that is not why I am in this game and that it is totally up to me if I let the comparison game ruin the fun for me.

Lisa@GrandmasBriefs said...

Lovely and true. Thank you!

Ginger said...

You don't know how badly I needed to hear that. I was just today thinking.....I am 60 yrs old this year, and all the younger girls really dont want to hear what I have to say or show, I can't really add anything, do I really want to keep blogging, I love blogging but sometimes I think I am not adding much.

Thank you for punching me in the noggin and waking me up, Im not doing this for everyone else, Im doing this for me because I enjoy the friendships and I have crafted, sewed, cooked and gardened since I was 10 years old and Im not stopping now sister!!!!!! Thank you, can you feel the hug I just gave you??


Juniper Hill Antiques said...

Ditto, ditto and ditto! Great entry, made me appreciate who I am, thanks for posting this!
Linda ♥♥♥

Sadie Lou said...

Preach it Sister and Amen!!
~Sadie Lou

Anonymous said...

Anne, someone needed to say this! Good for you! We ALL have talent! Maybe not the same talents, but we need to appreciate ourselves. God didn't make no junk! :-) I think when we get down on ourselves we're criticizing God, aren't we. Something to think about.
Bless you! Bless everyone! We're all unique!
Hugs and blessings,

Preppy Mama said...

Thanks Anne! I needed that! Sometimes I do feel sub par, it's nice to be reminded that being me is just fine! xoxo

Heaven's Walk said...

I KNEW that when I read your blog for the very first time, and then when I read the sweet comment you left on my blog for the very first time - what a wonderfully supportive and encouraging gal you are. You do know that we all look to you for that, don't you? :) Thank you for being such a blessing to us all, Anne. I have 'met' so many new friends, created new sisterhoods, and have been able to give and receive so much love and support through blogging, it's incredible. I love the sisterhood I'm a part of now! God certainly does work through mysterious ways, doesn't he? :)

Blessings to you today, Anne...

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

sharron said...

right on sister!!

My Grama's Soul said...

Oh sweet Anne......what a great post today!!! You know when I was younger, i never thought I was enough.....but as I've gained a few years, I have come to realize that I am enough!! And one of my favorite quotes...I repeat to myself often is this. "I DON'T WANT TO END UP AT THE END OF MY LIFE REALIZING I HAVE LIVED SOMEONE ELSES." That pretty much sums it up for me.



paperbird said...

this is wonderful- just what I needed to read this VERY day- thank you sweet Anne.

Raised In Cotton~Carol said...

Amen Sweet Girl:))) How did you know I was going to dedicate my 5 year blog anniversary post in a few days to this very subject? You're a doll and sending many blessings:))


tara said...

AMEN sister! love you!!!

Wendy & Megan Chamberlain said...

Oh Anne
So true, I know the how it feels to be creatively exhausted always trying to be one step ahead with new ideas. I have now learned to be myself, certainly not perfect but happy to muddle along life's journey as and where it takes me.

Anonymous said...

love it! Thank you!

kath@retromantic antiques said...

Boy, thanks for the post! So true and way too easy to fall into that. Love them all and I'm just going to keep plugging away. kath

Myrna said...

Hi Anne..I've been out of town, and just got back to the 'puter. Just checking and catching up on your blog and when I got to THIS post I had to thank you for writing it. Oh my~how I often feel like this!! Thanks for the reminder.
You are such a blessing!!

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

You've hit the nail right on the head Anne! you're so right about this - we all need reminding sometimes of just why we started blogging in the first place. For me, that was to share my thoughts, inspiration, artwork and renovations with other like-minded people, and I know I'm thrilled if other people like my posts. I know I've been guilty of sometimes comparing my blog to others, but I've found such encouragement and kindness in the blogging community, I'm still amazed at how supportive everyone has been, Often our harshest critics are ourselves. Insightful and timely post, thanks for putting this out there. K xx

Gems-By-Julz said...

Oh how true and insightful. I love your page design, your font is beautiful. I have no idea how to make my site as lovely as yours. Will you teach me? I so want to learn. Cheers Julz

Unknown said...

I love this! This is soooooo how I feel. Thank you for the encouragement. :)

I am so enjoying your sweet blog!! How did I miss it a whole year?!!!


Jaclyn Beith said...

I absolutely love your blog!!! I want to carry you in my back pocket adn pull you out when I need my own personal cheerleader! Thanks for caring! <3


Drawn to The Sea said...

I swear, you are just the SWEETEST thing.

Susan said...

This is just incredible and oh my...did I need to read this tonight.

Unknown said...

I love every one of your shot and your statement is very powerful and so true, you are wise woman:)
Have a nice weeknd

kelly said...

Very True, Anne. There are so many different styles out there. We do all come together to share a common goal. I love the lavendar and the roses are a wonderful colour.


Janine Bollée said...

My blog never gets as many comments as she does....
Nor ever will :-)
And I would not ever ever want to come back as Martha Stewart either :-)
And another thing: anyone's house with a bunch of lavender lying on a chair, gets my vote.

Unknown said...

Thank YOU!! I love your photos by the way!

deb duty said...

The last photo of the pink roses is just so pretty! I'm trying to remember to have fun with blogging!!

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