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Monday, July 18, 2011

free to good home

it was a pretty great weekend!
busy, but great.

you know the kind.
you go, go go, and before you know it,
you wonder where it all went.
the weekend, that is.

a trip to trade days, my super fabulous monthly
flea market, where i picked up some stupendous goodies
( pics coming soon )
and visited with old and new friends alike.

while there, i experienced the slightly surreal moment again
that i've had a few times before,
where someone recognizes
me from the blog and says
"are you anne from fiona and twig?"

that will never NOT feel weird to me!
but i was delighted to meet a new friend,
especially one as lovely as betsy.
hi betsy ( big happy wave ) !!!

and the next day, a visit to san antonio for
vietnamese food ( soooo good ),
and a swing by the camera store to ooooh and aaaah
over all the lenses on my wish list.

and interspersed between all that activity
was more unpacking and organizing,
a task which these days,
seems never-ending.

i am so resentful in awe of those of you who move into
new homes and a mere week later you're
posting full room pics of your glorious
new spaces. how do you do it???
are you utilizing free in-house child labor, or what?
{ giving y'all the side eye here... }

i am SUCH a slug.
a big, fat, lazy, non-decorating slug.
is it okay to 'fess up to that?
i mean, i am among friends, right?
aren't y'all sometimes slugs, too?

instead of showing you
all the projects i've completed,
how about i just enumerate
a mere partial list of
the stuff that still needs doin'?

continue to unpack all boxes in house
organize cupboards
replace bamboo blinds in living room
purchase and hang new blinds
hang curtains in all rooms
hang awning over bed
clean all windows, interior and exterior
sort through boxes in storage in barn
take donated items to st. vincent de paul and goodwill
plant flower and vegetable garden
re-caulk around shower in guest bath
re-paint bathroom doors and beadboard
sweep and mop all wood floors
replace back porch light
finalize fencing for dogs
repair overhang portion of roof
paint house exterior
install back porch step railing

etc, etc, etc...
and that's just at the new house.

the list of what needs doing at the ( old ) house
we're ready to list and sell
is even longer.

mix in a full-time job, and voila!
a recipe for burnout.
it's a tad overwhelming at times,
which is why when you pass a roadside sign
on the way home from church
which says "FREE DOORS",
you tell the hubs to slam on the brakes and circle back.

they were free to a good home,
and these will go quite nicely
in my future antique mall booth
here in town, i think.

free is good.
free is AWESOME.
and y'all are awesome, for listening to me
pi** and moan yet again.

happy, happy week!


Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

lol~ love your honesty in your posts!! ;) LOVE those doors too~ Hugs, Rachel

Unknown said...

yikes! that is a crazy big list! have no doubt you will accomplish it all and well!
love your pics....


Debra@CommonGround said...

it will all get done, just enjoy life along the way! Do as I say, not as I do. te he. xoxo D

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Great post! Hang in there. It'll all get done soon enough. :) Congrats on finding those doors. They look so neat!

Take care,

Michelle Hughes said...

those doors are incredible! and you will get it all done... baby steps! And I am so excited you are looking into be a booth owner again! Yay!!!

xo~ Michelle

Anonymous said...

Love your post and the honesty..Love the doors and dear God what a list you have compiled..I would be cryin..LOL..Have a great week..

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

LOl you made me tired just reading your to do list.
You should see my upstairs room so I must be a even bigger slug. hahaha
Have a great week

DustyLu said...

lol great post! I feel ya sista I feel ya!lulu

Kathy said...

Girl I am feeling your pain. You would think we would know not to be so hard on ourselves but then what fun would that be. Take care and take it easy. Kathy

Wildflowerhouse said...

Take it easy.That is my solution as it will all be there patiently waiting for you. LOL

Angela said...

Taking care of 2 houses and a're hardly a slug!
The thing that always upsets me when I'm trying to decorate a new place starts getting dirty and housework needs to be done...before I've even gotten everything in place!! What's up with that?

Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh girl, it is sooo good to know I am not alone in feeling like I missed the class on 'how to decorate your home from top to bottom in 3 days flat.' I am soooo busy, that my house always comes last. I am always so busy making sure clients furniture gets done so they can complete their rooms right away...that mine never seem to be "done". Ugh. No worries, life is about so much more than what is hanging on our walls. Just think, if you were working at home, you could have missed those doors! ;o)


BECKY said...

I was going to say Way to Go!! That even with all you have to do, and your slug confession, you got some great shots of an awesome door! :o) Then to find out that it was one of several you got for free??? LIFE IS GOOD, HUH??

I want free!! Hmmph...
All in good will make it lovely...because that's just what you do!!
Have a wonderful week!

Okio B Designs said...

My motto is: if it's free, it's for me! ;) Love the doors!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

List is toooo long. Big job finishing one home and starting another at the same time and working and living. Deeeeep breath. Next moment and onward. Those doors will look great wherever they go.

Dear Lillie said...

I always love reading your posts, Anne! And whew - what a list!Your photography is beautiful. I especially love that third shot!

Prior said...

That house isn't going anywhere, you'll get it done, great doors! Lezlee

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Love the doors, Anne! My life is a constant series of works-in-progress...I can get easily bored with a project and have trouble finishing!


LOL! We are just now ripping out the ugly carpet that we hated 12 years ago when we moved in. Yeah, I hear ya! Times 10 or so!!!


Joanna said...

Hey, slug sister! Don't beat yourself up, you are not bionic (showing my age there) and all that list will get done. It took me 12 years but we got our list done (though the list gets longer all the time but the original list got done!).

Gorgeous doors, and FREE! Fabster.


Melanie said...

You're not alone! I've been in my new place almost 3 months and I'm still procrastinating on finishing decor!

It's me said...

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Great score Anne!
I am on the lookout for a door with a window. I want to add it to my booth my my blog name on the window ~ it would be great for our white events too!
Girl, you have such a full plate I don't know how you find the time to blog...but am so very glad you do!

Connie in Hartwood said...

Anne, sweetheart, these things will come ... I promise. We moved into our old house almost four years ago, and I still have boxes to sort through. Old houses live differently than new houses, and it takes a bit more to figure out where things go and how to make it all work. We worked to renovate our house for five years before we could move here ... yet there's still not a single room in the house that we can say is 'finished'. You just gotta stage and compose and crop the photos ... no one sees the mayhem BEHIND the camera.

Lily Dily said...

Hi! One thing at a time, well okay maybe two things at a! And one day at a time...eventually it will all get caught up...but I assure will have added onto your seems to be neverending, right? Love your blog, Thanks, Linda

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I am the one that feels like a slug and that is exactly the term I use too! I am a big procrastinator, which is mostly my problem and this heat doesn't help with the motivation. Hey, it will all be there tomorrow. One day and one thing at a time!~Hugs, Patti

Jensamom23 said...

Writing down your to do lists is the first step!

Sisters Treasures said...

Hi Anne, this is Betsy and it was a pleasure to meet you! A big wave back! I'm glad you didn't report me to the "blog stalker police"! ha!
As for your find, I'm in door envy! What a great find and I'm sure they'll look great wherever you place them.
I know you'll get everything done with your houses. My magic wand is on the blink, or I'd offer it's services! :)
Take care! Betsy

Bring Pretty Back said...

Oh Anne - I loved this.
Have a PRETTY day!

vintagegirl said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading your list, but I'm sure in time it will all get done ~ just pace yourself:) Those are really great looking doors and I'm sure they'll look great wherever you decide to put them!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Anne, do not despair about getting your "to do" list done all at once. The key, as you probably know, is to have that list but then prioritize it. In time,it'll all come together beautifully. And surprisingly sometimes the things we think are important, aren't :-) Additionally sometimes the perfect thing for our home becomes available after much waiting. "Good things come to those who wait" as the saying goes. Your home will be beautiful and I will thrill along with you as each room takes on its own new life in your hands. P.S. Those free doors are superb! Score for you!

Laurie said...

Hey, Anne, maybe we could trade to-do lists for our houses that are for sale! Paint is a big purchase around here, with lots of white trim (miles, actually, it seems) to paint, the exterior to finish painting, etc, etc, not to mention trying to keep the place neat and clean for lookers! It's enough to drive me to take a nap this afternoon!

Great doors find!

Unknown said...

Oh ya...FREE doors are awesome!!!
I'm a slug at times as well. Especially in this heat!


Maura @ Kisiwa Creek Photography said...

Oh geez...if I had to look at that long list I'd NEVER get anything done. Hi Anne! Why don't you just put a few 'to do's' on a new sheet of paper and just tackle that list for the day...or even just one 'to do' on it. I find that helps me not get overwhelmed when I have a ton of things to do. I sure don't envy all you have to do ....but it will be well worth it in the end. Are you withering up down there in Texas? If it's in the triple digits here in Kansas it's got to be worse and HUMID down there where you are. If safe and keep cool!.
Maura :)

Tricia said...

I love how you just put it all out there, Anne. That's quite the list. It will all come together though. I've been trying to work on one room at a time in my house so it's not so overwhelming.

xo Tricia

Curtains in My Tree said...

happy Doors to you

great finds

my house is a crazy mess right now . can't stay home long enough to clean LOL

going to Tulsa Ok this weekend to Antique Road Show !!!!!!!!!!

love your blog

Sheila said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheila said...

Hi Anne, I can sympathize with you. My laundry list is equally as long. We sold our modern mansion last fall and purchased a beautiful old home built in 1939. We just love it's charm and character but with working a full time job plus being a full time mother, a sunday school teacher and children's church leader amonst other things, I too still have some boxes to sort through and the place is pretty much still a mess. Every sq. inch needs a new paint job (interior and exterior) and a REALLY DEEP cleaning. We are working on approx. 10 major projects at any given time and have yet to complete any of them. They are all in the half-way stage, but life goes on and since we have another 30 years to pay on it, I suspect about the time we get it paid off, we will finally be done with all the projects. Just in time to start over again, lol. Anyway, I wish you luck, know how you feel and just want to say hang in there. It will be worth it.

Libbie said...

Quite the Jackpot!
You know...I did that...
Moved in & had the place decorated in a week.

I hate everything I did just to do it. I want to get rid of all that furniature we bought & take my time & have stuff that is me. So take your time girl :) Then it will be perfect!

north pal said...

o.k. you win!!!!! that is quite a list. it is so hot and humid this week in wisconsin that i am even too lazy to shower and cool off. when everything you r wearing is stuck to you, it takes energy to peel them off and put them back on the same way. whew! Bestest,Denise

Alison Agnew said...

sweetie...i have the same to-do list...and i've been in my 'new' old house for nearly 5 years now...sigh...repeat after me: it will get will get done...:)

Carole said...

Feeling your pain. Too big a list here too. I wonder sometimes if these women in blogland are some kind of decorating superheros.
At least you did pick up a great find and for free too!


Martha at Authentica said...

Lucky You!!! It is rare I ever find anything FREE! Especially old doors or architecture! Good Luck with with job list. Just focus on one and get it done! Then you can mark it off your list forever! :) I always seem to get everything done halfway, then my list doubles! LOL!
Blessings for quick results!

Susan said...

I am TRULY a big FAT slug, yes I am disabled. However I think the depression and the fact that we bought this house that needed a bit of TLC(which really meant, insulation, upgraded electric and plumping, re-dos in all rooms, a KITCHEN (wht was here was not a kitchen) new siding, and a garage/barn that needed new wood in places. Hubby promised he would turn it into the home of my dreams, he kept going on and on about the potential it had (and really before we moved in, we did not know about the plumbing, electric or no insulation) back they there were NO home inspections. With it completely furnished etc. we thought we just needed to paint, carpet, a better heat system (there was none, but an old kerosene burner HUGE, and a woodstove) He worked on the home for the first 3 years, then we had a hard time with the $$ to do stuff, then it became harder and harder for him to get help with projects. plus his mom, insisted on adding on this HUGE addition (it was only supposed to be one big room for her, sleeping and living, and her own bath, but it turned into a 26 x 26 ft. 2 bedroom apt. downstairs, and upstairs she gave us a Master bedroom a bath and we gained half of a room when they lifted the roof, so we got another bedroom out of it. she did not complete septic system, and against our pleas to not go with electric baseboard heat, she did anyway (as it was cheaper to install) our taxes tripled the next year, and then progfressively continued to go up. The house has not had any new work done on it, and the builder was a Jackass and gave us a partial FLAT roof, which has done nothing but leak ever since. Hubby did start a roof over that as it is a "deck off the master bedroom" but he ran out of money and the son moved out, and now he is feeling his age and his diabetic complications.

Then add in that the old walled in porch has termites now, and that part of the new roof (addition has had a perpetual leak ever since...we find where we think it is due to wet or rotted wood, and bad paper and shingles, fix it, and still have a leak. we have had NUMEROUS Pipes break and leak over the past 10 years either from just weare and tear or freezing and bursting, I swear this house has a water curse on it.

As charming as I think your cottage has the potential to be, I am glad I am not in your shoes. I will NEVER buy an old huse again, unless someone else has already fixed everything.

Frankly I am scared to death, I am disabled, hubby will be 70 in August, is not in great health himself. we still have a mortgage of about 90K, WITHOUT mortgage insurance as it was waaay too expensive with him being a diabetic (and now heart disease) he can't retire til we sell this house, but we can't sell the house til we fix up a bunch of stuff, and leave some stuff undone and sell as is. We also need to CLEAR 200K, so we can buy our new place (one level) without having a mortgage.

I am so scared that his time will come before this house is unloaded, and I will be stuck with it, and no way to make the mortgage payments.

TRUST me, you are SOOO not alone in your long lists of "to-do" or "Must be done"

you also have youth on your side :)
Keeping good thoughts for you and your hubs :)

Lili said...

The doors are fabulous! Sometimes that's all I need to get me out of my burnout, a free thing of beauty to dream about! Being overwhelmed always sucks out all the inspiration from my brain. I do admire that you at least have an ordered list to work off of though. xoxo ~Lili

Jilly said...

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