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Friday, November 11, 2011

The Friend I've Never Met...Revisited

I am re-posting one of my very first blog entries
in honor of a lady who has become quite a dear friend
in days of late...this past week especially.

We have still never "met" in the physical sense,
but know one another quite well via e-mail,
texts, and phone calls, and I'm not ashamed
to admit that I'm still her number one fan
and a gushy fan girl.

From September 2009....

When I visit a blog, I have no set rules on what I hope to find there....
a little eye candy is nice, usually in the form of something vintage or whimsical 
or just slightly off-kilter.

Even more so, I truly appreciate someone who can turn a phrase well,
who can draw remarkably vivid word pictures with such clarity
that I feel as though I've known them for  ages.

   is just such a person.

I remember well the first time I came across her blog. 
I was hooked instantly, this gal had it all! 

Impeccable style, 
unerring grace, 
the uncanny ability to transform the ordinary
into something transcendant.
Yep, she had all of those attributes in spades.

But that wasn't what kept me glued to my monitor reading her posts 
for the better part of an afternoon and into the evening. 

It was her willingness to get real, to risk vulnerability, 
to share her hopes, her dreams, her fears.
All the rest, the striking visuals and the lyrical prose, was just icing.

I will likely never meet Elizabeth Maxson in person, 
but ultimately, that matters little. 
To borrow and tweak her customary sig line, 
she has sent so much of herself to all of her readers,  
from her house to ours.
That's the sort of blogger I want to be, too.

No pretty pictures in this entry, 
save for the one of lovely Elizabeth,
along with the hope and encouragement that you too
will get to know this amazing lady yourselves.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Be sure to enter my friend Debra's wonderful
over at


Joanna said...

Thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth's beautiful blog. I loved her latest post, describing her previous efforts to create the perfect Christmas.

I can so see how you and she have forged a firm friendship.


Suzanne MacCrone Rogers • Italian Girl in Georgia™ said...

Hi Anne ~

This week I read your beautifully written article in Artful Blogging and had to come over here and tell you how much I enjoyed it.

Congratulations and continued success to you. Now I am off to visit your friend.


the vintage bricoleur said...

This is so interesting. Just last night I stumbled upon her blog. I too was hooked. I hurried over to the "follow me" and clicked on the link. I look forward to hearing more from her. As for you, I have been a fan of yours for quite a while now and I love everything I see. Thank you for excepting my friend request on FB. Terry

Between Me and You said...

....and you`re my `Elizabeth`!Paying it forward is good!Have a great weekend Lovely Lady.

Richard Cottrell said...

I have known Elizabeth for many years. We both had shops in St.Louis. She did a magazine article about my glass domes when she was writing for Romantic Homes. She is a real dear, in person and on her blog. She has a spirit that is hard to duplicate and works, works, works. She has great ideal and carries them all out. Thanks for sharing. Richard from My Old Historic House.

savvycityfarmer said...

I will add more to these wonderful sentiments of E.

Five years ago when I started stuffintheburbs E. left this comment ... it changed me forever.

I re-read it often



she is ALL that you say she is ... my dream is to finally meet her ... road trip!

trash talk said...

I truly hope you do get to meet her. Be prepared...she is so tiny to carry around such a big personality!
She should really have a sign on her forehead that reads "Warning...may cause coke to spew from your nose!" She is a hoot and a half, but I love that she is just as she comes across on her posts...the real deal.
P.S. Maybe this will be my Christmas wish for you. Lord knows you need a little sunshine on your face and she's one who brightens everyone's day.

Shell said...

Hi Annie Girl!

Love the sentiment! (Although someday we ALL need to meet face to face,,,What a gathering THAT would be!)

I thought about you this morning! My Texas friend! Do you know Linda of Willow Nest? She's up here in Seattle and gave us a talk this morning on Events/booths/ was FABULOUS! Loved her from the start!
She's also taking part in Seattles "Second Saturdayz" tomorrow, which is my dear, dear friend Deb Bock's venue tomorrow. . .
I'll be doing that Venue next month.

I tried to log on the other nite and I couldn't reply,,,,your blog was busy with your giveaway! I'm having one too,,,,,for one of my custom lace/ribbon necklaces,,,if you want to enter/post it ends on the 15th!

(I'm not savvy enough to figure out how to do a linky on the top of my you have to scroll down to the 2nd of Nov to Enter!)

I'm off in a few minutes to Joyworks,,,were having our Holiday Open house tonight!

You are in my heart, on my mind and I know this will be a hard couple of weeks ahead!

Love you to Pieces! Big Hugs,

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet Anne! When I had my antique store, Elizabeth fell in love with an old tattered chair we had ~ I blogged about all the new stuff we got in each week! I was able to talk to her on the phone and after much deliberation, we both knew the shipping would be too much. She wanted to use it as a photo prop! I have to tell you, she is PRECIOUS!!! I loved talking to her, and you're right, she is REAL. Amazingly talented, a wonderful photographer and designer but absolutely real. I loved talking to her and have still enjoyed correspondence with Elizabeth. Her style is so amazing...I actually told her to write a book, that so many would buy it!! We'll see, maybe one day ~ love that you love her ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Tammy said...

Hi Anne!
Elizabeth is awesome!I'veou! been following her blog for maybe about a year??...not even sure when I first came across her..but she is amazing are you!
Have a great weekend!
Junk Wild

At The Picket Fence said...

That IS the kind of blogger you are Anne! :-) I come here to be inspired and to soak in all of the beauty, but mostly it is because you have created a warm and welcoming place here and I feel blessed by that. I finally stopped calling people my "blogging friends" and now just call them "friends". You included! :-)

MJ said...

Anne.....I to love Elizabeth. She has been such a supportive inspiration to me. I love her and yet have never met her either. Her guidance and words have touched me only through emails. It is amazing to know that I am not the only one who appreciates the kind wise soul that she is.

Wonderful post!

Lucky 7 Design

Katherines Corner said...

what a lovely tribute to a bloggy friendship xo

Anonymous said...

Oh, I completely understand! I have no rules, but sometimes a blog wraps its lovely warmth around me and pulls up a chair for me to sit and linger.

Anne Marie said...

this is someone I admire...both you ladies really...and I have read over her articles so much and she has brought so much thought into my life I would personally love to thank her and meet her in person!
and the WWCook article with her was so fun wasn't it?? her crepes are awesome...
hope you are doing well Anne
God Bless,
Anne Marie

Tammy said...

She is an amazing woman. I have learned so much from her. Followed her posts on business and even had the pleasure of her featuring my booth space on her blog. I, too am in awe of her and love that she is "real".
You too are that way Anne.

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