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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Remember when you were a kid,
and you'd either be playing a game, or just doing
some random thing, and you'd call a "do-over"?

 And just like that, you would begin again.
Oblivious and impervious to what had happened before,
a giant cosmic eraser would swoop down
and wipe the slate clean.

Ahhh, that life were only that simple.

 In antiquing circles, there is a healthy market
for do-overs.

We routinely recycle, re-use, repurpose...
it is our mantra, our avocation.

 But as it applies to life. Real life?
Not that simple.

Which got me thinking,
is there any place or time in my life
where I'd like to call a "do-over"?

How about you?

 Would you have married later?
Or perhaps not at all?

Would you have majored in business
rather than education?

Or would you have swerved left
instead of right on a particular patch of road?

 So many questions,
so many choices.

 The easy answer is of course, with all the mistakes I have made,
a do-over would be a no-brainer.
A chance to re-write the past and save myself a whole lot
of grief and heartache.

But the truth is that no, I wouldn't choose the easy out, the do-over.
And you know why?

He Is Risen.
Yes He is.

This photo, as well as every other photo in this post
was taken at my friend Carol's shop,

The Bolton's live out the gospel of Christ in their lives
every single day, and clinging to that hope...the positive belief
that He is indeed risen, compels one to also believe
that nothing happens by accident.

That every so-called misdeed and misstep is all part
of His plan, and is somehow, someway,  
all part of the bigger picture.

As wretched, fallible humans, we will muck it all up undoubtedly,
but Someone else has our back, thank goodness.
He will deal with us.
He will teach us.
He will correct us.

A do-over?
No thanks, I'll take a pass.

I'll be off on vacation very soon,
so this will be the last post you will be getting
from me for awhile.
Have a great Summer. Be back in a couple weeks!


elizabeth said...

This post blessed me so! Thank you Anne!

Pura Vida said...

I loved this post and was so glad at the end where you were headed all along which is where my mind first went. I have made so many mistakes, but they are what lead me to here and now and I would be afraid of a do-over because I might not get to be in this place right now...and I am in love with it!

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

Oh what a wonderful post, thank you for the reminder, He said "It is finished" so no need for do overs :). You blessed me today.

Our Hopeful Home said...

Touche' friend. Just what I needed to hear this day. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful post, thankyou for sharing,

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

Hello Anne! I love it when you stop to make us think in one of your posts. As I was reading this, I was thinking 'actually no, I wouldn't want a do-over' - at least in major choices I've made.
If I had married my college boyfriend I never would have met the man I was truly meant to be with - at age 35. Of course there have been some embarassing choices along my way, but I'm glad for the everlasting hope that the true Way, His Way, gives us. Thank you for reminding us of that. :)
Have a wonderful vacation!

Unknown said...

And I agree. All those things are happening for a get us closer to God.
Very well said :) have a great vacation

The French Hutch said...

I couldn't have said it better! Do have a wonderful and safe vacation this summer………

The French Hutch

primjillie said...

After a very painful 2nd divorce (from the same husband), I have so many regrets and would love a do-over. However, this does give me some solace and something to think about.

Jill Palumbo

At The Picket Fence said...

This was just so beautiful and timely my friend! I'm so grateful that the love of Christ covers all...even the things I wish I could "do over". You are such an encouragement and a blessing and I pray that your vacation is filled with peaceful moments and lots of good rest...for your body and your spirit! :-)
Love, Vanessa

Unknown said...

Oh, I love this! So sweet. Thank you so much for being a beautiful vessel of His love.

Debra@CommonGround said...

and the word says, "all things work together for our good, for those who love Christ Jesus". so great to know that He can take our shortcomings, mistakes, and poor choices, and still find a way to bless us in the outcome. Can't wait to see you...

Debra said...

Absolutely beautiful post~
thank you so much.


What a beautiful post! I think it's like the butterfly effect isn't it? If I could go back...I think I should have gone to a big fancy art school in NYC, instead of becoming a school teacher. But then I wouldn't have met my soulmate, and on and on...



Have a WONDERFUL vaca!!!

Michele said...

I really enjoyed this thought provoking post. It is an awe-inspiring conclusion, that's for sure!

Sue said...

Perfectly written, perfectly thought through as we are all just where we are supposed to be! We just have to trust and believe that in our hearts. Have some great down time, you deserve it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post Anne and something that I have been contemplating for the last few weeks myself. There are many things that I wish I could do over, but your right, it is all in God's plans, and if I didn't follow the path I did, I may have missed out on the 3 greatest men of my life, my husband & my 2 boys!
Wishing you a beautiful and relaxing vacation!!~

pballard said...

I will miss your posts and cant wait for the next one. Blessings Anne!

NanaDiana said...

Anne- I hope you have a wonderful vacation. You deserve it- I know that you have been working hard and are probably still grieving on some level.

As for do-overs...well, I think we are all exactly where we are supposed to be-when we are supposed to be there- xo Diana

Heaven's Walk said...

This post was truly a blessing for a lot of us, Anne. :) Truer words were never written, that's for sure. Thank you for being such a special sister-in-Christ! Have a wonderful vacation! We'll see you soon with a bunch of vacay photos, I hope! :)

xoxo laurie

Unknown said...

God gets us...i am so glad. He not only loves us, He likes us. Bless your days and moments.


Rene Foust said...

Thanks for that wonderful post! It was just what I needed at the moment!!! Have a wonderful vacation

Anne said...

What a lovely post.And I agree :-)
Have a wonderful vacation.

bee'nme said...

Beautifully written, beautifully photographed - what a lovely post Anne. It was certainly a blessing to me - thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful vacation full of refreshment and relaxation!

Hugs & Blessings,

Little Leslie said...

I'd do the same, because I like where I am now. I'm happy!

Lois Arnold said...

Beautiful post! Through Christ we get the best do-over of all as he daily wipes the slate of sin clean! It doesn't change our choices, but we can be new every morning to do better with His help. Enjoy your vacation!

Monica said...

Lovely post!

Susan Freeman said...

Such a beautiful post Anne and so much wisdom. I have learned to wake up each morning and place my life in His hands. On my own I would make lots of mistakes, but He does not. Have a wonderful vacation and we'll all be anxious for your return.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

the old white house said...

beautifully written Anne... I couldn't agree more. With things that I may have said or (even written these days), I am in no position to ask for a do over but am thankful for an opportunity to live and be forgiven. your photos and words are just perfect as always. t.xoxo

June said...

Beautifully written Anne girl! No, I wouldn't call do over either. The hard road always ends up in the most wonderful and beautiful place : )
Your photos are of some of the prettiest things I've ever seen. Love them!

She Uses Her Words said...

Thank you for this beautiful post. It has blessed me greatly.
Take care.
xo, Karen

LuvWheaties said...

Maybe I wouldn't have gotten the perm in 1981.

WendyW said...

Hi Anne, Thank you so much for this beautiful post. It really blessed me and made me think of all the wonderful things I have to be thankful for in my life. Have a wonderful vacation and will miss you but look forward to hearing from you again. Take care and God Bless you, Wendy from Australia xxxx

amy said...

Praise Him!

I would love to visit this shop. I love how your friend's faith shines through her business.


Yep, there are a couple of things I wish I could do over, but as far as the big things, I'd be afraid to change too much for fear I would miss out on my husband and boys and my old house that I love/makes me crazy, so I guess I too would have to take a pass. Enjoy your vacation Anne.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

No do over for me...I'd be a different person and I am happy now so why change things?
Enjoy your vacation!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

great for do over...for think everything that happens in your life..good and bad..all make you who you i'll take the good and the bad...and just be me...:)

Sisters Treasures said...

Beautifully written and photographed, Anne. Totally agree with you and the many comments above. I am so glad that God sees our mistakes and knows we'll make them even before we do and yet, still loves us and wants to shine through us.
Blessings to you,

Katherines Corner said...

beautifully written. "Do Over" yes I would. But only a few things because it is through all of it that I find myself in the place I am now. Blessed by the love of a wonderful man and surrounded by the love of my grandchildren and overwhelmed by the love and friendship found in the comfort of bloggy friends xo

Farmgirl Paints said...

beautiful post. i feel the same way. all those "mistakes" ect...makes us who we are and teaches us to depend fully on Him. hope you are having fun wherever you are:)

"Create Beauty" said...

So good to not dwell on the 'what-if's' ~ age brings more discernment and wisdom... we see that everything we have gone through has made us who we are, and for many, brought us to Christ.

I have a harder time with the desire to have changed the outcome based on some decisions in my childrens lives. I have to commit them to God and believe He is at work through these things, just as He was in mine...

Beautiful post!
Thank you,
~ Violet

manon 21 said...

Jolie balade sur ton blog.

Bonjour de Provence


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