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Thursday, May 16, 2013


How does the old classic
Disney song go?

"a dream is a wish 
     your heart makes....."

When dreams inch their way ever closer,
to the point where they are 
just within your grasp,
how do you respond?

Do you embrace them, or run away?

I've found myself wrestling with this
very question in recent months.

Dreams coming true,
wishes fulfilled.

Every ounce of me wants to encourage
and embrace them with a hearty welcome.

But that inner nemesis,
the Greek chorus which resides within
and tells me that I am not good enough,
not smart enough, not savvy enough,
And I run. I hide. I quit. 

Yes, sometimes that voice wins.

I find myself stopping,
literally halting in my tracks,
and questioning all that I know
to be true about me.

That I am enough.
So much more than enough.

Not only am I equal to the challenges,
but I am capable of so much more
than I ever imagined.

I then realize that I have 
the power to silence those voices,
and ever so tentatively,
I move forward.

Baby steps at first,
more confident strides later on.

Dreams are coming true.
Wishes are becoming reality.

And God is in control.

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