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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thank you, Creating Vintage Charm Magazine

I never take it for granted
when someone finds something 
worthy in my work. 

To be told 
"Yes, we'd like to publish your
photography, your story", 
that's a huge compliment,
and I am so grateful for the times I've been
told just that.

 This time, I owe a huge debt of gratitude
to the lovely Sonia Cardona Crouse of

Sonia allowed me to share not only my photography,
but also a little essay on what life in our
1910 Texas farmhouse means to me.

The elements in the image above...
the lavender sprigs, the ironstone, the wasp nest...
all deeply personal and their simplicity
speaks volume to my vintage loving heart.

Many thanks Sonia,
for not only featuring my work in CVC,
but also in the lastest issue of 

You can order both of these
lovely publications right HERE.

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but please come visit 
and chat with me here...

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