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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween at Binky la Faye

When you do a photo shoot with a good friend,
it can hardly be called work.
In fact, every time I shoot with Binky la Faye,
I always feel like I should be paying HER
for the privilege!

She is a design genius,
and she always, without fail,
decks out her amazing Llano, Texas shop
in the most creative, awe-inspiring fashion
for the holidays.
And Halloween is no exception.

I present to you,
Binky la Faye, Halloween 2014.

I call her up...
"Oh, I haven't done much this year...
you won't have much to take pictures of."

I wish all of you could hear Binky say that
in her inimitable twang!

So, anyway....
yeah, right.
I paid Binky no heed,
as I know she is prone
to downplay her utter awesomeness.

And when I got to the shop...
was I disappointed?

Heck-fire and damnation, NO!
I knew that I knew that I knew
that Binky would have something special in store.

And so did this guy.
Although he wasn't the greatest conversationalist.

That deer head.

And this chick.
I wanted to get just the right shot of her
creepily eyeballing me through the willows.

And this couch.
What is it with me
and deconstructed furniture???

Sweet shoes.
Should've grabbed both pair.

Ta da!
Be sure to visit Binky and Ron in person...

Binky la Faye
303 Bessemer Ave.
Llano, Texas 78643

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