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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here Comes the Bride

I've put off photographing people for
going on five years now.
It was just a thing with me, a mental block, if you will.
I preferred photographing "things"....lovely old homes,
vintage treasures, rusty found objects.

Things didn't talk back.
People sorta scared me.
But I knew it was time to finally make the leap.

I was fortunate to work with
not only a divine young model,
but also a fantastic vintage rental company.
See credits below.

How cute is this girl???

And how completely lovely
and soulful are those baby blues of hers?

Brooke patiently and sweetly sat for all the poses
I suggested.

....but just because she loves
Taylor Swift and HAD to have this shot, 
I humored her...

And I'm so glad I did!
It's my favorite photo from the whole shoot.
Taylor Swift never looked so good!

Will I continue shooting bridals?
I certainly hope so.
But for right now, I'm just reveling in small victories.
I tried.
And sometimes that's the hardest step to take.

Happy Weekend!

Model: Brooke Rogan
Props and Styling: Sisters Vintage Party
Additional props: Timeless Menagerie
Bridal Make-up and Styling: Me

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