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Thursday, April 9, 2015


So I had originally intended to share more
of the current issue of
that I was privileged to shoot,
( featuring Lori Smithers and Timeless Menagerie! )
and which is currently on newsstands.
And I will, pinky swear.
But being smack-dab in the middle
of editing another WWC project,
I need to complete that first.
But in the meantime.....
Every photo shoot is a blast for me,
and every image is like a child,
a little part of me sent out there into the world,
for better or worse.
Most of my photography pursuits
are paid jobs. But every once in a very rare while,
I do something just for me.
A passion project.
There are many more images in this series,
but today I am sharing only one.
If I were able, I'd spend every single day
exploring and photographing abandoned homes
and factories. Discarded and forgotten churches
and amusement parks. This type of photography
is called "urbex", short for urban exploration.
It can be messy and dangerous
and even ( shhhh, don't tell )
even illegal when trespassing is involved.
But aren't the best things in life a little risky?
The reward is worth only the amount of risk taken.
Or so said my fortune cookie.
More from "joyride" and from
the new Where Women Create Business
magazine feature coming soon!
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